Monday, September 01, 2014

Yakiniku restaurant...

August, 29th, Friday...same day we went to Costco that morning for pancakes and also back to school food stuff. : ) Also the same day, both Branden and Noah went and got their haircut for school starting this coming Monday/today. And same day they were Ripstiking (boarding) on our street in front of our house. : ) We had wanted to go out to dinner someplace special and fun...sort of a .."good bye/farewell to Summer dinner"...and that's exactly what we did. Noboru would be working Saturday and Friday evening was our last chance for our... "good bye to summer dinner." : ) We were debating all 4 of us...Capricciosa or yakiniku. Up until that morning, we were dead set on the Italian...but by the time dinner rolled around...the vote had been changed and the 3 of them wanted yakiniku and heck...I really don't mind which long as we could enjoy it together, the 4 of us. So yakiniku it was. As usual we went to our favorite place, not in our town or city nearest us at's quite a drive, other side of Narita actually and a chain restaurant but...we get tons of coupons for free drink bar...200 yen off rosu (the lean meat the kids and I love)...just all sorts of fantastic deals. I think by the time we walked out of the was $55 US/ 5500 yen. So not cheap...but a very fair price considering how much rosu/lean meat the boys ate...the large rice for everyone. Free fries. Free drink bar for everyone, plus at the end Noboru ordered a cold soup with apple or pear in it. : ) So everyone was stuffed to the gills by the time we the amount we received.. considering the cost...super fair. 

We 3 (Branden, Noah and I) each got our own platter of rosu/lean beef. Noboru got a fattier...or juicer as he'd say...meat of his choosing, his fave cut of meat. : ) Noboru even ordered an additional amount of rosu for Branden, again since he's growing and needs more food now. : ) 

Noah with an ice cube in his mouth. This place has that really great crushed ice... type a cubes. : ) 

Marinated meat grilling and the coals are so hot below. 

Noah had 1 chopstick set for cooking his meat and 1 set for eating his meal with. They also shared a set of tongs on their side of the table and Noboru and I had our own set for our side of the table too. 

Not sure if you can see the pineapple yogurt with 2 pineapple pieces on top, in the little white ramikens/dishes. This is so good too. Kimchi in the background too. 

It was honestly such a wonderful meal and time together...we asked them. "Are you ready to go back to school?" Both of them said..."no!" Hahaha. I said..."I hear you! I'm not ready for waking up so early in the mornings myself. But...I am so proud of you guys. And I really hope you both enjoyed your summer." Next thing you know...we started talking about our crazy and fun summer. I said..can you believe all the meetings I had since every weekend practically. Noboru did you guys like the "haunted elementary school this year?" We 3 said..."we loved it!!!" "OMG...remember being bumped in Haneda." The good part is...that NOW we can laugh about it..but at the time? Yeah...we weren't laughing. Wasn't Hawaii fantastic? Yes it was! And the shrimp and Target...and our room that played music. They teased me for playing the music...that angel bird noise, while we slept. lol. To be fair though...I was just so peaceful. We talked about card tricks. And The New Planet of the Apes movie, we saw...we told Noboru about the movie we saw in Guam...Guardians of the Galaxy. The amazing Italian we ate while in Guam. Our potato garden this year and zucchini. How June was quite cool weather wise. July was scorching hot and August has been cool all over again. We talked about the 3 upcoming undokais/sports day. 3 of them!!!! Branden's, Noah's and the town undokai. @.@ lol. We basically ate and talked and we were there for close to almost 2 hours. Eating...talking, drink bar..eating some more, drink bar and eating again. Talking some more...a few laughs here and there. Yeah....just enjoying ourselves a whole lot. And having a real good time. : )

My cooked marinated meat, marinating yet again...the after it's cooked..soak again. lol. : ) 

Both the boys like well done meat, same as I do. So Branden was there any pink tinges or signs of uncooked-ness. lol. Noah does the exact same, so do I. : )

A wonderful family dinner... to sort of... say good bye to our summer 2014! : )

What's on the horizon next? Branden's undokai is this weekend! September 6th. And this is a really good and positive thing, because... you know how they usually practice your child for a full month, before the undokai. Well at our local JHS, undokai practice started today, but a week from now, actual sports day will be over with! So...very nice to get it over with and out of the way. We know...Branden is a wicked swimmer, but he hates running, we know this and that's fine. So...I have already told him..."honey, just enjoy yourself, please no pressure...just get through it and most importantly have fun." Noboru, Noah and I will be there to cheer Branden on... be there and support him. I have asked during one of my yakuin meetings a month or two us JHS parents even show up to the undokai? I mean I don't want to do something uncool and embarrass him. 1 mom, who has a 8th grade daughter right now said..."yes all parents attend" we will attend. So less than a week of undokai practice...nice for Branden.  September 6th.

Noah's undokai is at the end of this month.

The town undokai is in October, it is an undokai that was created for the elderly of our town, powers that be, felt the seniors were left out. And perhaps wanted a sporting event to look forward to. And while I do "get that" I do understand that. be fair us younger folks, with kids in elementary school and JHS, are honestly sports day-ed out! We have made obento twice already, by the time "town undokai" rolls around. We're over it. Yet...they force all kids to attend, otherwise, they will be marked as absent. Therefore...making us adults attend watch our kids. Last year we were block leaders and housing community reps so we had to serve obento to all who lived in our housing community for this "town undokai" ...we wish they'd just "do away" with this event all together. However if it rains the day's canceled. No postpone day exists for "town undokai" day. I think 3 times so far during our 7 years at school in our town, it has been canceled. So we will see what the weather has in store for us, "town undokai day"

Our family of 4, will be going to one of the Disney's (Disney Sea or Disneyland) in October for some Halloween cheer. Also staying a night at the hotel near Disney as well. Have a little Kua Aina Burger and stuff. Hotel room has been booked forever and it's just something we will be looking forward to. The room is 100% for free for us, because of Noboru's work and the free hotel stays we get yearly. So, yep, something we're just keeping on the down low for now..but it is something that we are really looking forward to. : )