Friday, August 22, 2014

Weekend trip to Guam...

Friday, August 8th evening, the kids and I flew to Guam to spend the weekend with my dad (Branden and Noah's grandpa) The next morning, the first movie showing of the day, we took both Branden and Noah to the movie to see the new movie called, "The Guardians of the Galaxy", based on the Marvel Comics super hero team of the same name. This movie was so funny! We had nachos,  popcorn and sodas at the movie. It was a wonderful way to spend a Saturday!

After the movie, we went and had lunch at the Micronesia Mall and Branden went to the hair salon and got a hair cut. I had been debating cutting my own hair and I was so thrilled about how amazing Branden's hair came out, I decided to make an appointment for the following day to get my haircut. This is at the same salon in Guam, I always go get my eyebrows waxed, etc. So, I've been going to this salon for years. Noah, enjoying Hot Dog on a Stick. 

Branden enjoying his meal too. And his excellent haircut.  Still Saturday, after the movie, lunch and Branden's hair cut, I went to Cost u less and Payless grocery store and K Mart. And then we just sort of relaxed and unwinded, my shopping was done and the rest of our days were just...truly chill/relax days. Which was nice. : )

Sunday morning, my dad and the boys were at the mall with me. The boys did bring their tablets only because I wasn't really sure how long I'd be at the salon. I was the first haircut and style of the day, so I was in at 10am and out by 11am. The boys munched these handmade pretzel balls while I was at my appointment. The hair stylist told me, I have too much volume...too much hair. lol, yes I know sorta stating the obvious here.  : ) Which was why... I was in the chair in the first place. I told her what I wanted...volume decreased and layers and about 8-10 cm below my shoulders, so not super short by any means... but a lot shorter than it was. So she cut and thinned it out and layered it. And I look totally different, my head feels lighter, it is not short by any means (I just said that, lol). She flat ironed it and curled my ends in. I was just really happy with the result and how it came out. Oh and the ball of hair on the floor near my chair where she cut my could have made 1-2 wigs out of the amount of hair she cut off of me. I would say I have medium length hair now. With layers. I think sometime in September or beginning of October, I will get a hair straightening again, in Japan of course. Anyway... 

After my haircut, we all had lunch at the mall. I had this exact same meal... 2 days in a row in Guam. this trip. It's because I love this... it tastes so good and the portions are perfect for me. Yes that does say Panda Kids. Yes I did eat a kids meal from Panda Express. But filling enough for me. : ) And kids meals get a free chocolate chip cookie and fortune cookie. I gave the cookies to, both of the kids to share anyway. : )

Looks like yakisoba but it's not at all, this tastes totally different. I wish I could get noodles like this in Japan. I had stir fry noodles and cabbage and the chicken is a spicy and chicken breast (all white meat) with onions and peppers. OMG, this is so good. My favorite meal at the food court, I could eat this every day of my life, if I could. The adults portion is just too huge. I sometimes order it and I can never finish it. : (  But the kids portion is perfect for me.

After lunch we went downstairs to have Cold Stone.  My dad had an apple pie mixture, Noah had birthday cake, Branden had a Butterfinger one and I had cinnamon roll. Me with my nice new haircut and she styled it and I left all nicely styled and everything. Now we were just enjoying our ice cream. We had planned to go and eat some Italian for dinner much later in the evening. 

Michaerl Kors store is fairly -newish in Guam. Though they've been selling at Macy's for ages in Guam. Michael Kors is hugely popular in America...while at Target our first day in Hawaii, I saw about 4-5 different women wearing different Michael Kors bags... while we were shopping, so they are really popular in the US. And women all over Ala Moana mall with them too. Of course other brands too, Prada and Gucci and stuff. But yep...Michael Kors is pretty popular now days. 

I had wanted to take my dad out to dinner for his birthday. His birthday is August 3rd. However we don't live in the same city or anything of course. However, since we were in Guam even though, yes I know it is a week late...I figured we could still celebrate my dad. Because he is wonderful and we love him dearly. So a week late, I know but we were out having a birthday dinner for him. And for what it's worth, he has lots of friends, his age here on the island and they did take him to the Hilton buffet for dinner on his birthday, so he had a lovely birthday dinner... on the day of. : )

It's right across from the DFS. 

