Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Stuff brought back from Honolulu, Hawaii...

Things brought back from Honolulu this time around. I know people are always curious, even I'm curious too...what other people bring back. : )  So if you're interested enjoy, if not come back tomorrow and catch a different type a post then. : ) Branden has been wanting "Tomodachi Life" for the past year, it hit Japan first and all his friends had it, but Branden's 3DS XL game is the American version, so he buys games in America or online from Amazon. Anyway, when we were in Honolulu, we saw this huge display for it, and I knew how badly he'd been wanting this so we bought this for him right away. Noah got a game too, not pictured because it was in his room the day I took this picture. But Noah got Animal Crossing New Leaf. The woman checking us out at Target said that Tomodachi Life is so popular, that as soon as they get a new shipment of these games/cards in, they completely sell out. So apparently it's a big hit in the US right now too, go figure. Branden loves this game and Noah now loves this game too, so I am thinking about getting his own "Tomodachi Life" for Noah this Christmas. : )
A good haul, brought back from Honolulu this time. : )

Chicken Rice a Roni, this is such a staple for our family. We all love this, so we made sure to bring some of this back.

Butter flavored popcorn oil. Great for movie night and popcorn on the couch with the family.

Beans, we try to eat some really good Mexican food here at home about once a month at least, and buying these in bulk helps! Cheap to buy over there... and now they're over here in our pantry. : )

This is so good, it's been eaten already. Because the boys are growing they need and eat way more food, which is fine by us...anyway, one night while Noboru was at work, I made this for Bran, Noah and myself, and made both boxes and we had no leftovers. They love this and kept coming back for more. Which made me happy. Next time, I'll buy 4 boxes. I'll have to check and see if this is available in Guam, I think it is. : )

Buffalo wing powder, Taco Bell taco seasoning and jalapenos.

Safeway brand, Girl Scout cookie knock-offs. : )  I could have bought Keebler brand ones, but these were half cheaper than Keebler, which means I could get twice the cookies, for the same price. And I don't mind store brand at all, for stuff like this. 

Girl Scout cookie coffee creamer, let me just say, when I saw this... while rolling my red Target cart through Target...I said ...omg, yes! And I bought 8! I love coffee creamer, use it everyday for my 1 coffee in the morning. And I also love Girl Scout cookies, especially these caramel coconut ones. Yumm!

Twinkies, when I heard the company went belly up, I was gutted, when I heard they were back, I was thrilled, needless to say this was a very happy purchase. : )

Cinnamon roll gum and peach cobbler gum for the kids (sugarfree). 1 gummy bears leftover, bought 3 the day we went to the movies, but the boys ate 1 pack each, while watching the movie. And 2 packs of Safeway brand mints, I always keep a small handful in my bag, so whether I am at a yakuin meeting, observation day, at the grocery store or bakery, I know I'll always have fresh breath. : )

Mr. Clean in Gain scent, it's the thicker Mr. Clean, I have seen the commercials for this, so wanted to try it. Also Miracle Whip.

Kids in Honolulu, were getting ready for school about to start, so we went to the school supply section at Target and picked up a few things. Cool, shiny mechanical pencils for Bran. Eraser caps for Noah. Glue sticks were 50 cents for the 2 pack (1 for Bran, 1 for Noah) neon Scotch tape for both boys, the tape color is clear though. And Bran wanted some American White Out. : ) All of this stuff was super cheap but it's going to be really cool and different when they take it back to their Japanese school. : ) 

Chocolate covered pineapple for the grandma next door. And coconut pineapple popcorn, for us, this was so good. 

Degree antiperspirant and deodorant for Branden, this smells amazing and we got this in a 2-pack at Walmart. 

Noah's randoseru is a gorgeous soft brown color, so this brown flip flop with Hawaii and turtles on it is a charm that will go on his randoseru/backpack for school. Branden wanted the blue surfboard on the right. And he asked me to buy the turtle key chain for his best friend at swim school Ryo. Which, I did, these were only 59 cents at Target, so not really huge or giant purchases. : ) Just a little cute charm to remind Bran and Noah of their vacation. : )

American pencils for both the boys, there is 8 in the pack, so each kiddo will get 4. And the Uncle Buck dvd, was like I said in the $5 bin at Walmart. Amazing movie. I had purchased another movie, but it's not pictured either. Sorry, I thought I did a better job of taking pics this time. Aww well, I'm human. : ) 

Magazines, I am purposely not reading these because September 1st or 2nd whenever the kids start back at school, I will read these in my car while picking up Noah from school.

