Sunday, October 12, 2014

My dad's visit to Japan...

My dad arrived to Japan, Wednesday, September 24th. He arrived around 6:30pm-ish. Noboru was waiting at the airport for my dad and the 2 of them came straight to the house here. The kids were home finishing homework, eating their supper and showering all before grandpa arrived. Noah was so excited he told his entire class and his teacher that his grandpa was coming to Japan for his undokai/sport's day/field day. : ) Branden told all his friends too. : )  Anyway, my dad brought his clothes for the week, his toiletry kit (deo, toothbrush and whatnot) but he also brought some goodies from "home" for us. Twelve frozen mac and cheese, my dad has seen how I pack mine and so he did it the same way and they were still froze when he got here.

Pop Tarts for easy school mornings. Yumm. 

Sour gummy bears and worms, because well my dad just knows his grand kids so well. : )

Two bags of Halloween candy for the boys on the left. And dad knows his daughter very well too (me) because he brought me 4 of my favorite chocolate bars on the right. : )

Whole wheat wraps on the left and some canned jalapenos on the right.

Some instant hot cereal/oatmeal on the left and pistachios on the right.

My dad's memory is super sharp, because when we were last in Guam, we brought back a bag of these and I mentioned in passing 2 months ago or so, how good they were. Clearly my dad remembered and he brought 3 of them for us. : )
Remember Noah's pjs on sale from Gap, my dad brought them, yay! And also 2 plain white tee shirts for Noah, so he can wear under a short sleeve tee. 

The spare pair of amazing jeans and the ooh lala sweater that I used those Old Navy super cash for, so the sweater was like $5, anyway was just glad they got here and love these, thank you for bringing them dad. And the fleece too. We were very thankful my dad could bring the things he brought with him. Thank you dad! : ) Moving that was Wednesday.
The next day was Thursday, after we made sure both Branden and Noah got to school and everything. My dad and I went to Costco Chiba New Town. We did a little shopping and had some lunch. 

A pic of my dad ordering.

We came back home and unloaded the car and went for an afternoon walk before picking up the boys (swim night, so both need rides from school to home before they catch the swim bus). See how some trees are starting to turn color. The tree on the left in this picture. This is the center park in our housing community. The weather is warm in the days, but cooling down now at night. Day time highs of about 68 degrees now.
Tennis courts back there... for our housing community, both boys like to play tennis and have rackets. : ) My dad enjoyed the cool Fall weather a lot, especially since he grew up in Denver, so he really likes Fall a lot. : )

Some leaves are beginning to fall.  

And our walk was by now 90% done. My dad and I walked nearly everyday he was here, we'd shoot the breeze during our walks and talk and talk and talk. We had 2 rotisserie chickens (from Costco) and I made some delicious sides that went with the 2 roasted chickens, for Thursday nights supper, plus the boys went to swim school Thursday night too.  
Friday in the daytime, my dad and I went and bought last minute stuff for undokai, I prepped the chicken for karaage (cut and had it marinating already) we made potato salad and we also baked oatmeal cookies from scratch. My dad, Noboru and I went with Noah to his school to save a spot on Friday after school let out. Branden also got instructions that as soon as JHS finished to go straight to the elementary school field and meet us there, which he did. We got this spot, we got a very nice spot. Here is a sweetheart Noah doing a crab walk on our leisure sheet. : ) He was so happy to have mom and dad (us) there, grandpa there and Branden there. We set up our tent. And left. Oh, I did a good thing...all front spots were taken and I did turn around and I saw our friend from yochien (Sera's mom) walking briskly but not quite quick enough, we already had our spot saved. But the spot to 1 side of us was vacant the other side was not. I pointed to it and she was quite far away from it...but I motioned..."do you want this spot?" She shook her head yes and I had some from our family to stand there until she could get there. She got there in a minute but she was so thankful. She was just so happy. It sounds corny but it's true....always important to help others...might be you next time, right? : ) So I was glad I was there to help, because if I didn't save that... it would have been a goner spot. : )  We went home and had supper and went to bed early Friday, because field day was the next day and here in's an all day event. : ) I won't share any undokai pics yet, because those will be posted when I get the Noah's undokai post up. Anyway so Noah's 3rd grade sports day was awesome! Noah had fun, he had a blast. Branden had a ton of fun and I enjoyed the day taking pics and chatting with my dad and Noboru and Branden. After undokai, we got kakigori/shave ice. Went home, unpacked and went out for a yakiniku celebration dinner! : )
We had a private room, we ate so much food, we were stuffed silly! We went home all of us, we all took turns showering and got our jammies or comfy clothes on and we all watched TV and enjoyed the evening. Sunday/the next day, we rested. Monday, Noah didn't have school, while Branden did. So Monday, my dad and Noah and I went to the mall, we went and had some lunch, and bought a few things. 

My dad bought Noah 2 handkerchiefs (they need them at school) Toy Story and Yokai Watch and a file folder in Yokai Watch and an eraser also in Yokai Watch and 2 chopsticks. 

Chocolate bar chopsticks and Yokai Watch chopsticks. 

Branden was at school, but my dad would never leave out either child, so he asked Noah what his brother might like : )....Noah knew exactly, he said  Branden had been wanting this particular stapler brand and so grandpa bought it for Branden. Branden was over the moon for this! So happy. : ) 

Branden also got 2 pair of cool chopsticks too. Noah picked him a chocolate bar pair and a biscuit pair too, along the line of those Marie cookies they sell here in Japan. Branden really liked both pairs. Also to be fair... while Noah did get a couple more things than Branden, consider Noah's Yokai Watch file folder and eraser were like 89 yen each and his handkerchiefs were a couple hundred yen each, while Branden's stapler was near 780-800 yen, so it did work out to nearly the same cost and you know, I'm a real stickler when it comes to being fair and even stevens about stuff when it comes to both Branden and Noah. : ) Anyway, so Monday night the boys swam and when they came home, all 5 of us watched the Simpsons/Family guy crossover episode and we all loved that! Tuesday, the boys went to school and my dad's flight was at 10am, so Noboru and I drove my dad to Narita airport immediately after dropping the kids at school. It was a wonderful time with my dad being here. Loved going for our walks, watching TV together, the kids loved talking grandpas ears right off! Noah loved showing grandpa his magic card tricks. Awww. : ) He's just such an important member of our family and we love it when he's here in Japan with us. : )

Update stuff: Okay, I realize I am blogging at snail like speed lately hahaha, I apologize. It's just, it's Fall, the weather has been so beautiful. I have been enjoying every second I can.... spending it with my family. Branden's birthday is coming up and we got the cake ordered and his present from us has arrived.

Town undokai, we had that yesterday, October 12th. Today is a holiday here in Japan and Tuesday the kids have a day off school, because they attended town undokai over the weekend.

Typhoon #19 aka, Typhoon Vongfong hit Okinawa already and should be hitting mainland Japan tonight or tomorrow. Last week it was said this upcoming typhoon was to be a super typhoon but it's since been downgraded. How bad will it be? I'll let you know. : ) The last typhoon wasn't so bad, rained pretty heavy and gusts of wind off and on, but nothing too terrible.

I have yet to go through Noah's undokai pics. So I'll get to that, probably after we get back from Disney though, more than likely. Anyway just wanted to update real quick and not just leave anybody hanging. I'll try and catch up again in a couple days. : )