Sunday, July 13, 2014

Korean skincare and beauty products! Etude House, Shara Shara and It's Skin...

These pics were taken by me, May 29th, 2014! So this post has been sitting as a draft, I just didn't have the chance to post this until now! I really started to like Korean skincare and makeup items about 18 months ago. I bought a good amount of stuff while in Hawaii last June and also placed 2 small orders online which I blogged about (InnisFree and when I bought the Malgem toner by Etude House). I have been itching to try new products, so at the start of this May, I started researching which products I would order and like to try out, and mid May I placed my order and it was shipped to me right away. I ordered from Korea Depart. It was free shipping to Japan. Again this isn't a sponsored post or anything, I picked and paid for my own products. : ) 

I appreciated how well the package was packed and bubble wrapped. The free samples were plentiful and in a clear package on the top of my order.

Many nice things to try. And funny because the pink small face wash on the right was something I considered buying a full size of, and I was happy to try their sample. : )

The Brow Class by Etude House was super cheap, but I felt it was extremely hard to use. Would not recommend this and something I regret buying. The brow pencil with brush on the other end is nice quality and I like it. I also purchased the Skin Malgem lotion. I already own 1 of the Skin Malgem toners that I bought last year, I bought the Fresh one and I do like that. This moisturizer is very light and nice. If you have combo skin you might really like it. If you have dry skin it won't be moisturizing enough. 

I like how all the products are nice and sealed. 

I love the "Baby Foot" foot peeling stuff in general. I have used other Korean brands before. Tony Moly was one of those brand I used before this one, really like that one too. I have also used a Japanese brand. The Japanese brand I did try, I didn't care for it. It also had no closures for the plastic booties so I used house clips to close them up... also the Japanese brand ones are like 1400-2000 yen in price, where as the one by Korean manufactures or brands are way cheaper and they peel more, they are stronger, so I do prefer as far as foot peeling stuff goes, I do prefer the Korean brand ones. I also find the Korean foot peeling products smartly made, this Shara Shara one for example was just a couple dollars and the plastic booties have stickers to close each bootie so just easier for me to use personally. Moving along : ), I use hand creams for my hands often. I always have a small tube in my bag and one in my car (brands very but it's always with me). So, I purchased this Shara Shara Banana Choux Cream one.  
When I smell something... I want to know if this smells authentic as in, does it smell like real fruit or does this smell artificial, as in...Laffy Taffy. To me, personally this didn't smell authentic like fruit. It does smell artificial to me and I wouldn't repurchase this one. The price was good though. This smelled overly sweet to me.

The acid foot treatment by Shara Shara. 

There is English on mostly every product from Korea that I use and also or pictures. These particular booties had stickers and the Tony Moly ones have ties on the actual booties. So very well thought out foot treatment and again super cheap. Makes my feet like a babies foot. : ) 

Directions are so easy to understand, it's a no-brainer really! : )

Expires in 2016 on the other Shara Shara product again this is all fresh new stuff with super long/far away expiration dates. So Korea Depart has a huge 2 thumbs up, from me and they do ship to America but I don't know how much shipping is for that since I'm here in Japan. 

One thing I really enjoy and I've said it on my blog a few times is I do really enjoy skincare, I like washing my face and I like to switch around from brand to brand trying new stuff. I get bored VERY easily with skincare, so I like to change often. However that being said... I bought these things. These are all from a brand called "It's Skin" I think my banana face cleanser was $3.22 US. So again very affordable stuff. 

Mango stuff in the summer, I thought would be perfect tropical and divine. I felt these were the most disappointing for me personally because while they are very good cleansers they don't smell all too mango-y to me. I use the cleansing cream to take my makeup off and the foaming cleanser afterwards. would I repurchase either of these. Honestly no. Glad I tried them. And I will use them up, but no I won't repurchase. The mango cleansing cream isn't bad at all, it's just the scent isn't what I thought it was to be...again no real mango smell at all. Doesn't smell bad at all, just not what expected.

