Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Noah's 3rd grade undokai (sports day)

Noah's undokai/sports day/field day was Saturday, September 27th. The weather was just the best, much better than the weather Branden had for his undokai (poor Bran, it was just way too hot that day). On the other hand the weather for Noah's was lots of gray clouds, but no rain. It was warm, so short sleeves was okay, but we got lots of nice windy breezes the whole day and it felt really really good to be outside all day. Plus we were under the tent which was nice because I turn pink rather quickly, if outside in the sun for long. : ( Hahaha. : )

See this dead space everyone must keep at the local elementary school. No sense/use in complaining about it, the rules are the rules. But it's such a space hog. They are very adamant about no tents that close to the field, which luckily is NOT the case at the local JHS. So we all save this spot and the whole school just leaves this space virtually dead because everyone needs the sun protection so they are under their tents, yet tents can't go to the front so everyone then takes 2 spots when everyone only wanted 1 spot in the first place. It's crazy... we all know it, but you know...what can ya do...except follow the rules. 

That leisure sheet to our right is/was Sera's spot, I helped save and they were setting their tent behind the leisure sheet. And same for the gentleman to the right of them too...that's Mrs. Nice's husband (their family is so nice and polite we call her...Mrs. Nice because, they are) So even Mrs. Nice's husband was also setting up and they too saved the dead space spot, no choice really and set their tent behind. We all follow the rules and end up saving 2 spots which is just bonkers. @.@ : )  and believe me...none of us wants to save 2 spots. None of us do that... at the JHS, but the rules are the rules. 

They started with the chanting, go team red....go go go, fight!!! And then the other team went...go white team go go go fight, win!!! Noah was team red, so we cheered for team red! : )

Noah at the time of this picture had turquoise Adidas sneakers (he now has 2 new pair of sneakers) but as of this date, look for the turquoise sneakers please. : )From this pic, it looks like he's 3rd from the left and I see his turquoise shoes in this pic and red hat. : )

I can tell by his face he wasn't seriously running, his face is tilted back, when he *really* is running for serious...he gets a pretty serious face on. This was not his Noah serious face at all, you guys! But that's okay...we really don't mind how he does. Meaning no home pressure about sports day at all. Was he just chillin' and running at the same time? I really don't know. ; )

Noah came in 4th place and look at that big happy smile! Well...as long as he's happy...we were all totally happy with it too! : ) And Noah had grandpa cheering for him at the finish line, Branden cheered and Noboru took a video of it. : ) And I took these pics. Noah had his whole back up team there cheering him on...regardless how he did! : )

Noah enjoying watching his fellow classmates run!

Pics of the school grounds... 

There is not a whole lot of people...population wise for our school, just think though...everyone could move up 1 space forward if we could all do away with this mandatory dead space spot/no tent allowed spot being left. Dumbest rule ever!!! I tell ya. : ) 

Noah was about to run a race and so were the other 3rd graders as well. Branden wanted to take some video and pics via my phone from this spot. Branden on the far right in the American flag shirt and his 2 fellow 7th grade classmates to his right, if we look at the pic they are to his left. An adult male in hat behind the 3 JHS kids. But as you can tell by this picture, Branden has really grown taller since April, he towers over these 2 classmates of his. And he's about to pass all the mom's in this pic height wise too. Branden has clearly been eating his Wheaties, lol! : ) Yet, he's only 12. And yes he'll always be my baby in my eyes! : )  

Cheering and waiting for the 3rd graders to run out onto the field, I was meanwhile sitting on the dead space (no tent allowed) leisure sheet spot....I had a fantastic (best) view from there! And snapped all the pics down below from my leisure sheet spot!

Yay, the 3rd graders are in the house, ya'll!!! Woot woot!!!

Three kids were picked to roll this enormous ball across the field, Noah being one of them! And then they passed it to 3 others, and then they passed it to the final 3. 

Noah looking back at us!!!

Noah's friend K waving at his mom. He was also one of the 3 chosen. 

I can see Noah on the left side of this big red ball rolling it and I can see his turquoise shoe! Team red in the lead!

Action shot! Go Noah, go K and go little girl!!! You guys are in the lead!

And they passed the ball, Noah is now in this pic crouching down and cheering for his teammates!
Branden going through the pics he just took of his brother! We had 3 different cameras on Noah all day long, Noboru's cell, Branden with my cell and me with my small point and shoot (digi cam)

Noah cheering on the sidelines and chatting with his fellow red hat members, some 6th graders. : )

Noah chatting some more! You can see by these pics, Noah had a blast! He has so many friends!

Branden chatting with his friend, a 6th grade girl who will be at the local JHS next April. And the boy next to Branden is his fellow JHS classmate. 

