Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Leaving Hawaii and our flight back to Japan...

August 2nd, 2014, morning and checking out of the hotel. I think our flight was taking off around 11:30am-ish. And it was around 7:20am-ish right here in this pic. We had to check-out and go take the rental car back and catch the shuttle to the airport, get checked in and then go through TSA stuff. So giving ourselves a lot of time, pretty important. I woke up at 5:45am and started getting dressed, washed my face, put my makeup on and did my hair, then woke the rest of the family up. Lovely hotel, wonderful vacation, we all felt plenty rested and ready to go home! : ) 

I wanted to take a pic of the nice different variety of coffees near the flavored water, but this lady turned around, sorry lady, gomen ne~. But as you can see...they were all enjoying nice flavored morning coffee that morning. : )  I did not have a coffee here, I didn't want to have to go to the restroom before clearing the TSA. So, I had my coffee later. : )

This made me smile on our way to the airport, this guy on his bike with surf board. : ) Noboru and I think, given Branden's age, the next time we come to Honolulu, we will sign Branden up for his first surf lesson and see how that goes! I think it's time and I think he'll rock it! : )

So, we did take the rental car back, checked in, cleared the TSA. And now we were in the Delta Sky Lounge downstairs of the Honolulu airport.  It's pretty private and tucked away down there and you have to be a Business Elite passenger or Medallion gold or higher status member, that type a thing or a couple other ways to get in, but they do check ID's at the door before letting you in. Anyway. they have an amazing free buffet type breakfast for us inside. Yogurts with granola and toppings to add on/in your yogurt. Bagels, croissants and scones. Oatmeal, coffee's all sorts of flavored coffees and creamers, you can even make your own caramel machiatto if you want. Orange juice, guava juice, all sorts of amazing things to eat down there. I blogged about this place, one other time too.: )

I had a strawberry yogurt with a little granola topping added and 1 scone and 1 hot coffee.

I did go back for a 2nd yogurt and that was it for me. The kids filled up nicely, so did Noboru. We stayed down here, until it was just about boarding time and then we went upstairs to board the plane. 

This is Noah's favorite configuration of the first class seats. I like this way too. You can see both Branden and Noah's tablets charging and Noah's orange juice almost finished. The flight attendant in the back (pictured in the corner behind Bran), won't let anyone in this part of the plane unless you have a ticket for here. But she's awesome, they were all so nice. : ) 

And my Nexus charging, yes I did finish my orange juice. : )

My Prada bag tucked in the back of my cocoon foot area down there. It's flexible and bendable so traveling with it, is easier than traveling with my Michael Kors bag. 

Noboru right next to me. Well huge space between us hahaha, but near me. The boys were right behind us, so I could keep my eye on them. : )

You get really nice goodie bags made from Tumi, you know how expensive their luggage is, right. Their toiletry bags are nice and durable and lots of nice things inside like toothbrush, toothpaste, lip balm, lotion, socks for your feet if you get cold, a pen for writing. All sorts of nice stuff. : )

Had to decide before they come around and take your order. I picked the miso glazed chicken. 

Dessert options, sorry these few pics went sideways. Sundae or cheese and fruit platter. Sundae choice that day, was dulce de leche or hot fudge, I went with hot fudge.

I also picked omelet for my "about to land" meal. 

In between...all over first class are little snack baskets. Sun Chips, chicken cup a noodle, kettle chips, cookies, candy bars, all sorts of stuff even fresh fruit like bananas and lots of other stuff inside too. 

First course, the soup and salad and that lovely pretzel bread. 

I watched the Dallas Buyers Club. Jared Leto in this...amazing!

Miso glazed chicken, my dinner was nice. Noboru had the fish.: ) The kids had the chicken.

What a yummy sundae, while finishing up my movie.

My 2nd movie was Her, with Joaquin Phoenix and Scarlett Johansson as the voice of Samantha. I loved this movie, it was so good! After watching Her, I took an hour or so nap. Then I woke up and watched Labor Day.

Labor day was really good, except like I said, we landed and I missed the last 5 minutes of this. @.@

Breakfast was delicious. Bacon, omelet, and a hashbrown casserole type thing, really good, croissant and fresh fruit, guava juice and coffee. We had a couple hours of August 2nd. And when we arrived it was August 3rd evening. So the extra day we got arriving in Hawaii, was taken back when we arrived in Japan. Or when we passed the divide thing. But either way... we were back to even stevens, time wise. : ) Anyway that was our family vacation to Honolulu, Hawaii for 2014! : )