Thursday, July 17, 2014

Summer break is almost here...last day of school tomorrow!

Branden and Noah’s last day of school is this Friday (tomorrow). They both get out at 11am this coming Friday, July 18th and will be on Summer break for almost 6 weeks.

This coming Saturday, July 19th is the firework celebration that we are hosting (us head mom's... “the kids club” leaders/heads/reps of our housing community, ykwim). We will be running this event personally, the prez and my fellow co vp and I and a few other members (treasurer, secretary etc.) I think the kids are going to have a fantastic time with this, we have planned and prepared so much beforehand for this that I think it’s going to end up being super fun for the kids! : ) It will be held right near the jinbei boy’s house, this coming Saturday. We will have drinks (sodas and stuff) for the kids and plenty of fireworks and buckets of water to put out said fireworks. : ) After the 19th, both Branden and Noah have less than a week to get their summer homework finished and done... because we will be packing up and getting ready to leave for California. Universal Studios here we come! : ) I know the kids usually get it done super early... so no worries about that part. : )

And the papa's, : )... the Father's Club, is once again hosting their annual  "haunted" night time at the school and fireworks celebration on July 25th. Add in 2 teacher conferences with both Branden and Noah's teachers (our talk with Noah's teacher... conference thing is the 24th, (I think) and it's for surely being done at the elementary school, that I know), and meanwhile Branden's teacher is swinging by our house on the 25th at 1:30pm or somewhere around that time, don't quote me on those times 100% sure because I don't have my datebook near me but something like that. : ) It's the end of the term so it's just time, they're both really good students and get really good grades, so I don't think it's gonna be anything major or earth shattering or just has to be done. : )

And last but not least...: ) 1 more hoop to jump through before that : )...the summer festival for our housing community is on July 26. I will work the entire summer festival in the kids club booth, selling idol cards (AKB and stuff) and flashing Mickey ears and glowing swords and water guns. : ) Junk basically... but summer junk that kids love to buy at a summer festival basically and the proceeds go right back to the kids club events anyway. : ) It will be work yes...but it will also be social and fun too. Greeting and talking to tons of kids and folks who drop by our booth. We leave pretty much less than 24 hours later after this event to California.

So for now...the in between time...the time between July18th and July 26th, the kids will be doing and finishing their summer packet of homework. And I will be super busy packing for the whole family making sure we have everything we’ll need for our trip to California. Making sure my shopping list isn’t missing anything crucial, written on it. You know what I mean, I hope. : )

The boys are at swim school right now. I went to Costco today, so we will have an easy dinner of a rotisserie chicken and sides as soon as they get back home. They each had a ham and cheese sandwich as soon as they got out of school, to tide them over until they get back from swimming because they come back from swimming starving! Hahaha. : ) Alrighty, enough from me for now. : )