Friday, September 12, 2014

3 day weekend...

It’s a 3 day weekend right now, so the boys don’t have school this Monday, right on! While I do have a yakuin/PTA meeting tonight that starts at 7:30pm and runs to...who knows how long. : ) I’m still pretty happy we have a 3 day weekend. We could all really use one. : )
In other news, I have gone through the undokai/sports day pics, finally. I have picked out the pics, I’d like to share. I did “white out” the name of school on each child's shirt, etc....which by the way took me FOREVER to do that, lol! But just safer and peace of mind for worth it for me to take my time doing that. : ) And I did manage to get said pictures on the blog....they are on... but not posted yet. Today if I get an hour, I can hopefully start writing captions/or stories to each pic, while everything’s still fresh in my mind. Hopefully it will get up and posted over the 3 day weekend. : )

If you’re in Japan, have a lovely 3 day weekend, if you’re outside of Japan, have a lovely weekend too! : )