Monday, June 30, 2014

Swimming has already started at the local elementary school and local JHS...

Good morning everyone! : ) I'm currently working on my post on our trip we took this past weekend (it was amazing), hope to get it up soon. In the meantime this post is super short and I can get this little sucker up in less than 30 minutes, so I am gonna just put this one up first. : ) Swimming at the elementary school and JHS has already started. In Japan, the kids swim in the warmer months at our local elementary school and JHS.  We went to Xebio, which is a chain sports shop, the one we go to is in Narita just to get any last minute items needed before swimming at their school. We went here a day or so before Noah's swimming competition. Hold on let me go and check the date of this pic, okay just checked and we went to Xebio on June 14th, 1 day before Noah's big swimming competition day, because they were to start swimming that coming week. 

Every June before swimming at the local schools start, I have the kids try on their swim stuff from the year before to check...does anything need replacing? Does everything still fit? For Branden, his swim trunks needed replacing. And although in our local elementary school the rules are, needs to be basic navy blue swim wear or black... with name on it. The JHS note said anything black or navy was fine, not the baggy regular swim trunks though, you know the fitted kind and he doesn't need a great big name tag on the front anymore, go figure. Hahaha. So since he needed replacements we went and bought him this type so they could serve a double purpose, meaning they could be worn at the local JHS for swimming and also at the private swim school they swim for. We had him try on about 6 different pair, and we finally picked these ones. So in short... they can be worn at the swim school and at his JHS, and no name sewn on the suit needed/necessary at our local JHS. So perfect that he can use for both places. Which is much nicer than having to buy 2 separate pair. : ) 

Branden got a Nike swim bag in the first grade and currently he has been using this amazing Ralph Lauren swimming bag for the past year and he loves it! However, being a 2nd child, we haven't bought Noah a swim bag...ever! @.@ Poor kiddo! Hahaha. He has been using Branden's old Spongebob swim bag. And yes while Branden was a 6th grader last year, I did have to do lifeguard duty last year 1 day if you remember and sure I checked out every one's swim bags and such, because they were right there. And I made a mental note...that I better make sure to buy Noah a new swimming bag...everyone was using a sports type like this one! : ) So, this year we did that. 1 Nike swimming bag for Noah. Bought and done! : )

Not sure why this pic came out sideways, I'm sorry. : ( But anyways the zippered bottom part is for putting your wet swim trunks and rash guard in it. But since he took this to school and it was dry obviously, I packed his flip flops in there, but just for the first day. : )

It has a nice cushy diagonal strap.

Put his name on the bag, on the tag and another spot real tiny. 

When you see the kids swim, you see a long row of flip flops outside near the pool area and it is hard to track your own shoes down in the sea of flippies, very understandable. So, to help...I write Noah's first name on his actual flip flop (both shoes), that way in case his name sticker falls off, it's still on his shoe. 

I also use water proof name stickers on each flop flop, which have his first and last name on each flip flop. And I think this makes it easier for Noah to find his shoes, besides he knows his flop flops have the green skateboard motif from Old Navy. : ) 

His swim suit goes here wet and that's why there are air vents on this bottom part of the his wet swim stuff gets air and he bring his swim gear back home the day he swims, I wash it right away and hang it out to dry outside and then pack his bag all over again for him to take back to school. : ) 

Noah's Adidas swim trunks are in size 140cm so they didn't need replacing this year, but next year, yes we will replace them. He also uses a rash guard. Both in navy blue. Also starting from this year they want grades to wear the same color swim cap. Last year and years before it was, you could wear any color swim cap, so Noah always wore this yellow one (easier to see in the pool, I think). However this year all 1st graders must wear a pink swim cap, all 2nd graders must wear a yellow swim cap and all 3rd graders must wear green and so on. 

So this year it's green. I made sure Noah was all nicely packed and ready to start swimming at the local elementary school. Made sure his name was written on the green swimming cap too.

Meanwhile, also wrote Branden's name on his flip flops too. 

Also put on water proof stickers on Branden's flip flops as well. Packed up Branden's Ralph Lauren swim bag and made sure he was ready to start swimming too. Also for what it's worth....when I was in the US or ordered online at Ralph Lauren, this was year I forget where...but as a free gift they gave me a free plastic swim bag with the huge logo on it. It was weird to get that was something we could actually definitely use since we are water people and a swim beachy type family. So...yeah... best free gift ever for our family! And Branden loves it and his classmates, teachers have asked him...where did you get that?!!! He tells them honestly... my mom got it as a free gift with purchase.  : )
Since the week of June 16th both Branden and Noah have been swimming at their elementary school and JHS. There are different levels in swimming at elementary school and JHS. Range from kids who can't swim and just splash around but like to have fun with balls and enjoy which is fine.... and also a bunch of different levels all the way up to the highest level. Both Branden and Noah are the highest levels of swimmers at their local schools. So their swim lane is nice and challenging for them, and they love it! Noah is swimming with 3rd and 4th graders this year at the elementary school. And there are 5 or 6 kids in the highest level. Noah is the most experienced also out of those 5 or 6 kids, I know because I sat there for an hour while on life guard duty last year watching. Noah said...the principal has come by watching the 3rd and 4th graders swim and I know he wishes Noah were in the 4th grade already so he could represent for our local elementary this August... but he's still too young this year since he's only in the 3rd grade, maybe next year if Noah decides he wants to. So June and July are so fun for Noah for example because he swims 4 times a week, twice at elementary school and twice a week at the private swim school he swims at. Every week he tells me, "I get to swim 4 times this week!!!" So he loves it! Branden too, he swims twice a week at the JHS and twice a week privately in the evenings with Noah, plus he bikes to school 3 times a week so he gets tons of exercise and he loves swimming. Summer is both of their favorite time of year because of swimming. I am so happy for the boys to get to swim 4 times a week and they'll swim like this 4 times a week until they go on Summer vacation/break. : )  

At the local elementary school and also JHS we get weekly 1 sheet updates, these are supposed to be weekly class news... of what the kids did that week. This one says up above..."pics of swim class, looks like they're having fun!"...Here is Branden and his classmate, yes they are in the same grade and same age. Branden is much taller and much more muscular than that kiddo. Branden may not be the tallest kid in his class but he's certainly not the shortest. He's a good height and he's very muscle-y. Noboru says he has a swimmers body from all his years of swimming. : ) Anyway just a quick update..swimming at the local elementary school and JHS has started and they love they can swim 4 times a week. Being in the pool is their thing...the sport they love most. They are so in their element when they are poolside. So they're both *really* happy right now you guys. : )