Another magazine and a 2015 calendar, these calendars are just under $1 dollar US and so affordable and also helps me keep track of all American holidays. : )

I love all Suave Professional shampoos, I like the quality and that they're knock offs of the more expensive shampoos/conditioners.  Have used the Suave knock off of the... Aveda Rosemary Mint one before and the Shea Butter one too. They're all really good. However, I the time of our Hawaii vacation, had super long hair (had it cut in Guam) but while in Hawaii, my hair was so long. And the little tiny bottle of shampoo and conditioner that hotels give you... just wasn't enough for my hair, yet alone the other 3 members of my family. So, an affordable bottle of shampoo and conditioner for our trip was superly necessary. This said shine on the bottle and something about Moroccan oils, I have been seeing the commercials for the hair oils by Suave with the same oils. So, I wanted to try this. Not really thinking this would be a better or worse... than the other Suave professional ones that I have tried. #1 this smelled amazing. Not taking away from the others I have tried... but this smelled freaking AMAZING. And #2, after I blow dried my hair, my hair was so a shine... I have not seen come out of my hair unless I use product on it... to get it to shine. My hair was more manageable and laid nicely all day. It was weird, but... I really loved the heck out of the shampoo and conditioner. I have thick coarse and most definitely a full head of hair. Unless I get a Japanese thermal hair straightening because my hair is naturally wavy and the volume can get seriously out of control... unless I get it straightened, however...I have not had my hair straightened since February? Somewhere around there my hair has tons of volume and this really helped deflate my hair, kept it manageable....this just did amazing very wonderful things to my hair personally. So much so that I had to buy 2 shampoos of this in Guam and 2 extra conditioners of this in Guam too. This and my hair are a really good match. The Suave professionals Shine shampoo and Shine conditioner, yes for my hair type.

The wet brush is huge right now in the US. I first saw this last year when Missglamorazzi talked about this on her Youtube channel. However it wasn't available everywhere just yet. But I made a mental note of it and I wanted it. Then all 2013 and 2014, more and more beauty bloggers and vloggers raved about this. And a month ago, Kim Kardashians little sister I forget if it was...Kendall or Kylie, the one who is the model, not the one dating Jayden Smith...anyway she mentioned this with a pic on her instagram how amazing this Wetbrush is/was. Anyway when I was at Target the very first day we arrived, they now had them at Target and so I snatched 1 right up.... and put it in my cart, They had neon bright pink and purple, but I wanted basic black. Anyway I'm really happy, I finally have the Wetbrush. : ) And it really is amazing. I can finally see what everyone was talking about.

Advil, I need it, for headache, TOM (time of the month) just for whatever. And for this I need name brand. Neosporin but the generic bought from Walmart for super cheap, so bought 2, this way the medicine cabinet is stocked up. 

Secret body sprays, omg these smell amazeballs! In Hawaii (citrus breeze) and Brazil (rainforest mist). 

And 2 deodorant/antiperspirants in Sport Fresh for me, this is my fave scent and it works so well, you won't be sweaty or stinky at all with this. Clean and fresh as can be. This never lets me down. : )

1 body wash perfect for summer! It's a Neutrogena knock-off, but Target brand. 

I love salicylic an active ingredient in a body wash or face wash. And you just can't find products in Japan with salicylic acid, not even zit/trouble skin face washes here contain that stuff here, which just boggles the mind. Where as.. it's so easy to find that stuff in the US. 

I bought this face wash...same kind exactly Target brand and everything, knock off of the Clean and Clear last year, so when I came back to Hawaii this time, I bought this yet again. It smells fantastic, takes all grease off my skin and didn't over dry it either. 
1 of my favorite beauty vloggers and 1 of my favorite beauty bloggers mentioned this... Night relaxing face wash and how good it smelled, yadayada. So, when I saw it, I put it in my bright red Target cart. : ) 

Pore refining face wash. I love the toner of this. And this face wash is pretty new, so I wanted to try it. 

All in all, we brought back... 5 face washes back from Hawaii. I like drugstore face washes, over the super expensive face washes you could buy at Sephora or a department store. They smell good, they work, have good ingredients and are really affordable. : ) The 2nd to the left face wash is missing a lot of product because we used this during our trip while there. : )

I love the Pore Refining Toner, from Neutrogena, I seriously don't have 1 blackhead on my nose, not a 1! And it's because of this toner. It has Alpha and Beta hydroxy acids. I also wanted to try the Pore refining scrub since I have been loving this toner since last years trip to Hawaii. Which is why I bought 2 more toners. : ) I also am always watching Branden's face now that he is 12, and if I see any sign of a zit coming on, I have him use one of my toners or one of my face masks. Plus he's using my face washes and scrubs, so he's lucky that I am monitoring his face. A lot of his classmates are so zitty. : ( And that stuff can scar and then you'd need laser treatments to get clear skin. I always have had pretty clear skin my whole life. But I have known kids at school growing up with bad skin and it affected them socially and I am just on the case...regarding my sons skin care! I tell ya. : ) 

Add in the cleanser already pictured above, I really got the whole line, well except for the pore moisturizer, but I wanted the Loreal products for skin refining, so that's why I didn't get the Neutrogena Pore Refining moisturizer this time. 

