Thursday, October 02, 2014

Getting the boys Fall and winter ready clothes-wise and the Simpsons/Family Guy crossover episode...

Like I had said, a few posts down, we have been busy getting both Branden and Noah, Fall and winter ready clothes-wise too. On September 21st (Sunday) the 4 of us went to our nearest Old Navy in Tsukuba, Ibaraki, it's very convenient for our family to get there, in fact we don't even need a highway to get here. : ) So our closest/nearest Old Navy is in Ibaraki prefecture. Like I said before is... we really quite literally live teeter tottering Chiba and the Ibaraki border, which is a very country/inaka part of Chiba, versus the busy bustling Chiba city. But our nearest bustling city would either be Narita (which is small) or Inzai (Chiba New Town area where Costco is) or Tsukuba Ibaraki. : )

I see you Old Navy! : )

So Sunday September 21st, we went to 1 mall which was just pictured above and shopped at Old Navy. Would you believe there is no Uniqlo in that mall?!!! @.@ So we hit another Aeon also in Tsukuba and went shopping in Uniqlo (Noah got a pair of tan cords from Uniqlo and some cute pjs, Branden got a pair of sweatpants for being comfy at home) after we finished with Uniqlo, we ate dinner in the food court. The kids had a rare treat....Mickey D's. : ) And I had a foot long veggie and cheese sub, that was it for me, no fries or anything. The kids were stuffed. I was stuffed, Noboru was off getting a beef bowl while I took this pic. : ) It was a long day, but we were happy we were getting prepared for the colder weather for the that was a relief. : )

I don't want to say every weekend, but usually on the weekends most of the time or..often I'll just say often...there is a sale to be had on Gap Japan online. Gap was having a 40% off sale that weekend while we were in the market for some new Fall clothes. However...many things were selling out like hot cakes and I just felt better seeing in person at the actual shops for the kids. 

Three Old Navy bags, 1 Uniqlo bag and a Cecile bag (online shop in Japan) which sells great pants for Noah's size, great quality, always cute and price super fair. 

First time for Bran to buy adult men's jeans. Though he did get men's shorts this summer. The ones which looked the best on Branden were the premium ones, so we bought him 2 pair of those. Noboru and I told Branden all important things about finding good men's jeans. Make sure your butt looks nice in the pair...very important fact. Some jeans have too big pockets and you end up with temporary pumpkin butt syndrome. Some jeans have too small a pockets and it makes your butt look super weird. You need to try them on in the mirror in the changing room and turn around in the mirror and check out your butt Branden...very important!!!! Noboru chimed in...yes your mom is right! Branden tried on every style that day...some gave him pumpkin butt. All the things we warned about. These premium ones right him perfectly! His dad agreed, I agreed. Believe me, I worked in retail all through my university/college years, I know this stuff! ; )

Two long sleeve men's tops in size small from Old Navy for Branden. 

They also had some on sale long sleeve tops for 300 yen, around $3 US.

From Old Navy California to Tokyo...clearly a shirt for us in Japan. : ) And an Old Navy rocks tee with a cassette tape graphic. These will be Branden's house shirts this Fall and winter. Loved the price on these. 

Love this Mac & Cheese tee so much, couldn't possibly be any more American than this. : ) I wanted this shirt for Branden and was going to order it from the US website this summer, but it sold out too fast. We picked up the men's small and medium for Branden.

Nothing is better and more useful than a plain white long sleeve shirt because they can wear all their short sleeves with this underneath. This single handily extends the life of all their short sleeve tops. This was on sale for 780 yen or so by the way.

Like this...see mac and cheese tee on top of a long sleeve white shirt. 

Regular clothes on top and comfy house tees on the bottom.

Plus 2 Old Navy sweatshirts. Small fit okay... but because you layer this on top of a long sleeve...I always pick a slightly bigger sweatshirt. So picked Branden a medium, plus we use our dryer at home in Fall and winter almost 100% of the time, so if it does shrink a pinch, we won't mind. 

Sweatpants for Branden from Uniqlo size medium...again the smalls fit granted... but we will most definitely be using our dryer once it gets too cold to hang clothes outside. 

