Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Kailua Beach fun...

This picture was taken on Monday July 28th. We actually spent, 3 full days at Kailua Beach just swimming, boogie boarding, relaxing, having a picnic lunch and enjoying our family time. Anyway back to Monday July 28th, we woke up, we went and had a quick breakfast at Jack in the Box. 

Noboru forgot to pack his swimsuit, so we had to wait until the Ala Moana shopping mall opened so he could buy a swimsuit. He quickly picked one and we left and headed to the beach. Here is a pic of a Nissan Leaf charging at the mall that morning. Again Hawaii is just so very eco, same as here in Japan, I guess people are just tired of paying for gas. Something we could... really relate to. : ) Anyway back to the Kailua beach post....

We parked our rental car.

Set up a little home base/spot at the beach, we had our straw mats, some towels and enough drinks to last the day and some lunch we bought along the way and some trail mix which we bought at Target the day before, for the kids for later. On this day, Noboru and Noah had Subway sammys. And Branden and I had a personal pizza at Papa John's, they were right in the same little shopette of each other, so it was nice we could grab lunch for everyone quickly. 

Branden picked pepperoni.

I picked pepperoni and mushroom and I added parmesan cheese and chili flakes before leaving Papa John's. And whenever anyone got hungry they could just go to our little spot and have some lunch or some trail mix or a drink. : )

Actually for us, we feel Waikiki beach, it's okay but we find it's way too crowded and the sand isn't nearly as white and fine as the sand you'd find at Kailua and the water in Waikiki isn't nearly as a gorgeous shade of blue. So we always come here, where the sand is so fine and white and the ocean is an amazing blue color. Plus it's not all overly crowded and crazy like Waikiki beach is. No wonder we spent 3 of our days here just hanging out enjoying ourselves. 

Noboru eating his meatball sub.

Drinking one of the many Vitamin Waters we brought with us from Target.

That smile! Noah having such a great time boogie boarding!

Hi gorgeous!

Branden waiting for a wave...

Beach fun is absolutely free, well except for the lunch we brought with us...but it was wonderful just to spend our days here. So nice for us all to just relax and unwind.

So happy, which makes me think we did the right thing by going to Honolulu. It wasn't the trip we had originally planned, but you know what...who cares...our trip turned out awesome!!! We all had the best time! : ) My smiley sweet boy!

Both Branden and Noah rode the waves in all day long. Noboru and I also took quite a few turns too.

Bran...going right back out...

I see you riding in Noah!

Noah flipped around during this time riding worrries though.

Noah just readjusted himself real quick and he was right back out again...

Not sure if you can see the green bucket in the background but a cute little girl built a sand castle. It was quite nice. Also, I'd love to get the boys some nicer boogie boards like these in this pic, but, since we live here in Japan and rarely go to the beach in Japan and they can only travel and take a board with what fits into our suitcases, it's just not gonna happen. But...they do fine with the boards they do have though. Branden has one but he left it in Japan. 

Just hanging around...on a beautiful summer day! Noah at Kailua beach!

Action shot! Noah, right back at it...

As you know how hungry you get from swimming, when they both decided it was lunch, they ran to our little spot on the sand and enjoyed lunch quite a bit! : )

Laughing...just being a kid! : )

This is the type a summer I wanted for my kids, family vacation with both mom and dad (Noboru and I)  a picnic lunch...not all overly scheduled or anything...what lucky kids...what a lucky life. We never take things for granted though and are always grateful. That's so important. : )

Noboru and Noah...

Noboru, Branden and Noah...

Such a proud face...watching the kids boogie board back and forth. : )
Okay, I hope this doesn't sound too stupid...but you ever look at something and gawd how could I be so lucky enough to be here in this AMAZING place... seeing this with my very own eyes. We've lived we've been here on vacation a billion times and I am still just as grateful each and every time we come here. To still have that wonder and awe...even after all the years of coming here. That says a lot! Spending 3 days at Kailua Beach with picnic lunch each time we came..was just so good for the soul. Seriously it was. To play, to joke with each other.. to frolic (lol) and just have that family time, that *us* time. These type a days with my family...these are the type a days I cherish most.

And the drive stunningly gorgeous. We went back to our hotel, we all took showers. And then went and had some dinner. 

Popeye's chicken and biscuits ya'll! : ) We're not fancy shmancy...just find us a simple dinner and we're fine. Better than fine actually. : )  We were all so hungry after a day spent out at the beach.

I had the chicken strips, biscuit and mashed potatoes and gravy. OMG, their biscuits are amazing. Noah had the same thing as I did. Branden had fried shrimp and Noboru had a 2 piece dark (thigh) combo meal. We ate and talked about the day. After that we went back to our hotel and then we had a night stroll along the main road/street in Waikiki. Then we went back to our room, got on our jammies, watched a bit of TV and then went to sleep. We weren't really jet lagged at all anymore. Anyway this is how we spent 3 of our days. Since the days are all very similar nearly exact carbon copy days except different lunches those 3 days...I'll just post this one, but it gives you an idea at least. : )