Saturday, July 26, 2014

Honolulu bound...

Are you surprised? So are we! : ) Sit down for a minute, if you can and catch up and hear all about it. : )

Okay so if you read the last post, I had talked about fuller flights to Los Angles and the possibility of us having to go through Portland or Seattle, because of the flight load list. The flight basically was just filling up and we started to wonder if we’d be able to get on our flight. All day yesterday we started debating...worrying...wondering and thinking. And given I had to start working the summer festival, it’s not like I had oodles of time. What we knew... by 1pm yesterday. We knew we couldn’t fly out of Narita anymore to get to LA or any west coast connecting flight *at all* it was just that full of a flight. So Haneda it was to be. We worried if the flight Sunday evening from Haneda would be too full also though. So, I came up with a good idea, why not leave Saturday and at the very least it gives us 1 extra “try” get ourselves on the flight. Why not increase the odds and chances, right. So Noboru thought that was a great idea too, so we switched ourselves and put us on last nights stand-by list. A day early. And I left to work the festival. I had also meanwhile told my fellow fuku-kaicho/VP and the prez. So they knew what was happening. They said I could leave working early at 5:30pm versus stay to the end. They’re nice ladies. So I worked in the hot sun. Many were drinking drinks or chewing tablets that protected from heat was THAT hot working outside yesterday. I drank a water and worked. I sold so many frozen ice-creams (Coolish) : ) fellow VP remembered and said...Tokyo is having fireworks should leave right away because you could get caught in traffic!!!! Her mother lives in Tokyo, so she knew. : ) So, I left at 5:15pm waved all my fellow members a good bye and ran home with the boys who were at the festival with friends.

I jumped in the shower took a fast 5 minute shower from neck down to cool off from working outside. We loaded the mini mini van and we hit the road to Haneda. It took us forever to get there... hours!!!! @.@
The problem is this about Haneda. The runway is very short. And for a long haul flight you need a very long runway to pick up the speed to lift that heavy plane with passengers, cargo and lots of fuel and with a super short runway they are VERY hard with weight restrictions on the Los Angeles and Seattle flight. They won’t even give us a stand by ticket until 11pm. We were stand by passengers #1,2,3,and 4. There were about 30 stand by’s and we knew if we couldn’t get on, they couldn’t either. We all waited anxiously for the lady to come out and speak with us all. And by the way....Noboru could see the employees page while there and he saw 2 dead heads had listed last minute meaning.. 2 off duty flight attendants or pilots. So they took 2 seats. Anyway the lady comes out and says...due to the weight of the flight we can only let 177 passengers on the flight today and there is already 175. According to the flight load the (our last name) are first in line...would you like the 2 remaining seats. All 30 faces swivel towards us. “no we won’t go and thank you though” absolute disappointment!!!....we left...slinking away. Got back into the car and drove the couple hours back home. We got home around 2:45am last night. The poor kids were crashed dead tired in the back seat.  We didn’t take the 2 seats because there was no guarantee the other 2 of us could get on the next it was smarter for us to stay together.

During a 2 and a half hour talk and we did. We flat out you think here is ANYWAY for us to get to the mainland...anyway at all. Noboru is very honest and he, now I don’t think so. Honestly good to know. We had briefly mentioned going to Hawaii because we know the flight looks open and Noboru thinks we can make it and get on it’s out of Narita (right near us) but yesterday in the day we both Honolulu!!! We had our heart set on Universal Studios!!! Great Mexican food. Tons of Targets. (Hawaii just has 1 Target, well as of last year they did)...The kids were gutted at the airport when they first found Transformers ride!!! : ( But believe Noboru and I drove while the kids slept...after realizing getting to California just wasn’t going to happen. You either decide you will go no where. Or you go to Honolulu and enjoy yourself....because hey at least you are on vacation...consider yourself lucky, right! That’s my thinking anyway. Yeah a 2 and a half hour drive and...we both decided...yes...let’s just go.

The bad...for the past 2 months, we’ve been thinking about nothing but California and Universal Studios...studying and planning our trip and places we’d like to eat.

The positive...#1...we lost no vacation days... because we did leave 1 day early! That is a positive. Also another positive...though it might not be the vacation we had originally envisioned..okay granted! But many people wish their whole lives to go to Honolulu Hawaii. And we get to go there!!! So truly not bad! Plus there is Target and Walmart and Sephora and Old Navy and everything else the mainland again not bad at all. And at least we get to go on vacation and boy oh boy do we need one. : ) Plus we used to live there... so we know where we’re going and that is another plus. So now we have to set our stomachs to thoughts of the famous shrimp...the pineapple and or coconut ice-cream...Jack in the Box, lol. : )

So that’s the plan of right now. Flight load looks like we’ll get on and leaving from Narita is fantastic.’s better for us leaving from there. Now all we have to do is...hope the plane doesn’t break down, hahaha. If you don’t hear from us... in 24hours...then you’ll know we got on. : ) Another positive...we’re already packed since yesterday, and we had swimsuits and summer stuff packed in the suitcases anyway. : ) Alright good vibes people, hope we get on and the plane takes off and we actually get there this time! Hahaha. : ) Catch up with ya’ll when we get back. : )