Friday, August 22, 2014

Backyard family BBQ...

Branden seemed really interested in Noah's Ripstik, before we left to Hawaii on vacation, so after we came back, I decided to get Branden something along those lines, so he could go outside and enjoy having fun cruising on this and Noah would be happy also by, having someone to cruise on their boards with! So, I bought this at Toys r us, in Narita. Pretty much the day after we came back from Hawaii. 
It is for an older kiddo. And since we've been back in Japan, the boys are enjoying their days outside with their boards. 

Also, pretty much immediately after coming back from Hawaii too...I think this was the next day also. Noboru had the day off, and none of us were jet lagged at all and we know what a perfect time, to have a family BBQ. So, we marinated the meat before heading to Toys r us. : )  This yakiniku sauce is so good. : )

I added some of the chili peppers we bought, in that Korean community/shopping area in Tokyo this past Golden Week. The extra chili plus this sauce, gave the meat a very nice flavor, plus the flavor from a real charcoal grill. Yumm!

Noboru grilled in the backyard. The boys were meanwhile Ripstik-ing and boarding in the front of the house...super quiet street, last street of the whole housing community. : ) The grandma next door was thrilled with her chocolate covered pineapple, which made me happy. : ) And her and I brought our laundry in before the bbq started. : )

Hawaiian vacation...amazing! But it sure was nice to be home too though. Just back to enjoying a nice quiet summer here in the countryside. Just little simple bbq in the back...eating inside though, in the cool of the house. What did we have for supper...marinated, beef, marinated chicken, and marinated pork. And marinated mushrooms and bell peppers. We had lettuce leaves for wrapping out meat and rice in. And we had fresh pineapple for dessert. And mango shave ice or lemon shave ice for afterwards. 

I sure do love you guys! : )