Monday, October 27, 2014

Lots of Halloween fun for the whole family!!! A relaxing hotel stay, some spooktacular Krispy Skremes, dinner at Kua’aina and an exciting whole day and evening spent at Tokyo Disneyland!!!

October 15th (Wednesday) was to be the day we would spend the entire day at Tokyo Disneyland. However, since we live quite a drive away and given the town undokai was Sunday and Monday was a holiday, the kids in our town were off school Tuesday October 14th. However many schools in Chiba, were also off that day for sports days and stuff and according to the Disney crowd predictor website Noboru always uses online to pick/choose the least crowded was predicted Tuesday October 14th would be a red color day, meaning very crowded, the worst day is colored black on that website, but the red day not far behind in crowds. So we knew we would not be going on October 14th, however just 1 day after...was listed on the crowd predictor website as a "normal" day and least crowded day during the Halloween season, so we picked that day because of that reason. We'd like to actually ride tons of rides and we did, thanks to Noboru's careful day selection. Anyway, we did decide to stay overnight on October 14th, that way we would already be right near Disneyland and so we'd have no trouble getting there the next day. Plus a hotel stay is always fun! So I had each packed us an over night bag for our hotel stay. And I packed up the popcorn buckets for Disney and some raincoats and the boys winter coats as well. So we were well prepared and ready for anything. : ) This is/was our hotel. We stay here all the time when we go to Disney and that's because with Noboru's work perks, we can stay here for free. And heck a free hotel stay...why in the heck not. Plus it's super clean, modern and a nice family hotel.  

We picked the 5 beds in room. We had 2 single beds, a bunk bed and a daybed, so plenty of room! And again super clean and we're always so comfortable staying here. 

A pic of the day bed and flat screen TV, the room also has a fridge and every floor has the standard ice machine and stuff and a Lawsons (Conbini) on the first floor, to get snacks or drinks for enjoying the hotel stay a bit more. : )

The beds that Noboru and I slept in. It was 4:21pm, and we dropped off our stuff in our room. And caught the free hotel shuttle to Disneyland and from there, we walked across the bridge to Ikspiari for dinner!

A cute basket for your used towels. A step stool for kids. They had kids toothbrushes with strawberry toothpaste, as well as adults toothbrushes with regular toothpaste. 

Yumm, Kua'aina makes some of the best and tastiest chargrilled burgers (Noboru and the boys love them) and the teriyaki chicken sandwich is my most favorite.

Noboru, Branden and Noah each had a chargrilled cheeseburger and fries and soda for supper and I had their super delicious teriyaki chicken sandwich and onion rings and a soda! We enjoyed our dinner quite a bit, we were excited for the next day! We were planning to buy our tickets in advance at Ikspiari for the following day, that way we'd have 1 less line to stand in the next morning. 

After buying our Disneyland tickets we went to Krispy Kreme, we saw the special edition Halloween Krispy Skremes, lol! And we took a dozen back to our hotel room! What a fun day! October 14th was awesome and the next day looked even funner! : )

We walked a short walk from Ikspiari crossed the bridge and it looks gorgeous at night...looks just like this, we got off at the Tokyo Disneyland exit on the bridge and we caught our free hotel shuttle back to our hotel. With full tummy's and a dozen donuts in our hotel we went! : )

We stopped in the Lawsons downstairs and picked some drinks for the night, we also picked up some ice. The ice machine has these plastic cups. That's a lot get a brand new cup, that ice can go directly in. : ) Everyone had soda but me, I had jasmine tea. We all took turns showering. Meanwhile the rest of us enjoyed our drink and had some donuts for dessert!

