Tuesday, August 05, 2014

Summer fun in Japan... haunted school and fireworks

July 25th, was our local school's haunted house of horrors walk-thru! Noboru is the one who first started this at our local school years ago. Noboru was/is in the father's club and during one of their meetings years ago in May, Noboru mentioned that his/our kids love flashlights, sleep with them and like walking around upstairs with flashlights. He just said it, not thinking much about it and all the other father's said...OMG my kids love flashlights too, same same! So Noboru suggested wouldn't it be fun to have a haunted walk thru at our school and really give the kids a good scare. The head teacher, the principal and all the other dad's thought...let's do it this year! Noboru was like wow! @.@ He never thought it would be such a thing... and the dad's were so excited they wanted it that very summer. I think the first year 90 kids showed up and every year since it keeps growing. I think our school population is 200 or somewhere about that. And this year over 160 kids showed up with parents. How truly funny how things can snowball, hahaha. Anyway so that's how it all started at our local school anyway. : ) Just thought I'd share that. : ) All kids are separated by grade, the rectangular flags saying 1,2,3, you know what I mean... all the way to grade 6. : ) 

Noah and his fellow 3rd graders. The kiddo in orange right in front of Noah, that's S, the only kiddo from our same yochien. As I was parking my car at the plaza, S had just arrived with his grandma and he was waiting for Noah to get out of my car, so they could run up the hill together. : ) 

So much excitement in the air! And I knew it would be probably the best year yet... for this at our school! Through the years, everyone has learned and revised and we had all haunters or scarers in costume this year! I knew all the scary people and monsters and ghouls waiting for these kiddos! Hint...Sadako from The Ring/Ringu was waiting for them!!! A death type looking guy with mask and ax...evil clown (Branden) just everyone really upped their game this year! Oh these poor kids had no idea what scary stuff was waiting for them!!! 

Be brave kids, be strong!!! And good luck! : ) 

Noboru in his yellow Father's Club shirt right there...

Noboru helping a little girl... find her right row/line to be standing in...he's such a nice guy! : )

Before all the kids were allowed into the school, Noboru let me in the school and see where everyone was hiding. : ) All the kids and their parents had to wait in the gym until it was, go time! 

Noboru handles all the music, he prepares all the music in advance. You know the music those few piano keys that play when Michael Myers is after you on Halloween...he plays that...he plays all sorts of super creepy music!!!  The music is played throughout the entire school via the speakers they make their school announcements with.
After Noboru was sure everyone was ready, the music was right to press play...I went to stand and watch the crowd of kids swarm the school...you can see them all running towards me in this pic...

Flashlights and a huge crowd of running kids.

Noboru in the yellow walking thru making sure all kids were safe and all scarers were safe as well. Kids had maps and were going from room to room. Also the last 4-5 years, there were prizes for whoever completed it fastest...but I mentioned to Noboru a few months back the kids don't really get to enjoy each room fully with the time crunch and stress of trying to place first, second or third, and he agreed so no more prizes or 1st,2nd and 3rd. All kids truly enjoyed it this year! He asks me because...he is usually busy running things and has never walked it with kids...where as I have and I can give him the honest feedback, like what should be switched next time, etc. : )

This is Branden's scare room, the pumpkin lights would be visible and when or if you were brave enough to enter...be prepared for a real good scare! : ) 

Do you see the top of the colorful wig...These girls were so scared, they high tailed it... right outta there! This cracked me up to no end! I was laughing on the inside though. : )  Just smiling on the outside...
Boo! And that's 7th grade K, he somehow didn't realize he needed a costume...and had no time to find one, so he just used a school bucket and banged it while walking around. He did very good! 

You know these pumpkins...they usually hang on our front porch around Halloween time. Great job Bran!

This cutie in yukata, walked into the room, before realizing an evil clown was inside and she ran out immediately! Both kids smiling at me. : )

Watch out for the scary man with the ax!!! This was Akira's dad. : )  He's so awesome and so nice.

