Monday, July 07, 2014


Saturday, July 5th was the day of the first showing of Maleficent here in Japan. We had tickets and seats reserved for the first showing of the day at our nearest movie theater. We were so ready! : ) I had bought a few snacks the day before at the local drugstore, I had the yuzu, it's my fave and a pack of popcorn. The rest was for my family. I made popcorn on the stove that morning and got it all nicely packed up. Took my biggest Prada Tote bag and we were all set. : )

Ready to go inside...

There was a lady sitting 2 seats to the right of Noboru. Nobody sitting on my side at all, which was nice. Lots of people behind us though. And a good amount in front of us for a few rows. Good turn out for the first showing of the day. : ) 

We bought 2 large cokes. Noah and Noboru shared 1. And Branden and I shared the other. 

What did we think about the movie? It was amazing! First thing Noboru said was much better than Frozen! We have Frozen on DVD. I had to agree. Frozen was good, but Maleficent was *amazing.* I'm sure most of you reading have seen it by now. In case you haven't and are worried about spoilers because I do want to talk about it all means skip this part. What I want to say is... Maleficent was a very pure sweet kind soul. Until she was hurt like no other. I won't say how or why. But her cries could be heard throughout the forest. It was heart breaking. Probably the meanest cruelest most evil was done to her. By someone she cared about. No wonder she became like that. The ending...I enjoyed it so much. I was thinking true loves first kiss was going to be the crow, but I was so very wrong. And to find out who it was....just made me love the movie all the more! This is a movie, I will definitely buy on DVD! The kids loved this! Branden and Noah talked about this movie all day. Poor Maleficent, they said. I agreed! Noboru too. : )  She had a good heart and soul in the end.

Side note...I had watched on Entertainment Tonight or Inside Edition  a month or two back when it came out in the US. They said when making this movie,  for the toddler actress who was to play the princess (there was a baby actress, toddler and then 2 older actresses ending in Dakota Fanning's sister playing the role (Elle Fanning). Every toddler saw Angelina dressed in her costume with horns and the toddlers would cry hysterically and not want to be held by Angelina with that outfit and horns etc. However the only toddler girl who would not cry by being held by Angelina was her real daughter, Vivienne (one of the twins) so she was cast as the toddler princess Aurora. I had told Noboru about it on the way to the movies and we waited for the credits to roll afterwards and sure enough it said...Vivienne Jolie-Pitt. : )