Thursday, September 04, 2014

Hair salon appointment scratched off the list...

I woke up super early yet again. Got breakfast made and the kids fed and made sure both got to school. Came home, had 2 of those Costco frozen pancakes, microwaved, also had a hot coffee. I started getting dressed. I wore a pair of Gap distressed jeans, with my gray Gap T with the cute British guard riding a bicycle with a Gap bag inside his basket. And a Gap black boyfriend cardi (did not realize I wore all Gap until I just typed what I was wearing just now). I had makeup on, primer, concealer, Mac studio fix, blush, lippie, eyeshadow, eyebrow mascara for my brows, the whole bit basically... I was ready for the salon...the only thing that was really weird... was my hair. I purposely do not do anything to my hair the day I go to the salon because, I know that... they need to see...the crazy! They need to actually see the real thing. Not a subdued...I flat ironed it at home, type a deal. They need to see the real thing. lol. Otherwise, what if they gave me a weaker hair straightening... because I tamed it before going in...that's why I go in with my hair totally in it's natural state, so she knows truly... what she's dealing with. : )

Drove myself to the salon. Was waiting for the mall/salon to open up (looking cute, if I don't say so myself... face/nice makeup, nice outfit...and wait for *crazy* "Side Show Bob hair" from the Simpsons, lol) and went right in, I told her...I washed it last night...and she got right to town on my hair. She put the stuff on my hair. I waited what...30 minutes or so? I was reading my magazine/US tabloids. And drinking a drink so I lost all track of time. She rinsed and washed it after that. Blow dried it, flat ironed it. Gave me a trim. She told me a piece on my front layers was slightly different in length...(must be my salon in Guam whoops) but she fixed it and went piece by piece comparing my whole it’s 100% spot on, my hair. After it was flat ironed and she cut the tiniest dot/amount on my hair. She then put solution bottle #2 all over my hair and combed it through. I then waited all over again, but this time a much shorter time. She then washed my hair, shampooed and conditioned it. Massaged my temples, neck and shoulders (bliss)...then she took me to the chair yet again...blowed it dry...2 people came to blow dry each side of my head. Then she flat ironed it yet again for the last time. She sprayed stuff to make it look even shinier.  And I left. I was there so so so long.

Price 9,500 yen about $95 US. Which is a steal really if you think about it... because I got a serious hair straightening, plus a haircut. The Japanese thermal hair straightening treatments here... actually change the hair structure and texture completely...which is why they use flat irons during the process of the hair straightening. My hair was coarse and puffy and wild looking this morning, now it’s silky smooth. My hair is now...straight as a pin...shiny as can be. My hair looks like it belongs on a Pantene commercial...seriously no joke! I know I say that all the time after I get a hair straightening..but it's honestly true. It’s shiny and healthy and reflects light and is so manageable, just so super easy to take care of.  I have been getting these for almost 10 years. The difference in my hair, before and after... is night and day. My hair can really no longer... hold a curl, it’s just straight as a pin. And taking care of it is super easy...all I have to do is wash, conditioner and blow dry it 100% always (has to be blown dry 100% or else) and it will remain like this...until the roots grow out too long. Like every 4 months, for me.

So from now until end of December my hair is going to be just really easy to deal hair is no longer an issue or a thought at all.  Just shampoo, condition and blow dry.  And it will remain like a Pantene ad, type a hair. So for me...$95 US, and to not have to deal with my hair...especially on undokai days...or days when I really am frankly busy enough. It will just save me a load of time. So for me personally...yes it is worth it.  I like low maintenance hair...yet that still looks nice and feminine and pretty. So yeah...just really really worth it for me. No more lions mane type a hair.... well until end of December. And then I’ll have to make another appointment yet again. : ) I really wonder why I waited so long this last time around? @.@ From Feb-Sep? I usually am never delayed with my hair straightening. What took me so long. Oh well, no’s done now. : )

Meanwhile, Branden and Noah are at swim club right now. Noboru is fishing, he should be home soon. The rotisserie chicken is in the oven as I type. Though Branden had some beef stew before swimming and Noah had a ham sammie. : ) I gave them both 130 yen today so they could buy a Coolish and have it on the swim bus, after swim school. All the kids have been buying Coolish for the bus ride home on Thursdays, so the past few weeks I have been giving them Coolish/ice-cream money on Thursdays swim night (they bring a snack on Monday nights bus ride) The Thursday kids they swim with... like ice-creams and all buy them who ride the bus together, the Monday group however that they swim with and take the bus with, don’t buy ice-creams so they don’t either, on Mondays. Just different set of kids. : ) But Thursday nights is when they buy Coolish for the  (swim) bus ride home. : )

Anyway that’s it from me...for now.

PS...can’t wash my hair tonight at all, but I can wash it tomorrow night. Great.... tomorrow while buying undokai stuff (lunch stuff for our obento), I’ll have to walk around being Mrs. Grease head or Mrs. Greasy scalp. Blech! : ) I better wear a baseball cap tomorrow. Truly, I am sorry for anyone, I encounter tomorrow. I’m usually not like that, I promise. : )