Thursday, August 07, 2014

Potato harvest 2014

Saturday, July 26th, the day after the haunted school thing and the actual day of the summer festival (but started at 3pm) in our housing community, which I would be working/volunteering for the kids club. Also that was the day where we were still trying like heck to get to Los Angeles, we had just decided to fly out that very night to catch the 11pm flight from Haneda to LA (which of course we couldn't get on, but at this time we didn't know) In simplest form or to put things in a nutshell, it was crazy town around our house all that week. Last minute...father's club haunted night at the school stuff for Noboru, last minute kids club stuff for me and pre-meetings infinity...clean the house before we leave on our trip plus be ready for Branden's teacher to be here, plus Noah's conference...I mean seriously each day of that particular week had non-stop stuff for us all to do. The kids were feverishly trying to get their homework done and dusted before leaving on vacation. Add the stresses of...will we get on the flight or will we not. I mean seriously this was probably *the* most stressful week for our family and the only silver lining the end we'd be away on vacation...and a well deserved vacation at that...but yep, we were all running on fumes. Okay back to the the midst of all this... we were like...OMG, we forgot to dig and pull up the potatoes and to cut the gigantic zucchini. Yes, we let the zucchini get a tad too big but with the week, we had it's obviously why the zucchini was the absolute last thing on our minds. Hahaha. However...we did take 25 minutes of our day Saturday to go in the backyard and cut the zucchini and pull the potatoes. When we came back from Hawaii, we had an even bigger zucchini waiting for us when we got back. lol. 

Noah pulling out our potatoes, 2014! 

Good job sweetheart!

Branden getting right in there and pulling some out too. 

Number 1, we planted them about a month later than everyone else we know who lives near us. All our friends pulled theirs out a month ago. Hahaha. Number 2, they say you can't plant potatoes in the same soil/same exact spot as you did the year before. Fair enough, so we didn't! We planted them last year towards the end of the little row of garden, closer to the house....and this year we planted them closer to the rice fields in the back, farthest the house on our land. However, the amount we harvested last year was double this size easy! This year the amount is puny teeny tiny in comparison. Put them in a brown paper sack and put them in the veggie bin in the fridge...and ran in the house, the kids got back on homework and we did last minute stuff for our trip to LA (which didn't end up happening as we all know...we ended up going to Hawaii instead but this space in time... we were.) And so we were hella busy....I had to make sure I was dressed and ready to work in 97 F type weather outside... for hours later that day. Again just crazy town around here that particular week. But yep...that is the potato harvest 2014 story. : )