Wednesday, September 03, 2014

The Unauthorized Saved By the Bell Story...and Swiss Miss Fudge Bars at Costco Chiba New Town right now...

We get our TV shows 1 day delayed from the mainland US, which isn't really bad really at all and that's because our day is a day ahead in Guam and Japan from the US, so for example we watch our Sunday night cartoons on Monday evening here... because it is "really" Sunday in the US. Which makes sense really. Anyway, 1 day delayed (and not complaining and thank goodness for my Slingbox) but anyway...just wanted so say... I enjoyed watching "The Unauthorized Saved By the Bell Story" on the Lifetime Network/channel, last night. I grew up watching that show, as cheesy as that show was, I enjoyed it and so...I was curious about this Lifetime movie about it. After dinner last night, and showers for the kids and bedtime for them, I enjoyed watching this. 

They showed commercials for the upcoming Lifetime movie on the Brittany Murphy made for TV movie they will air this coming week or the week after. I will be looking forward to that and watching that one too.
Anyway, today's plan was to... clean out my closet. However, I started thinking last night.. about dinner for Thursday night/tomorrow night. The kids swim tomorrow night and with me being at the hair salon in the day for all day tomorrow (which is a rare treat for me)...getting the kids fed was a concern for tomorrow night. So...I left my house this morning and headed to Costco Chiba New Town, arrived at 9:50am, it opens at 10am, but she was letting a few of us in already, so I zipped in, grabbed a fresh out of the oven rotisserie chicken (for dinner tomorrow nights tomorrow nights dinner issue... not an issue at all anymore, right on!) 1 big hunk of cheese because I have baked gratin cheesy potatoes on my mind for next week. And...they had some new Swiss Miss chocolate fudgesicles, omg! They looked so amazing. However, I was to eat lunch there...and I didn't want them to melt while I bought them after I had my lunch. The store was still dead...and so zipping to the aisle after my lunch was doable...totally. : ) 
I had a slice of cheese pizza, then parked my cart and went sans cart to get the fudgesicles. Checked right out again and hopped in my car. : )
Oh, in case this info helps anyone...this is the price...there are 18 chocolate bars inside the box.

A horrible camera picture with my cell phone...sorry, but at least I tried to get pics. : )
And here they are...of course they are now safely in my freezer. Tonight's supper will be beef stew. I was home by noon today. I fried the lean beef that I cubed and then got the pot boiling and it's been boiling all day long...very tender beef! : ) I went upstairs to the closet of doom. : ) And spent 2 hours on the closet. It is nearly there...but it still is not 100% quite yet. And tomorrow I'll be gone all day at the hair salon (this wavy puffy out of control hair... just needs to be taken care of once and for all!!!! : ). And tomorrow evening...probably relaxing and getting a quick dinner sorted out. : ) Friday it will be undokai preparation madness around here. And charging of the camera and all that good stuff. : ) Anyway...that's all for now. Just wanted to say hi...and this is what's up for today around here. : )

Oh...I got an email for my next yakuin meeting already. : ( Next meeting is...September 13th at 7:30pm at the community center in our housing community, near our tennis courts in the housing community. Just a short 3 minute walk from our house. I thought we had no other events until the Christmas party? Could we be planning the Christmas party already? This soon? @.@  Holy goodness that's early. Oh well...this Saturday will be a non-weekend type a Saturday (meaning not really a free day/day of leisure)... since we'll be at undokai (no complaints though anything for my kiddos). And the Saturday after that will be a... semi non-weekend Saturday too (meaning not really a free day either) since I'll be spending my evening at a yakuin meeting. Hahaha. Seems there are a lot of events coming up...and so I will enjoy a day at the salon tomorrow. Haven't been to the salon in Japan since February (feels like ages). And I could use a little pampering once in a while. And my hair really needs to be brought under control (I have a nice cut, I recently got... it's just way too wavy and wild right now...lions mane, I tell ya lol). : ) Alright, have a great night everyone. : )