Thursday, October 30, 2014

Happy 13th Birthday Branden and welcome to your teenage years! You’re officially 156 months old...

Sunday, October 26th, and Branden's birthday! He had spent a fabulous birthday weekend in Guam and went to the movies and now we were back home in Japan! We went from Narita airport to home, to unpack our suitcases, we had gotten back early enough, that I had ample amount of time to take pics of everything brought back super quickly. And then after that, we all hopped in the car and headed to Capricciosa for his birthday dinner of his choosing! He was really debating if he wanted yakiniku or Italian the whole flight back to Japan, however, by the time we landed, Bran had decided. : )
We started off with a delicious salad...

Followed by a huge deep fried breaded rice ball with mozzarella inside, omg so good! And a pizza as well. We had sodas and talked and really enjoyed our dinner quite a bit.

Followed by 3 large servings of a spicy tomato and garlic sauce, our 3rd pasta was not pictured but it looked exactly like this one. : ) 

100% genuine heartfelt laughter...Branden had the best birthday and best dinner conversation with all of us. Again...we always keep our birthday's around here... super simple at our house, just family.. dinner celebration of course and...the restaurant is the birthday person's choice/pick and cake always follows. And not 200 presents, just a couple special meaningful ones. That's all. : ) 
Branden has been asking for a digital camera/point and shoot for a couple months.  I'd say for about a half year. With Branden in JHS now they are allowed to take digi cams on their class field trips and the one field trip Branden took to the Ueno zoo, I let Bran borrow mine. He's at an age where's he very careful and I know with field trips etc he might really need one. We researched point and shoots. On the American website and on And this camera came in really highly rated at both places. We also checked and again just really good ratings and the price was fair too. He had a choice in color and he picked purple. We had ordered it online, but had it delivered to the nearest shop near us because the price was better ordering online, however we got the extended 5 year warranty and we wanted to know the people from the camera shop and it has been at our house from weeks before, we just wouldn't let him use it until his birthday. : )

His mega pixels and zoom and whatnot are better than my camera. lol. But that's quite alright. 

It is such a nice color camera! Perfect color for a JHS student!
My dad/Bran's grandpa sent Branden such a nice card. My dad always finds such funny and unique birthday cards for both the boys! They always look forward to the cards. 

It played music and said..."you're a teenager're a teenager now!" In the tune of Happy Birthday to you! : )

It also had a birthday "candle" to blow out. 
With the birthday money grandpa sent, Branden ordered a 4WD car kit and has been spending his free time now, happily putting it together! At our local JHS about 1/3 of the boys in the 7th grade class (both) are deeply into these Tamiya radio control cars. It started in 6th grade, but it's been an explosion of huge popularity at the local JHS. All the cool boys in the 7th grade class are major into them right now. 
Leaving Capricciosa restaurant and Branden taking pics! We headed home to enjoy some birthday cake!

Made in beautiful Nagano... handmade delicious out of this world ice cream cakes! Best cakes in Japan! I just wish she'd make them bigger, lol. A month ago, we had ordered Branden's cake. We picked October 24th in the morning for his cake to be delivered. Nutella chocolate flavor (called Italian chocolate with hazelnuts) and the top flavor was banana (and not a fake banana flavor at all...a real homemade you can actually taste it was made from a real banana type of banana ice cream) 

We all sang our little hearts out...Happy Birthday!!! We love you! You are so special to us!

We 4 all sat at the kitchen table enjoying some birthday cake. Noboru and I, also had coffee. Then we sent the boys to shower and into their PJs and to enjoy some TV before bed. Happy 13th Birthday are so loved kiddo! : )