Okay so...I knew Sadako from The Ringu was there, I knew this! However, if you ever saw The Ring/Ringu you'll know how scary this character walks....well, I was walking alone somewhere between the 2nd floor to the 3rd floor and I came face to face with "Sadako" ...I just stopped dead in my tracks. It was really unnerving for about 5 seconds. Also between you and me...Sadako was played by a man in the Father's Club...he has a son in Noah's class and he is the absolute nicest man...so nice! The kids were freaked for days seeing Sadako and for the record so were all the parents too, who had no idea he was up on the upper levels/floors! Hahaha. 
The walk thru was supposed to last for 45 minutes and then fireworks outside...but the walk thru lasted over an hour...way over an hour, I'd say 75 minutes, if I were to guess! And the last 20 mins, Noboru went to each scarer and asked them to creepily walk thru all the floors, which that's what Branden was doing in this picture...walking from floor to floor. 

If you live in America or ever saw the movie Mr. Holland's Opus, you'll know teachers in the US can teach at the same school for decades...in fact they can even start at a particular school and retire from the same school. However in Japan, teachers are transferred out, every few years. Our head teacher who was amazing and born and raised in our town, and who still lives in our town was transferred to a totally different school. Anyway, we got a new head teacher, not from our town by the way. He was requested to wear a scary costume...he showed up with this bowling pin costume instead! Also, he didn't move around at all...he stood in that same spot the entire time! Which is okay. We are a very different school. I am sure he was pretty surprised at our haunted school. All the running kids, all the scary costumes. The positive is...he tried and hey, you can't knock a person who tries....not ever! And #2 he did show up in costume, right? : ) I was wondering if he went home that night and told his wife..."honey, I have been transferred to the *weirdest* school ever!!!" Hahaha. I am sure he will loosen up eventually. : ) And he is very nice. So our new head teacher...in his bowling pin outfit. : ) Not bad! : ) And he did try his best! : )

Brothers...Branden and Noah walking from floor to floor. : )

All of the kids had the best time!

When I look at this picture, the first thing that catches my eye is Sadako from The Ring. LOL. Noboru thought it would be a great idea for all of the scarers to come out, so everyone could give them a hand!!! They all did the best job! They made the night a success, well and Noboru too! : ) 

And we cannot forget our newest member...the bowling pin, *ahem* the new head teacher! He's trying very hard! : )
Smiling for me! : )

The 2 ladies in black and white stripes are both very young mothers, are very nice and both have kids in Noah's class/grade. The one with the pony tail is super nice! I could hear them talking, these mom's in particular loved the costumes, you can see her taking pics of Bran and the others. : ) Oh and fwiw, the only reason I know they're young mothers, not that it matters...but it is because last year the kids did a class project and the one with the pony tails son, wrote a paper how his mom was 17 years old when she gave birth to him. So both really young mom's. But awesome ladies, they always greet me and says hi and stuff (in Japanese of course). A couple of the 30's- to early 40's mom's seemed to snub her last year when we pulled the dashi and I was working that...they gave all other mom's drinks of Aquarius and such but not her...I can't stand bullying or purely being mean to anyone (hateful people age 10 times faster than nice ones, I believe that), so I walked over to her and gave her a nice big cup with a drink with ice, since I was working that event...and ever since then... she adores me and her 2 other young mom friends do too.  The one with the pony tail has 3 kiddos and lives in our housing community. : ) She greeted me at the fireworks in our housing community thing a few weeks back...and I do try and look out for her and I think it's vice versa, even though I do run with the alpha mom crew at the school and events. : ) It always pays to be nice though...karma ya'll. Whatever you put out into the world comes right back at ya 10 fold...I believe it. : ) 

Great job all you scarers! That's so Monsters Inc., of me to call them scarers.

Look at that smiling man just shooting the breeze with Sadako! Hahaha!
We all went outside and all the kids lit fireworks. Just sparkler type and every kid participating is asked to bring a small pack and they combine all gathered and dole them out fairly that way. 

So many places...buckets with water...another bucket with sand/dirt with a candle to light said fireworks. None of this costs the school a thing! But it's loads of fun for the parents, the kids, the teachers!

Second fireworks event for both Branden and Noah of summer 2014!

You did such a wonderful job Bran, you are such a good sport to help out the way, that you did! : ) Anyway, that was the haunted school event for 2014 in our neck of the woods. : )