Both Branden and Noah shared a large pepperoni pizza. OMG, their pizza here is so good. I love their pizza here so much!

Okay clearly I captured both kids mid chew, sorry boys! : )  We always pick the tea with no sugar, it's free refills and so good!

I had picked the lasagna and my dad had picked the lasagna with meatballs and it comes with garlic bread. Dinner was so delicious. Happy birthday dad, we love you!!! : ) 

Monday morning August 11th, the date is in the fine wording in black in this pic. However, it was August 10th in the mainland US though. The kids and I arrived to the airport around 7:20am. We got our boarding passes, checked in our luggage and zipped through the TSA and went and sat near our gate. By now it was after 8am. Flight took off at 10:25am but we boarded around 9:30am. The flight was nice and quiet. I felt really happy, because we got to spend a weekend with my dad. My dad is pretty amazing and he gets along with the boys so perfectly, they adore my dad, as do I. : ) Yeah, I am so glad we went and spent the weekend at my dad's condo.  
I did bring a very small amount back. 1 suitcase worth. Just some things that would be too heavy to lug back from Honolulu. Just stocking up on a few things for Fall. 

These restaurant quality New York gourmet ravioli with ricotta inside are so good. And I thought 5 lbs of frozen ravioli to keep in my freezer for when the Fall comes and I can get 2 dinners out of this easy! 1 bag for each dinner, since my boys and husband have a hearty appetite. Baked ravioli in our future for the Fall season, yumm. : ) 

Suave Profressionals, Shine shampoo and conditioner, love this. And the ocean scent shampoo for Noboru and the kids. If they used my shampoo/ a shampoo with oils they'd have instant grease head! Hahaha. : )

Two styling products for smooth and sleek hair and in the middle, a hair treatment. 

Bought 5 face washes in Hawaii, bought 2 more in Guam. So 7 now total. These 2 have salicylic acid in them. Which we love. 

Yep, salicylic acid. 

Yep, salicylic acid face wash...yet again. I tell yeah...I am so prepared for Branden to get his first zit! I am at the ready!

Cotton rounds for toners. 

Sour gummy worms and cherry bombs for the kids, because it's summer and that's how we roll. Besides no cavities ever... for my kids! 

Taco shells. I can get 18 taco shells for $1.89 in Guam. Or spend almost 600 yen at Kaldi for 12 taco shells. Which is why for me personally...if I'm there...yeah I'll buy some because it just saves me money in the long run. 

Yes, I am thinking about Thanksgiving already. Bought 3 Easy pumpkin pie mixes. You still need to add egg and evaporated milk, it's just they say the spices are in there already. Which..I always add my own spices anyway. I just do. But my mom always used this specific one, which is why I guess I always buy this specific one also. And I will be flying to Guam in Fall sometime to stock up on stuffing, olives, whole cranberries etc. Just cheaper for me personally to fly there and pick it up myself... versus buying at FBC at triple the prices I can get in Guam. 

Chopped pecans, again the price of pecans at Costco in Japan was so expensive about 1800 yen for pecans? @>@...I bought a bag at Walmart in Denver last November for $3 or $4 US, which was so nice to be able to do that. So, I bought mine in Guam, the prices were higher than the US mainland, but loads cheaper than the prices in Japan. This way, I can have baking stuff for Fall. The walnuts weren't as high at Costco in Japan, if I recall, but the pecans price... were nuts (pun intended) : )

Last year Costco Japan stopped carrying Prego 2 packs of pasta sauce. I loved this and the cost at Costco Japan was cheap/fair. Now they have Classico which really isn't my most favorite. Not horrible but...I prefer Prego. So, I stocked up while in Guam. Again this way in Fall, I will have 3 at least. 

Saw this enormous bag of peppermints for $8 at Cost u less. I love these mints, plus they are perfect also for tummy aches... so, I purchased them. Though I use them as mints, they stopped Noah's nausea in Denver to Glenwood Springs last November immediately, if your recall. 

Now that's a lot of mints. Enough to last Fall and Winter for the most part, we'll see how long they last. : ) 

Pop Tarts, none of these have been eaten and that's because the kids will be able to eat these when school starts. : ) I also buy unfrosted because they are sweet enough, without an additional coat of frosting. 

Reese's Chips Ahoy! These were amazing! Will have to buy more next time.

