Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Our flight to Honolulu, how we spent our first day there...Target, some lunch afterwards, checked into the hotel and our first dinner there!

Sunday, July 27th, we were finally in an airplane and about to kick start our family vacation into gear! In 1 line, Noboru, then Branden, then Noah, then me. As I said we "book-ended" the kids. Just better and safer that way. The seats are very long and take *a lot* of room which is why the seats are spaced out like that. The seating coming back to Japan was just as big... if not bigger, but the seat configuration was different than this... both ways are fine. We were just glad to be on the plane and about to take off. : )

This pic shows what the seats look like when they are laying down...in a bed. The caption says..."Wake up when you want to, not when your neighbor does." Meaning more privacy...so they are purposely spread out like that. No cramped up legs or aching body when you get off this flight...if you're seated in first class/business elite. The seating is really great. 
Divergent was being shown and I was so happy, because I had ordered that movie form Amazon...and I hadn't seen it yet... so I wanted to watch it during the flight. It was my first pick of the movies I saw on the flight. My copy of Divergent is now at my house, meaning the DVD from Amazon.

The salad was so good, blueberries, raspberries, cheese, peppers, many different types of lettuce leaves, arugula, just a very fine salad, and the vinaigrette is always so good on Delta. The pretzel rolls are amazing and so beyond yummy. 

Watching Divergent.

The beef was so lean, so tender, the mushroom sauce was delicious and the potatoes were yummy... once I sprinkled some salt and pepper on them. I felt the broccoli was a bit over cooked, but all in all, it was a delicious dinner. 

The dinner menu...

Enjoying my hot fudge sundae and finishing up watching Divergent. Such an excellent movie.

Watched... The Other Woman and the movie I saw after that was...Saving Mr. Banks. Both really good movies!

An hour before landing, we were given breakfast, it was delicious. Omelet, hashbrowns, croissant and fresh fruit, I skipped the sausage. 

I didn't sleep a wink on the whole flight over. I enjoyed my coffee, went to the restroom, freshened up before landing. Meaning brushed my teeth, combed my hair and put on a bit of Mac Studio Fix powder foundation and some lip color for my lips, nothing too major. : ) 

Aloha kids! We made it!!! : ) 

Okay so it's Sunday July 27th all over again and we arrived around 7am, now it's nearing 7:45am-ish and you can't check into the hotel until 2pm. In a nutshell, we have a rental car but have oodles of time on our hands until check-in. So what better way to save our time...we go directly to Target, we stayed at Target for ages...from 8am-ish to 10:45am. We walked every single aisle except the baby aisle and diaper aisle, and dog food aisle, you know what I mean. But we literally enjoyed our time there...slowly got to see everything. I had picked up some face cleansers and cosmetics and skincare stuff, I had written down on my list. The kids each got a video game, 1 each. Food stuff... stuff we wanted to bring back to Japan. We also picked up drinks for the week... that we'd need while in Honolulu. So yeah...we spent so long in there. We had to buy a large drink mid shop and continue our shopping. We were in there forever. But again...couldn't check into the hotel...so it was smart to knock 1 store outta the way. And boy oh boy, did we! : )  We felt we were so thorough with getting to look around that we really didn't feel the need to go back to Target for the rest of the trip. Also there are 2 Targets in Oahu now, so not just 1. Right on! : ) Target is no doubt...one of my most favorite American stores to shop at! Absolutely love Target!

There was an EV charging station at Target. Hawaii, is so green, so eco!!! We saw Nissan Leafs all over Oahu! We were so happy! : )

After Target we went to lunch at Taco Bell. While eating at Taco Bell, we saw this car in the drive-thru. Look at those cute eyelashes on that Jeep Grand Cherokee! So adorable. : )

Heading to Waikiki. 

Trolley at the Ala Moana Mall.

We checked in...we totally loved this hotel and our room was fantastic! The hotel was the.. Aqua Skyline at Island Colony. This was the little kitchen area. Black fridge below to store all our drinks. The cook top which we didn't use, marble counter top. You can see our Taco Bell cup from lunch. : )  The flooring in the kitchen area and bathroom area was very nice, you can see a pinch of it in this pic.

Dishes in the cabinets. 

All the furniture was brand new, the paint was new, we felt like we were really on vacation staying here. Very current. Very clean. 

We were all getting situated.

Nice clean, unstained carpets. 

I had asked Noah to put the drinks from Target into the fridge and he's such a good kiddo, he put them all in there and very nicely, I might add. Branden was exhausted and honestly so was I. We were the 2 who hadn't slept on the flight to Hawaii, so we were superly tired, in fact I had a headache from lack of sleep. So, we did all take a nap for a few hours, Branden and I badly needed it and they slept too. They were tired but not as tired as us, but they could use a few hours nap too. 
Again, granite or marble sink area, everything nice and brand new and super clean. Extra tissue boxes down below, hair dryer....

Nice and shiny and clean shower tiles and shower area...just loved this room and hotel so much!
Brand new big tiles for the balcony/lanai..and brand new furniture out there as well. Table and chairs.

We were so high up...we were on the 37th floor!!! Our view was amazing. Our hotel was higher than most hotels and no hotel facing our hotel that was as high as our hotel, so we felt really private up there. 

Except this hotel but I had to zoom up to this hotel. But yep you can tell we were really high up. Room/floor wise. Amazing hotel room!

After we woke up...we went and got some dinner and then we all showered and watched TV a bit and went to sleep. We were wide awake granted.... but if we would have stayed up, we would have been badly jet lagged so we forced ourselves to sleep at 10:30pm and then had a wonderful next day at the beach all day long. We had Bob's BBQ, a Hawaiian local BBQ joint that serves delicious plate lunches and dinners for on the cheap. 

Branden enjoying his meal. 

Noboru and Noah enjoying their meal too, sorry to catch Noboru mid chew in this pic hahaha. The problem well... not really technically a problem...but there's only 2 seats/chairs outside...so we couldn't all 4 go outside and eat. However after a couple minutes Noboru and Noah came inside to join us and ate with Branden and I. So no worries. : )  Not sure if the Honolulu vacation will be broken into 4 or 5 posts. It's just...we did a lot this trip you guys. So it has to be broken up into smaller posts, which is fine...it'll just make it easier to read and easier for me to post up also, so a win win. : ) Alrighty, Honolulu post #1, finished, done and posted. : )