Friday, July 04, 2014

This morning at 10...

Good morning everyone! This morning at 10am or 10:10am is when the first showing of Maleficent starts at our nearest movie theater. I went to the movies Thursday morning at 9:30am and picked the seats, so have had our seats picked for this, since a couple days ago, everyone in our family is pretty excited to see this movie, so am I! : ) I bought a small amount of snacks yesterday at the drugstore and will pop some popcorn in about 20 minutes from now. I think we'll buy drinks there though. Anyway can't wait, I better go and pop that popcorn and then run upstairs and wash my face and put my makeup and stuff and get ready!

I also picked up Noah's birthday cake from Costco yesterday, boy is it huge! We will have cake and ice cream tonight because Noboru works Sunday and Monday. And Noah swims Monday night also so, this was the best day and date for us to have cake, ice cream and lit candles and chance to sing him the birthday song, you know what I mean, I hope. : ) We will also be taking Noah out for dinner tonight since again tonight works best for us. I'll still make him a special dinner Monday night at home but tonight he gets to pick the restaurant. Yakiniku or Caprcciosa or whatever he'd like. Not sure when he'll open his presents, tonight or maybe just wait on the presents until Monday. Anyway...have a wonderful day and weekend to all of you. : )