It's Skin Have a Banana. Loved the picture on this tube #1. I like that only a tiny amount of this is needed and it foams like crazy. This is a foaming cleanser. I have combination skin that gets pretty oily in my T zone in Summer and this doesn't strip my skin but it does make my face feel really clean. How does this smell? Amazing! This smells exactly like a fresh banana. It's Skin really nailed it on the scent of this! I feel like my skin gets a fresh banana smoothie every single morning, when I wash my face in the a.m. This face wash is so freaking good! I am really critical when it comes to scents of stuff and this *totally* and completely nails it. Like I said, it truly is a fresh banana smoothie every morning for my face! And at just $3.22 a tube, amazing! Would I repurchase this again? Yes, I would! 

I have not used these yet so I can't say how they are, if they're good or bad. However I do have to say this package is so superly tiny... it's like Thumbelina size. Way smaller than the Almay eye wipes. 

This is for combo to oily skin. Branden has normal to combo skin. So, I purchased one for Branden and one for Noboru. I did try this twice myself and my #1 question was how does it smell, I hope it doesn't smell like eggs or something gross along those lines. @.@ And is it stripping to your face? It doesn't smell even 1 dot remotely like eggs. It smells like somewhere between a soapy smell to a light floral but not dead on floral. Just a very light soapy with a hint of flowers. It is a very light smell it's not overpowering at all. It doesn't dry either of their skin out at all and it didn't mine either. Would I repurchase. It was cheap. If it were in my local store yes... but would I go out of my way to order it? Honestly no. 

Green apple acid peeling wipes for the face, I bought 1 pack for Bran and 1 pack for myself. We haven't used them yet but when I do, I'll make sure to post on how we liked them. They were only $2 US and some change so they were incredibly cheap/fair in price. 

Yep, these are Branden's. 

I purchased an eye cream, by Etude House, I really like it. I also purchased an eyebrow mascara by Nature Republic. I love this eyebrow mascara! 

The Go back eye cream is good. Would I go out of my way to repurchase it though? No! But it is good. Again though to be fair... like I said..I do like to try many different things I like to try different products and not get stuck on just one. Unless of course it's life changing. But those are few and far between for me. The eyebrow mascara, like I said up above... I love this because the color is perfect for my brunette self. I also like that the brush applicator is nice and small perfect for my eyebrows and it was just a couple dollars. Would I repurchase the Nature Republic eyebrow mascara? Yes and totally! I also feel it important to say. I do like Japanese eyebrow mascaras too and other brands of Korean eyebrow mascaras. I like how they're $4-8 dollars in price. Where as in America my Anastasia eyebrow mascara was superly expensive. 

Skinfood. Love that this is available in Japan too (there's a Skinfood store in Ibaraki so I can get to an actual store if I want). I have yet to try the Rice mask, but as soon as I do, I will be sure to write a review on it. However, as I said up above with the mango cream cleanser, I do like to double cleanse my face. I used to use cleansing oils as my first step and then foam cleanser afterwards, but I am lately turning my first step to cream cleansers versus cleansing oils. Though I do use a cleansing oil from time to time still. I am though lately preferring using a cleansing cream. Anyway...I like things that smell of coconut. But again I am pretty picky about scents and smells. Noboru's the same way. I worried if this would smell like fake suntan oil. Artificial. Or would this smell authentic and delicious. I must say, I freaking love this cleanser for taking my makeup off. It smells like a fresh coconut cream pie. It smells 100% authentic, absolutely zero fake smell about this at all. It looks like a white jelly inside. What I do is take a small dot out and put a dot on my nose, a dot on each cheek and a dot on my chin and forehead and rub, as soon as it gets to your face it like melts into a hybrid thick oil jelly jam type consistency, it smells like heaven you guys! Like freaking coconut cream pie, I kid you not! This plastic jar is small-ish but you use *so* little it should last a long while. Every night, I use this I get so happy taking my makeup off because it works so well and it smells so good. I am rotating this with the mango cream cleanser only because I don't want to waste the mango cream cleanser. So 1 night I'll use this and then next night I'll use the mango one. On nights I know I'll be using this, I can't wait to take my makeup off. I like on nights using this and then the It's Skin banana foaming cleanser afterwards, it's like a banana-coconut cream pie cleanser face afterwards. : ) Smells amazing. The cost for this was very affordable too, under $10 US. Would I repurchase this Coconut makeup remover? Totally! It's a total repurchase for me. : )

And the packaging on the Coconut makeup remover, is so cute, reminds me of teeny tiny milk or yogurt or maybe custard containers you'd find at a farm or dairy here in Japan!