A case of muffins, blueberry, chocolate and strawberry shortcake.

Parmesan cheese for pizza or baked ravioli or chicken parmesan. And sliced pickles for grilled cheese sammich. ; )

Pepperoni, it's not a lot... but at least we know we can have 4 homemade from scratch pizzas in the Fall now at least. Every little bit helps. : )

Hair dye, is pretty affordable in Guam, this was $3 or $3.50 a box. In dark soft brown. 

12 pair of bikini underwear. I also cleaned out my underwear drawer and threw out any old/needing replacement pairs. 

I started to restock the medicine cabinet in Hawaii a tad with new bottle of Advil and neosporin, I also made sure, if by some odd chance I should get a UTI (urinary tract infect/bladder infection) and if... the doctors happen to be closed know like for Golden Week, Obon, New years holidays, whatever. I have these here at least... at the house until my doctors office should open. And I do get 1 bladder infection once a year or once every 2 not like every month or day or anything.. sometimes not even 1 a year...however having it, for me is peace of mind. 

I have plenty of toothpaste, so just purchased 1. 

Magic 8 balls. The kids like asking their magic 8 balls questions and reading the responses. 

Chips, because well it is summer and we do want to enjoy, relax and eat yummy stuff too. 

Science experiments. Noah picked the Soda Can Bug. And Branden picked the Solar Oven! Guam always has affordable science experiments to purchase, and this helps a lot. I don't really care for or agree with the huge/mass amounts of homework kids are expected to do here in Japan... every single summer/winter vacation. And for what it's worth.. the amount in junior high is even more so!!! So it doesn't let up! @.@ Kids are supposed to get through countless amounts of packets or booklets of each subject, Noah was supposed to make a homemade bank. Do book reports and do a science experiment. Lucky for us...homework is long done, same for Branden. Still not thrilled about the amount/volume though. But it's done. far as the science experiments go, we buy them in Guam. About 5-8 of each of the boys buy Japanese kits for theirs anyway. And for years.. we didn't buy a kit, we just made our own handmade. The kids who bought kits seemed to win every SINGLE year. I always felt badly... because Branden never had a chance, at a win. So, I decided a few years back...I'll start buying science kits too. Two can play it that way! And plus my kids get their English reading and comprehension their kits are double the learning and understanding in my book! ; ) Both kids can read theirs fine without any help from me at all and put them together...all in English. And they did have to write a paper in Japanese about their experiments. Noboru and I were there to watch them build these. So it was a family affair, but we really wanted them to build their own. Versus us build it for them. 

Elf eyebrow brush, which I love. Bought 1 more Age rewind concealer in fair/clair, love this. Dr. Pepper Lip Smacker (love). Nail polish, this color is on my toes as we speak and I love this. Silver eye liner (which I don't care for at all) and the Jordana lip crayon which I don't care for either. And the Milani lip pencil in natural which I do like, but not love, am still deciding. : ) So the 3 on the left, plus the polish I love.

Hostess frosted donuts. I want the kids to know these flavors! And they do! : )

After our Italian dinner, we walked around DFS. Saw the Benefit makeup counter and looked around. And also checked out the Le Sportsac.

Fell in love with this little cosmetic bag...perfect for keeping in my bag. 

Says...Oahu. Given our special relationship we have with Oahu, we lived there, my oldest son was born there. We go there nearly every summer. Seeing this just made me smile. And believe me, they had so many different styles of bags, but this one was my most favorite.

What this bag said...made me smile. Her and her sunglasses, flower in her hair and lei around her neck. 


The back of this... was just as cute as the front but different and I liked that.

These are special limited time only edition bags, LeSportsac collaborated with the beauty line Benefit (who make the Porefessional) wonder these bags and ladies on them looked sorta retro glam. Same as how they look at Benefit with their packaging. 

Le Sportsac though are not cheap. And this limited edition collaboration was even higher. I was going to buy myself this... was in line and everything, but my dad insisted buying this for me. Deciphering the receipt...LS BF GLAM COS, (Le Sportsac, Benefit, Glam cosmetic bag) thank you dad for the cosmetic bag, sincerely, I love this cosmetic bag. You rock! Best dad ever! : ) Anyway...that was our weekend trip to Guam this summer, August 2014. We had, just the best time ever! : )