Tuesday, September 09, 2014


Our first JHS undokai is finished. It was pretty much the same thing as a yochien and elementary school undokai except the kids are bigger/older. : )  It was my first time ever having undokai so early in September. It was so hot! So hot in fact... that I actually (first time while living in Japan) wondered if I was coming down with heat stroke. I had a drink and an Advil (travel size always in my bag) and was fine, but yeah it was quite hot, the day of sports day for Branden.
Other than that....I did finish my closet 100%. Yay. Finally!!!! : )
Branden was off school Monday/yesterday since he did have undokai Saturday...however everyone in a club...had club on Monday, so they did not get the day off to rest at all...however Branden isn’t in a club, so he did get a regular normal day off.  He and I went to lunch...a mother and son lunch, for us yesterday. : )
I haven’t even gone through my camera or the pictures I took from undokai yet...can you believe it? Hahaha. Honestly...life’s just really good here...have been enjoying the wonderful nice cool Fall-like breezes we’ve been getting lately. Hanging with my family. Watching excellent TV shows. And cooking good eats for the fam. : )
Tonight for example...we’re having baked ravioli. Layered with sauce and cheese (provolone and mozzarella) in between the ricotta stuffed ravioli...it’s in the oven as I type. 4 layers so it’s a biggie. : ) Tomorrow night for dinner we will be having 1 American style fried chicken breast per person (thigh for Noboru) and huge amounts of cheesy gratin potato bake and we’ll also have some steamed veggie. Also this week, we’re having chicken wings with that delicious Japanese sauce, some rice and veggie with that. Teriyaki bowl, is also on the menu this week as well. : )
The zucchini plant has been long ripped up and is gone.
I placed 2 big orders from Old Navy/Gap USA. One order arrived here in Japan already, thanks to my dad, greatest dad in the universe for always forward shipping them for me. Mostly stuff for me (wasn’t really sure when they’d get in stock at ON Japan and didn’t want to risk them being sold out by the time I got there or what if they didn’t get here at all, so wasn’t gonna risk it, blahblahblah.) And another order is on it’s way...3 jammies for Noah from Gap. And that black Ooh lala sweater from Old Navy... for me and a few other odds and ends. Also...ordered 2 pair of new jeans for Noah from Cecile... a Japan ordering online shop, that I love and Noah’s fave pair of jeans always come from there, so ordered the same exact brand and everything,  just a size bigger. So 2 new pair for Noah in size 140cm coming this week. And other than that....we have 2 dates written on the calendar to go and buy the boys a whole bunch of Fall/Winter stuff here in Japan, this month. We'll go to the Gap outlet...Gap regular store, Uniqlo and Old Navy and Nishimatsuya for Noah (to look at their pants there). They both need pants/jeans and long sleeve tops and sweatshirts. Branden is wearing men’s sizes now...and so buying online is something I am weary to do now, for Bran now...since I am still questioning his size...so I prefer buy Branden’s stuff at the actual store now, in person ...especially since his size is still up in the air. : ) Anyway...

Talk to ya later...alligators. : ) Have a good night. : )