It's all very inaka/countryside. Everyone knows everyone around here. But you know....honestly there is also a comfort in that too. I absolutely love living in such a small town, I'd never want to live in a big city. Not downing the big city.....it's just though...not for us. Branden's classmate in black holding the baby for example..that family has 3 boys. H, who is Branden's classmate standing right in this pic, and he has a 3rd grade brother too, Noah's classmate who cruises his bike to our home at least once a week to play with Noah. Again we know that family twice...meaning 2 different ways...1 from Branden and 1 from Noah. And she has this little boy picture here named S. Our town is in many ways... weaved like a basket....you don't know who has ties with whom...or who knows who. We all basically do know each other and we all have ties. Even the other JHS boy picture up above...he also has a brother same age as Noah named K. And he and Noah are really good friends and again our family knows each other doubly well. Hahaha. There is nobody around that field...that we do not have ties to or ties with in 1 way or another. G's mom at the local conbini, Bran's classmates since yochien...Bran's classmate's mom is the head nurse at the local doctors office. There's not a place in our town where you can go without not knowing someone. Think Andy and Mayberry type a town. : )

And now for another event...

Penny for your thoughts kiddo!

Noah came in 2nd place on this race...I have a pic of Noah and his 2nd place sticker on his hat down below.

Have fun, no worries and remember we love you Noah!

I swear you have the absolute skinniest legs...they're like toothpick legs, hahaha. But they're very long!!!

Noah the worry wart, we all know that he is...double checking his shoes! Nope, no untied laces or anything! You're okay sweetheart...please don't worry so much!

You can tell Noah's starting to think about the race...by his face! That's his serious face!

6 kids going to race...Noah being 1! Gosh we had the best spot to take pics! 

Branden also taking pics. And Bran's classmate K taking pics of his 3rd grade brother also with a K name. All eyes on the 3rd graders about to race!

On your mark...get set...go!

And off they went!

For short distance races and I'm just being honest... Noah's iffy because it takes him a minute to get his momentum and speed. So short races he never does too well. But on longer races...he's fast and on marathons he's... hella super fast! Because Noah for whatever reason has a lot of endurance...while others get pooped out...he can handle the long haul runs! That's where he excels...so he always does better on longer races versus short races. So at this pic he was 3rd place but once Noah got it kicked into gear...he took off like a rocket! See this pic he's 3rd, his red hat and sneaker color. 

Now look, he's in front of those 2 kids...Noah goes into this hyper drive warp speed thing, lol, seriously! It's true! Those people on the sidelines were like...whatttt? @.@ Hahaha. 

Noah crossing the finish line way in the distance, 2nd place.

There goes our town's one and only policeman again. He has to attend 4 undokai every year. The 2 elementary schools, the 1 JHS and the town undokai. Hahaha. : )  The bright side of living in the country/inaka, he'll probably never die while being active duty. Such as by an armed assailant type a thing. : ) Hahaha. : )
Time for lunch, 30 minute break! : )

Karaage (Japanese style fried chicken nuggets, I make ours with skinless white breast meat), homemade potato salad. Gorgeous fresh fruit platter! And homemade from scratch oatmeal cookies, we also had rice balls. I put a lot of effort into my family's packed lunch. Just a small way to say...I love you...we are proud of you! I made this especially for... all of you today. : )

I see the lemonade in this pic. And a tiny hand eagerly getting some lunch! : )

Noah and his big beautiful eyes... enjoying his lunch. And see the family in the background, sweatshirts and pants. It was warm but it did get cooler as the day wore on and by the time we went out for yakiniku that night, it was down right chilly! : )

Family...it's so very important! Sorry if it sounds dorky, but if it does, hey that's cool! But, I want my kids to know the importance of strong family ties. We are all very close. If one needs us, we're all there!!!

We all enjoyed our lunch!

Branden took an after lunch snooze. Noah munched some sour gummy worms, that grandpa had brought, Branden ate his too. : ) Noboru about to take an afternoon snooze as well. : ) My dad and I meanwhile sat in 2 comfy camping chairs and munched oatmeal cookies and sipping lemonade talking about what a gorgeous day it was, the weather, food and the company. : )

After lunch and the marching band musical number was about to begin!

Noah holding his blue pianica, chatting with one of his classmates with pig tails and a pink pianica. : ) And that's Noah's teacher pictured too.

Please look at this picture and the pic directly below this one. It's so cute! If this doesn't melt your heart or make you smile at least...nothing will. Noah adores his teacher! She's only been his teacher since April, but he really likes her a lot! And she thinks he's adorable too. So look at Noah's face...he locked eyes on her and just looked at her with great big eyes... of awww at his sensei. Since Noah thinks she's just the bees knees. : ) She's not really noticing right here just yet...she's just looking around.

Then she looks at him and he gets this great big ol' smiley face on! Awww, he thinks she's such a good kind teacher! And she thinks, he's a good egg and he really is! : )
The kids marched!

