Wednesday, July 09, 2014

The Fault In Our Stars. A Million Ways to Die in the West and Divergent...

I forget when exactly, last week of May I think. Anyway when I placed that order on for some birthday goodies for Noah and considering I was already paying shipping anyway, I decided it would be a perfect time to order a few DVDs I had been wanting too. If I were living in the US, I am sure I would have seen these at the movies already. But since they're not out yet here and no idea when they'll even get to Japan, just better for me personally to order them when I did. Divergent was out in movie theaters in the US in March. It's a trilogy, these books were pretty hot last year or so ago. As far as trilogy's go, I really liked Twilight (even though movie wise they were broken into 4, book wise they were 3 and same for the Hunger Games too, love those movies too) Divergent looked like my type of movie. So that's why I ordered that. It won't even be released on DVD in the US until August 5th but that's okay as long as I know a copy is being shipped to me here, I don't mind the wait. : ) A Million Ways to Die in the West. From the creator of Family Guy and the movie Ted. This type of humor isn't for everybody but honestly it's my type of humor! I really get Seth McFarlane's stuff, it cracks Noboru and I up to no end and so I know this will be a movie we both are really into. The Fault in Our Stars. Having American TV here at my house, means I saw the commercials for this like crazy before it was released in the US, I knew it would be a good story/movie... a real tear jerker (this was originally a book too of course). Same lead actress in this, as in Divergent for what it's worth. So yeah, I am really looking forward to watching The Fault in our Stars, I might really need a box of tissues for this movie, I think. : ) When will they get to me? Divergent in August sometime, and for the other 2, gosh could even be the Fall. Again this way...I know my copies have been ordered and this way it saved me the shipping, I think we paid $12-15 US for shipping for all of Noah's stuff including these 3 DVDs. It was just a dollar or two more if I included these in that shipment versus paying a whole other $12-15 or so for shipping if waited until August. I wish would lower their shipping rates for international customers, shipping rates/prices used to be much cheaper a few years back. I know, I for one would shop from them more often, then the 3-4 times a year I do now. 
Frozen was available to ship immediately so we received this when we received Noah's birthday goodies.  Anyway, am looking forward to those 3 DVDs in the pic up above, to be released on DVD so ours can be sent to us. : ) I really do enjoy a good movie. : ) And Maleficent like I said, as soon as it's released on DVD, I'll be purchasing that one on DVD as well. : ) But given the shipping, I'll probably wait until I place a Christmas order in the Fall or maybe on Black Friday. : )

ETA: Talk about a weird coincidence, I just got an updated email from (since I posted this) regarding The Fault in Our Stars ship dates just now, as of today it says I should be getting this DVD mid September-October. Cool, nice to know. : )