Krispy Skremes! How fun! Maybe cheesy, but whatever! I'm a mama and it's my job to make the holidays special. Plus I love the holidays and so does Noboru. : ) 

There are 4 family members and a dozen donuts, so we each got to pick 3. I picked the Boston Cream filled donut or should I say...Boston Skreme (scream)... dundundun, in honor of Halloween. : ) I had the choco one with rainbow sprinkles and a standard glazed one. The rest... the fam picked! Some of us ate only 1 and had a donut or two in the morning. We went to bed fairly early though... because we wanted to be well rested for the next day! Oh by the way, the next day predicted rain...but honestly we didn't care, we were well prepared for it...we had rain coats and winter coats, we were ready either way! : ) Plus if it meant... less all means rain till your hearts content! Rain away, if it means less people and less wait time in lines! : )

The one thing we really also always like about this hotel also is the breakfast buffet, the price to eat is like 700 yen (per person) for an all you can eat buffet...and considering this is Japan that price is insanely cheap! And I have very western taste buds (sorry, gomengomen)...and I like many things at this buffet...there's always a ton I can eat here. And lots of other buffets in Japan, I can't really say that. So 2 thumbs way up for this buffet. 

My breakfast. Many breakfast things, many lunch things. The buffet opens at 6:30am, we were eating at 6:45am. And I already had my hair done and makeup on! We were ready! And the Disney park opened at 8 or 8:30am, we were at the entrance of Disney at 8am. So we were superly ready Wednesday, October 15th! Hahaha. : )

Tickets prepurchased. We already checked out of the hotel. And were now driving to the Disneyland parking lot. We did want to stay another night at the hotel...but we let the boys miss school we really couldn't let them take off Thursday too. 
Just entered and this pic makes it look sorta semi crowded but the entrance area looked crowded but the whole day and wait time for rides was excellent! Wasn't crowded at all. We rode every ride! And many rides 2-3 times each, I'm kidding you not! : ) 

We had brought 3 of our popcorn buckets from home, 2 Stitch Disney buckets and one Buzz Lightyear rocket bucket (but left 2 in the car, because we knew we were buying 2 new ones) However...very important to note...while we walked from Disneyland the day before to Ikspiari to eat dinner, we saw tons of folks with these wickedly gorgeous Mr. Potato Head popcorn buckets. We knew, we wanted to buy the boys these! So while at the hotel the night before, Noboru used his tablet and found the price and info for them. Keep in mind...if you never or rarely ever go to Disneyland buying one of these is probably a waste of money. But we try to go here once a year at least...and sometimes 2 times a year. And so for us, these buckets save us money. Plus they only sell them for a little while... then pull a particular bucket from being sold. So we knew we were going to purchase this. These are only being sold at 2 popcorn spots. However we didn't want soy sauce & butter flavor popcorn. It's not bad...but ehh not our most favorite. Now here is the tip...and if you do not need this worries but if you can use the tip then worth it for me to write/type out. We waited in line...Noboru told the lady can we buy this bucket without popcorn. The helpful lady said yes but.....

And look at the price, 2,100 yen around $21 US, crazy price right. So anyways the lady said yes, but she said...if you go to the street of shops inside right after you enter Disney there is a strip of shops...if you go to the shop across from the "World Bazaar" it's the shop that sells the food stuff  omiyage/souvenirs/candy and chocolates type a thing. You can buy the same exact bucket for only 1600 yen ($16 US) so cheaper! Plus they will give you for free a coupon for a free refill of popcorn of your choice throughout the entire park of your choosing. Meaning if you would like strawberry or honey or white chocolate get 1 for free! That's 5 bucks each bucket deal if you want a popcorn bucket and we did! So if any of you do want the bucket...check the main strip of shops first, because they are cheaper and you can still get your own popcorn but your choice in flavor! Cool, right! : ) Anyway...hope this can help someone. : ) 

The boys about to go for a spin! : )

The Star (Wars) Tour ride, cool!

A bit blurry, but about to enjoy this ride! The wait for this was a mere 15-20 minutes. Pirates of the Caribbean wait time was just 10 minutes! 

Monsters Inc. ride, we had a fast pass for this one and for Splash Mountain and the Hunny Hunt (I keep wanting to spell it honey) 

We rode so many rides and around noon we went and had ourselves some lunch, since it was cool weather-wise and rainy... curry seemed to hit the spot for all of us! : )

The 2 potato heads watched the boys during lunch! lol.