This 6th grade mom in yellow sweatshirt pictured on the right of this pic. She lives 2 houses down from us, that's R and L's mom. : ) She lives on the opposite side of the grandma next door from us. Again...there's just ties between all of us in one way or another. : )

Go Noah, go! : )
I see you and your turquoise shoes Noah! ; ) And those skinny Minnie legs of yours! : )

The father's tug of war! They also asked if anyone else wanted to join, they could and well... Branden said yes he will support Noah too, same as Noboru! So since Noah's team red...they both had to be team red as well. See Branden in his American flag tee with red band tied in this pic. Noah was meanwhile jumping and cheering on the sidelines for his dad and brother! : )  

Another fun race. It was a 1st and 2nd graders tug of war! And the 3rd graders were asked to stand to the sides and when the whistle blew they were to run and join their color team. So here, Noah and his fellow red hats were about to join the 1st and 2nd graders in the tug of war!

Do not fear 1st and 2nd graders...your back up... has arrived! Go Noah, back them up!!! : )

And to the sidelines again, for the 3rd graders. This was a best 2 out of 3. 

Noah and K chit chatting! Again they both have 7th grade brothers, both live in the same housing community. And they're both very good friends, Noah and K, so here they were just shooting the breeze waiting to be called into the tug of war match yet again!

And that's Noah's serious face, hahaha. : ) And that's Lily on the left of Noah-chan! She's one of the top 3 fastest runners for the girls 3rd graders you know! And she's as smart as can be! Noah's one of the top 3 fastest boys and he's smart/studious too so they're both REALLY good friends, like brother and sister. But real close, Noah and Lily. : ) 

As is becoming a tradition at our local elementary, the Father's club calls out the 6th graders to tug and pull some big heavy bamboo type pieces. Every year the Father's Club beats the kids! Well except this year! Go Noboru and fellow guys/dad's.

There is a lot less members this year so the Father's Club guys were out numbered. Many Father's Club dad's had youngest kids last year who graduated with Branden and no younger siblings, so a big chunk of Father's Club dad's were lost this year. 

Three dad's versus this many kids..they lost and they lost big time!

It was a hard fight, they did try their best...but the too few dad's were just beaten this year. However...we knew that there were a big chunk of dad's missing this year. So through school emails it was decided to have a 6th grade mom match versus the 6th grade kids too. and that's what followed the dad's tug of war!

We all know by email but the kids were not to find out until that day. They said...the 6th grad e mom's would like a shot too! The kids expressions were like. @.@ And out came a massive amount of mom's ready to take on their own 6th grade kiddos! And you know...mom's are tough! The mom's beat the 6th graders twice! Those poor 6th graders were no match for the sheer volume and amount of mom's and the strength of the mom's! Look at these rockin' mom's! : ) Hahaha. 
Two peas in a pod...two very good friends, Noah and Lily-chan!

Look at all these cute backpacks. And vivid bright red hats and bunch of happy kids!

Noah getting something out of his super cool Mario backpack. : )

The best of friends! Noah in the center, and the lovely, sweet and kind Sera on the right for us looking at the picture, but on Noah's actual left (he's also from our yochien) the other little boy, I forgot his name and I apologize for forgetting his name, I'm human, it happens. : )  Noah and Sera have been friends since age 3, since yochien. : ) Again, I have such peace of mind knowing my kids have a lot of friends, live in a nice quiet safe town in the Japanese countryside... again much like... Mayberry the town in the Andy Griffith show. People are really kind here. : ) It's a wonderful place to put down roots and call home. : )

Tada...second place! Good job sweetheart!

Finished! While Noah was with his class. We meanwhile packed up the tent, table and chairs.. with this many helpers we packed up pretty fast! we also walked down the hill and packed all our stuff in the mini minivan, then walked back up the hill and waited for Noah. When he came out, we all got kakigori (shave ice) I picked, 90% cherry and 10% peach. You can pour the syrup on yourself. 

Two happy kids! A sun-blinded Noah picked less flavors than last time! : ) And Branden picked cherry! We all went home, I put on jeans and a sweatshirt because by now it was chilly. Branden wanted to wear shorts still, but I insisted on the sweatshirt. Noah put on jeans and a long sleeve top. And to dinner we went right away! We were so happy you guys...1 more undokai knocked out of the way...one more field day scratched off the list! Now we could rest...and so yakiniku was fitting for a night like that!

We ordered 2 huge platters of rosu (red lean beef), drink bar, rice, many different sides, the kids and my dad each had some fries, because we always have coupons for drink bar and fries, and heck if you have a coupon might as well use it. : ) Right. : ) 

Noboru had ordered some fattier cuts which are his absolute most favorites! He then ordered a few other variety of meats and even had some cold noodle dish.

We spent almost 2 hours, eating, talking and laughing in our private yakiniku room. It was really an awesome undokai, and yakiniku dinner afterwards. Anyway, that was Noah's 3rd grade undokai, this year. : )