Oil absorbing sheets by Clean and Clear for my bag. And Benzoyl peroxide spot treatment in 10% strength. I have another of this tube from Clean and Clear in 10% strength too. Again, if Bran... should ever get a flare up, I am ready. I tell you...some people are into needle point, or crafting or what have you. I'm really into taking good care of my skin. My mom's 60 and she looks 50! I am always telling the kids how important it is to take good care of your skin, good genes helps also. To wash their faces morning and night. Noah is too young to care too much, he's not in puberty obviously. But I really want Branden to be aware of how important it is to take good care of himself, as a young man, young guy. And if not, hey..your mom has an arsenal of skincare waiting for you... just in case! : )

Nicole Guerriero a well known Youtube vlogger, and also Young Wild and polished also loves these products. And the comments from other ladies, they all seem to be raving about these products. everyone I read says it does absolutely amazing things to their face. Since April, I have been coveting these 3 products pretty hard core. That first day I was in Target...I said...You 3 will be mine today! And gently placed them in my Target cart. Target had them for $19 each so around $60 US for the 3 of them. Longs Drugs was more expensive at about $25 US each or $24.99. Glad I bought mine at Target. The 2 to the left are for your skin texture and skin. The 1 on the right is makeup and like a base...but it's goal is making your pores invisible. 

I just use a tiny dot of this at night after using the serum first. 

I had mentioned the pink bottles of Loreal Youth Code so many times, I think Noboru knew what items I was looking for too, hahaha. Quite possible the boys too. : )

For over a year, everyone has also been talking about this Miracle Blur too. I wanted to try this less than the pink bottles of Youth Code, but I still wanted to try this. Kept seeing all the Eva Longoria commercials for this. 

These 3 on the left, are my faves. I am glad I purchased these 4 though. I may live in Japan, but I still wanna try too. : ) 

For the past year... my 2 favorite concealers have been the Sonia Kashuk (on the left) and a Revlon one. I owned the Age rewind, but it wasn't my most favorite. However it's so many peoples favorite and I tried to use it in June and the start of July. I thought if I test it out a little longer, than I'd know for sure. Anyway, I do love this. And it does cover great. Anyway...I am glad I decided and had it narrowed down... before arriving in Hawaii. I knew to repurchase just 1 extra Sonia Kashuk and 1 Maybelline Age rewind in fair/clair. These are my 2 faves. So, I am glad I bought an extra of each while in Hawaii. 

Picked up 2 Loreal lip crayons in Lovely Mocha that EmilyNoel rec'd as a "your lips but better" and omg, this is the best most perfect color ever and I'm glad I have 2.

Loreal gloss in rick pink another rec and it's great.

Very happy with these purchases.

This cheap little bag, I bought at Walmart for $7.99. It's basic and simple and I can use it for just being in my town or running my errands, with just my wallet and drivers license inside. It's very unassuming, and I like it. 

I had wanted to buy 3 things from NYX, planned to buy them at Ulta in California. But when we switched to Hawaii, I went online to see where NYX was available in Hawaii. Boy oh boy, am I glad I did that. Because I never would have guessed Nordies. 

Nordies had the tiniest amount of NYX stuff, however they had 2 of the 3 things I had on my list. So not bad. And hey...2 is better than none. : ) Prices were similar to what I saw on Ulta in the mainland. I picked up a NYX Buttergloss in Tiramisu (smells lovely) and I also picked up a makeup finishing spray in a matte finish. I want to try the Urban Decay finishing spray, but am unsure if I'll like them or not, so I wanted to try lower end first. And I do like it. So, next time I'm in the states, I'll try the Urban Decay one. : ) 

Prices were fair and same what you'd buy them for in the mainland. 

I like all 4 of these, but if pushed..I'd say my most favorite are the Loreal color sticks/crayons whatever in the center in Lovely Mocha. 
Mac Studio old favorite.

It's perfect coverage and it takes no time at all in the mornings.

The people at the Sephora at the Ala Moana store, I find are always so friendly. They are just rays of sunshine, I tell you! At check out, one asked me to sign up to be a beauty insider and I did and they gave me this special present. Which was nice of her to do this for me. : ) The mascara is great, the color lippie, isn't my favorite at all, but a nice free gift though. : )

My goodies. I wanted to buy pore stuff and the Too Faced new powder foundation...Cocoa Powder foundation. Turns out though, it didn't make it to Hawaii they didn't have it in stock when I was there. : ( Bummer! But no worries.

I purchased another powder foundation instead, to try. Even though I do love the studio fix, I wanted to try this Tarte one. And I did purchase my pore products too. : ) 

Tarte Amazonian Clay Full Coverage Powder Foundation. It's a loose powder foundation versus a powder "cake" like my studio fix is. 