Right after lunch we caught the afternoon parade!

Branden and Noah both really enjoyed it! Noboru and I did too! : )

In Toon Town we rode the taxis.

We each refilled our popcorn buckets! White chocolate is the same exact flavor *exactly* to a T... as the coconut flavor they used to have, so delicious!

On one hand, I miss the boys not being able to live in the US and get the chance to trick or treat. But on the bright side or flip side...I love that living here means, we get to decide how we want to celebrate a holiday! Personally I think getting to spend the whole day and evening at Disney surrounded with like minded people also wanting to enjoy some Halloween good cheer and festivities is pretty cool too! Lucky kids! : )
Waiting in line at the Haunted Mansion. Wait time was 45 minutes for this one and we also grabbed a fast pass to ride this one later too (minus the line though)

Here resting in ever lasting peace is...Witch Hazel, lol! The humor...the rides...the decorations, such fun! : )

The Halloween Haunted Mansion version...Nightmare Before Christmas, this is so cool! Glad we rode this twice.

Noah and I, rode medium speeds on the tea cups. Noboru and Branden on the other hand, went round and round so fast, they were laughing as we left this ride and a tad dizzy, we rode this one 3 times, different times of the day and evening!

This is where we were to eat dinner though a few hours later.

A haunted Halloween pumpkin mouse hearing a good secret from Noah! Yes, his ear was technically way up on top but...that's okay! Nothing wrong with a kid being a kid! Especially a kid who is such a sweetheart! I love this picture! 

I love you boys, to the moon and back! : )

There was a lot of talk about the new and improved Jungle Cruise! It's now open at night and we loved this at night, so much fun!

We took a ride on the train! Enjoyed the views while on the train especially this gorgeous riverboat!

And now it was dinner time! We each picked the rotisserie chicken meal. And we picked 2 slices of cake and we shared the cake, dinner was delicious!

We walked from 8:17am to 10pm, we walked ourselves silly, but we had such fun, that we barely noticed! : ) Plus great exercise for the day!  We definitely earned that half a slice of cake and popcorn that day, hahaha, with all the walking we did. : )

The gorgeous Disney Electrical parade was canceled because of the rain, so they put on a super short parade in it's place. It was still nice though.

Another spin around the race track. Noah drove Noboru around the track and Branden drove me!

Oh Mr. Dimples! Some of your driving was actually pretty good, while other times, some of your driving was...pretty scary!

Branden driving wildly and so these were potato heads...scared for his life eyes!!! : ) Hahaha. 

However it wasn't raining so badly that the fireworks were canceled, so we enjoyed the fireworks quite a bit!
As the left hand side of this book says...Pooh's Hunny Hunt! This ride is fun and smells like honey at the end of the ride.

Noah, your hair is a little crazy in this picture (he has since had a haircut) but you sure had a great time, huh Noah! : ) We are so glad you and your brother had such a wonderful time!

Splash Mountain! I tell ya, we rode rides literally from opening time to closing time!

Noboru and I rode side by side and the boys rode directly in front of us. 

Noboru loves being a dad so much! Here he was in the Splash Mountain ride talking and joking with the kids! : )

Snow White ride. After this we rode the tea cups and the final ride was the Haunted Mansion ride one last time!

The Nightmare Before Christmas Haunted Mansion ride is just always a favorite of ours and glad we ended with this ride! We left the park at closing, found our car since we got there so early we were parked on the first row of cars, so we had a short walk to our car, we hopped onto the highway (tolls roads) and tried to get home as fast as we could, because the kids had school the next day. The kids went straight to sleep. They woke up a bit earlier than usual, and I had the both of them take a fast 5 minute shower to refresh before school since they skipped their shower the night before. Anyway, that was a very fun way our family decided to get into the Halloween spirit at Tokyo Disneyland for 2014! : )