Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Shubun no Hi (Autumn Equinox Day)...Happy first day of Fall everyone

My dad arrives to Japan tomorrow. With goodies and snacks already packed in his suitcase, yay! : ) Can’t wait for his arrival. He’ll be here for 1 week, it is so nice when he’s here, while the kids are at school and Noboru’s at work, I have someone to cruise around with and run errands with, go on my daily morning walks with and he likes going to Japanese grocery stores and bakeries with me, Costco and shops, so it’s fun for the both of us... I am looking forward to his visit.

Umm what else...Noah’s undokai is this coming weekend, This coming Saturday, September 27th. Meanwhile...a typhoon is somewhere, someplace approaching @.@ : )...it’s a long ways away from us right now, where we are located...but I really hope this doesn’t affect our upcoming sports day at all. Noboru thinks we will be fine and has been keeping updated with that.

I have 2 huge posts to get up...but with my dad’s visit...not sure when I’ll get the chance. : )

Today was a holiday here in Japan, called Shubun no Hi (Autumn Equinox Day)...basically, it's the first day of Fall. The kids had a day off of school, which is always great...sure love a day to sleep in some. : ) Today is also the first day of Fall for those of you in the mainland US too (according to my American calendar)...so happy first day of Fall, to you all too. : )

What have we been doing? Busy getting both Branden and Noah... Fall and Winter ready clothes-wise. This weekend we hit the Old Navy and Uniqlo. And today we hit, the Gap outlet and the Gap regular store (not outlet)....I saw the stuff online... the 40% online at Gap Japan this weekend...but wanted to see the outlet first, so that’s why we didn’t buy online. However lucky us...when we were at the regular Gap today (not the outlet... the outlet we went to first this morning and regular Gap after, lol) we pulled a lucky ticket and we got 50% off whatever we purchased today...so we got an even better deal, shopping at the regular Gap store in person, than if we would have bought online, so we were really happy. Because heck...saving money is always a good thing, in my book. : )

The weather has been amazing! The days are hot/warm still. You can still wear shorts in the day time, no problem at all. However the early mornings and evenings are starting to really cool down weather-wise, to give you an idea, this morning when I woke up... my inside/outside temperature gauge said outside was 64 degrees, so not dead of winter type cold granted.... but chilly a bit still, the cool breeze feels nice. The leaves are just barely starting to fall some here and there depending on the type of tree.
Alrighty that’s enough from me for now. : )