Regular clothes on top, house or comfy clothes on bottom.

I liked the marled gray sweatpants Bran got from Uniqlo. I have noticed quite a few marled things this season from either Gap/Old Navy and now Uniqlo too. : )

Noboru picked up 2 house/comfy tees from Old Navy for 300 yen too. Both were, you can tell for the Japan market. From California to Tokyo. And the other one has an interesting letter O...that made Noboru smile. : )

Noah picked up this 1 long sleeve top from Old Navy. 

A pair of corduroy and a pair of jammies for Noah from Uniqlo.

A perfect color and pair of cords for Noah. Cords are so nice for kids in Fall and winter. Looks so warm. : ) And a nice pair of jammies. I like that the stripes on the arms are different than the main part of the shirt/top. They did have fleece or super warm jammies, but honestly with the floor heating we use in winter and the central heating our house is like an oven...a nice comfortable oven, mind you but oven nonetheless. So fleece jammies would be overkill for our home, so these are perfect material jammies for our home. Not too thick, not too thin. : )

From Cecile, Noah received 3 pair of pants (2 pair of jeans and 1 pair of cargo pants) 1 pair of jeans with cargo pant pockets, love these! 1 pair of regular jeans without/sans cargo pockets. And 1 pair of olive green cargo pants...really cute and preppy plus the cords from Uniqlo. So again...4 new pair of pants..not a bad start for the Fall and winter season. 

Two pair of Noah's pants from last year were too short this year. So he no longer has those (not pictured). Meanwhile these 3 fit Noah still...albeit a bit worse for we are keeping these and these are now for him to use as play clothes...pants he can wear to ripstik in, play soccer in...nice to know he has 3 pair of play pants now. Plus the nice new 4 pair for school up above.

Uniqlo order that Noboru bought me. 

One winter vest and 1 winter coat. The Ultra light down jackets at Uniqlo are super popular. Branden and Noah got some last year that still fit, with room to spare, plus Noah has a fantastic Gap bright yellow winter coat that has room to spare still too. Meanwhile back to these 2 in this picture...see how the one on the left has like a diamond quilting type pattern.  
They had a regular vest last year, but this diamond quilted one is new this season and I love it. With a long sleeve black tee or turtle neck and jeans. Can't wait. And it's super thin so no added bulk, but it's hella warm! Super warm!

The women's ultra light down jacket in basic black. And on the website it said for the women's they made the sewing part in the front, the rectangular squares semi curved to give it a more feminine look, I really liked this a lot. : )  Anyway, I'm really happy with my Uniqlo winter vest and winter coat. And again they are super thin, but super warm, just without all the extra bulk (don't really want to look like the bulky Michelin man at all, you know how coats seem to do that to people, luckily these won't do that, hahaha).
Tuesday September 23rd was a holiday here in Japan, so the boys had a day off school. It was the "first day of Fall" we thought what a fitting way to spend the first day of Fall... by our family going Fall and winter clothes shopping. : ) We have 2 near-by outlets, this one pictured here and another one. 

From the outlet you can see a nice big buddha statue. : )

This day we hit the Gap outlet and then the regular Gap store..both stores are in Ibaraki prefecture of course. : )
Our nearest Auntie Anne's handmade pretzel shop. 

The 4 of us had our own pretzel before leaving the outlet mall and headed to yet another mall where the Gap store is/was.

Gap outlet and Gap regular store. 

Branden got 2 nice Gap long sleeve tops in size small in the men's section from the outlet. They were like 1200 yen each, so a pretty good price and both really good lookin' tops. And now, Branden has 2 long sleeves from Old Navy and these 2 from Gap, so 4 long sleeve tops total, not counting his white long sleeve tee that can be combined with any of his short sleeve tops. Plus the 2 new pair of jeans. No jeans from last year fit Branden today...length wise or anywhere. I think next month we will get Branden a pair of olive green cargo pants or another pair of pants. But he's nearly done. Especially considering he wears uniform to school Monday through Friday.