Yep, I am fair and I am a neutral to yellow tone. I also had a wonderful lady helping me decide a color. And than I waved Noboru and the kids into the store to get their opinion on the color match too. : ) Sorry but... getting a perfect match is really I needed all the extra set of eyeballs I could get. : ) Everyone agreed this is the color. : )

The airbuki brush was a separate purchase, but you need this to put the foundation on. My Mac Studio Fix is so much cheaper in comparison, lol. And no special brushes needed either.

I had been coveting this just about as long as the Loreal texture products in the pink bottles, I bought at Target, lol. 

This is supposed to be the same type a thing as the Benefit Porefessional. Makeup base that makes pores invisible. 

The Benefit one..this one.. is the most popular right now. Everyone well known... that's a Youtube vlogger uses it. So, I wanted to try it. Also a few scatterings of videos of folks said, this Clinique one works better. Clinique is easier for most folks to find, especially at duty free stores at airports and everywhere. Benefits harder to find, so I wanted to try both and compare. I find they both work super well. But the Clinique is a bit dryer formula, I have to rub through my fingers a few times before using.  

Cost versus the amount of product, the Benefit is the better/cheaper buy... versus the Clinique. I also purchased a travel size of the Benefit Porefessional. 

Also, picked up the Clinique pore thing in the color... invisible light because a lot of people say the invisible bright, has no coverage at all, unlike the invisible light. 

The Benefit one is... oil free. 

And the Loreal Pore vanisher is a drugstore product but the same exact thing. Again, I wanted to price and compare. The big/regular (not travel size) Benefit size is $5 more than the Loreal one pictured left.. but the Loreal is twice as much product/twice the size of the tube. I have not yet decided which one I like best and 2nd best yet. Or if there is one I dislike and won't recommend yet either. Still testing them still. : )  Also Benefit is available in Guam, so are all 3 of these products, so if I do ever decide on my favorite..I can easily buy any of them. : ) Thank goodness, I have Benefit at DFS in Guam! Oh and you don't rub this in your have to pat it in. And I don't have huge pores or major problems with pores...however I want to look like.. I have none, same as every other girl. : ) So that's why I am testing these out. : )

A small tube of hand cream from Sephora by the brand Soap & Glory. I use hand creams a lot and always rotate different ones in my bag, each week. : ) 

I didn't buy a huge amount, but I was really happy with what I purchased and I did research a lot before my trip and I knew what I was looking for. : ) 

Target bag...

I loved this bag...I did feel though that $35.99 was a tad high, for a bag from Target though. So, I debated a lot if I should buy this or not. Noboru told me, I should buy this...because it's so cute and he said... he knew I'd regret it, if I didn't buy it. : ) There were only 3 left. And we bought one of them. : ) 

I liked the gold hardware on this. 

Leather and canvas. The gold hardware. This just caught my eye. It was/is very preppy. And I am super preppy (Gap, Old Navy, Banana Republic, J Crew) so style wise... this was... so totally me. I can catch a flight with this, have a magazine in here and maybe a lightweight cardi and my small travel makeup kit in here. Or if we travel in Japan and go to onsen, again I can see me taking this. The navy and white polka dots. I just really really... liked this a whole lot. The price...sucked! Wish it was cheaper, but my husband knows me and I'd be kicking myself over this, if I didn't buy it. : )  You can wear this as a shoulder bag or as a cross body bag. It's just super cute and versatile. 

Nordstrom was having this crazy great sale while we were there. 

Regularly $38 bucks and on sale for $24.90 US. Amazing deal and the bag was just too cute. 

The leather on this is so soft and buttery, omg! And the goldi-ish detailing...I'm sorry but... this bag is so hot! I will use this as a cross body bag. Can be used in summer with little black column dress and cute sandals. In Fall, with skin tight black leggings and skin tight black ballet top and stylish jean jacket and this diagonally inside the jean jacket but over the outfit but under the jacket. Or in dead of winter with my black Uggs and leggings. For $24 bucks...I had to get this bag. The quality of this was superb. The sales lady who just rang up my NYX purchase,and who was chatting with me, this was right next to the NYX stuff, I told her...isn't this bag great? She said, I know right and did you see the sale price? I went over and I was sold. We were both talking about how buttery soft it was. I would have assumed this bag way much more expensive than it was...if she didn't mentioned the price being on sale, I wouldn't have even looked closer at the bag...just admired it from afar. She said...let me give you a bigger bag, so you can put both purchases in there (meaning my NYX stuff and this bag). I said thanks. And I was on my way. 

I like that the bag is lined and has a place for my phone and keys, but wasn't crazy about the print lining but...for that price, I don't mind. : ) 

Anyway that's the long and short of it. Of everything we brought back from Honolulu 2014. : )