Noah meanwhile wears regular clothes to school, meaning he doesn't wear a uniform so he needs at least 5 days worth of clothes. A school weeks worth, so to speak. From the outlet, we picked Noah these, in size L/140cm. We did have him try on the 130cm/medium and it fit perfectly right now...however if it would shrink a pinch in the dryer might not fit afterwards...if he should grow an inch again maybe not. So, we picked the size 140cm. Noah may fold the sleeve cuff over once but again it's gonna be layered with something underneath, so a bit baggy or comfy as his sweatshirt is fine. They were 1900 yen each so a pretty good price plus Noboru used a Gap outlet coupon for 20% off on everything we bought that day. Or was it 15%...I forget now, but it was a good savings for these things and Branden's 2 Gap long sleeve tops.  Anyway...we bought 4 things at the Gap outlet these 2 sweatshirts and Bran's 2 Gap long sleeve tops and left and headed to the Gap.

Outside of the Gap but inside the mall...a Gap employee held a box and asked you to put your hand inside to pull out a coupon for 20%-50% off. What luck...Noboru put his hand in there and pulled out a 50% off coupon! Right on! We were buying anyways...and 50% off is so very cool! Just imagine everything we got half off basically. We picked up this top from the regular Gap store for 50% off, size 140cm. 

This very sweatshirt I wanted for Noah... superly bad! Love this sweatshirt! I love the blue marled coloring on this sweatshirt...I love the old school stitching that says Gap NY. This sweatshirt just looks like something very different and believe me...we shop at Gap all the time! This sweatshirt rocks. And again 50% off coupon, yes please....and thank you! I saw this sweatshirt at Gap online in the US. I debated ordering it and that's only because sometimes the Gap in the US the clothes are cut a tad too big...especially for skinny kids like Noah. While Gap Japan has slimmer fit's true. And Noah being a skinny Minnie...could use the Japan slimmer sizing from Gap Japan. Then as luck would have it...we saw this online but waffled on the size...they were selling like hotcakes to the point this sold out. So yeah when I saw this in person and we already had the 50% off coupon...yep snatched this baby up right quick! : ) This paired with those tan Uniqlo cords...adorable! : )

Also picked this gray Gap sweatshirt for Noah too, again 50% off. How wicked is that. So add these 2 Gap sweatshirts, plus the 2 Noah also got from the Gap far Noah has 4 sweatshirts...and 4 new pair of pants (cords, jeans or cargo pants) He still needs long sleeves but...hey...we are getting there. : ) 

We also got some coupons for this month to use. 

Everything I buy, I wash on the quick wash cycle before it hangs in my child's closet, but ya'll already know that. : ) Also, see the Gap yellow you think the outlet size 140cm is slightly bigger than the Gap regular stores size 140cm. big deal...they both fit, but just something I did notice and why I am glad we bought our stuff in person. Anyway...Noah has 4 new pants, 4 new sweatshirts and quite a few long sleeves in his closet already. Plus 2 winter coats with room to spare. I'd say Noah is 95% ready for Fall and winter clothes-wise. Branden meanwhile no longer wears regular clothes during the day Monday-Friday since he wears a uniform now, but he has 4 new long sleeve tops, 2 new jeans and 2 new sweatshirts and a Uniqlo ultra down with room to spare for a coat. I'd say he's 90% he has house/comfy clothes with 3 pair of sweatpants (2  (like new) Gap pair that have plenty of room to grow/spare from last year) plus his Uniqlo pair. So again not 100% done, but definitely a step in the right direction. : )
Loved the Simpsons/Family Guy crossover episode so much! I love both shows. Family Guy and the Simpsons has always matched my sense of humor completely. 

Brian and Santa's Little Helper, lol.

"What the deuce vs Eat my shorts" lol...Liked how Stewie looked up to Bart. How Bart said "What the Deuce" (Stewie's famous saying towards the end.) How Stewie dressed like Bart and said Eat my shorts (Bart's saying during the show too). Plus Homer and Peter were such good friends. Brian didn't quite understand or "get" Santa's Little Helper in the least and that cracked me up too. Such a great episode!