Thursday, July 10, 2014

Happy Birthday Noah!!!

July 5th, is when we celebrated Noah's birthday. Of course we did make Monday July 7th, Noah's actual birthday special for Noah too, but Saturday is the day we really made that our #1 celebration of Noah's birthday. : ) First thing in the morning, after a quick bowl of cereal for everyone and getting ready we went to the movies to see Maleficent. : ) You guys already know that part though. : ) 

The movie was so good and we had a lot of fun being there! : ) We went to Sanki immediately after the movie (the day we bought the towelkets) after that we headed home and I fixed us some quick sandwiches. We relaxed for the afternoon. Around 3:30pm we started the drive to our favorite yakiniku restaurant. It's a bit of a drive, farther than Narita for us, but we really like this place. They always have super great deals on the Internet since it's a chain restaurant. : ) Free fries for example and free drink bar, if you have the online coupons though, we always do though. Just smarter to use them, I feel. : )

We all had a free drink bar and free huge fries. We ordered a lot of rosu (lean red meat) and Noboru ordered more fattier cuts of meat for himself, he loves those, those are his fave, which is fine. : ) We had rice, lettuce for wrapping our meat with... also all the little delicious side dishes too. 

Both of the boys cooking their meat. And yes I went "ahhhh...Noah your chopsticks you shouldn't do that!" Not a good thing to do in Japan. Yep keep them how Branden keeps his. Hahaha. @.@ 

This place has 3-4 different types of sauces to let your meat just soak in after cooking. It was the weekend, we 4 had no place to be or go to. It was just a very nice relaxed dinner. We arrived around 4pm-ish and so the dinner rush/crowd wasn't there, there were only about 2 other families eating when we were there. Lots and tons of people filtered in, as we left but it was nice the place was so nice and quiet while we were there.

Phew, much better chopstick placement. : ) lol. But yeah it was a nice dinner. : )

Noah's personality. Do any of you remember that movie "Terms of Endearment"? The part in that movie where Debra Wingers character doesn't have enough money at the grocery store and that little/youngest son said..."you can put my candy bar back mom, I don't need it" Meanwhile the older brother insisted he needed it in the movie. That younger brother who put the candy bar back, that's exactly the personality Noah has. He is so caring and giving literally almost to a fault. If he has a pack of 5 mini donuts for example he will share them until he has none left for himself. Also, like I say...he's a worry wart. He worries and cares about others to the point that I worry about him! : ) He's a very good kind thoughtful child. He just always has been. And my gawd is this kid a jock or what...such an athlete! He can run and win marathons, he swims and competes in swimming competitions even. He does the ripstick like a pro. How did he end up so sporty? I really have no idea, but boy is he ever! : ) Alright enough gushing! : ) Noah you are the most amazing kid though. : ) 

Noah, putting his serious cooking face on! : ) 

We even ordered 3 extra orders of rosu on top of what we already ordered, because the kids are growing and need bigger portions now. : ) By the time we left... we were so stuffed! Seriously superly stuffed. 

Happy Birthday Noah! Time for some birthday cake and some ice cream. Marble ice cream with vanilla and a swirl of chocolate fudge swirl in there. Four candles on each side and 1 candle on the green "grass" on the bottom of the soccer ball. What a gorgeous cake! : )

Still daylight but getting darker. The mood in the room was light and fun. Branden was relaxing and talking with Noah while their dad lit the candles. : ) 

Almost all lit, so exciting! 

We were singing during this pic and the other pics down below! Happy birthday to you...Happy Birthday to you...Happy Birthday dear Noah.....Happy Birthday to you...and many more!!! : )  We sang to him twice...

Start thinking of your wish baby and don't tell anyone your wish...or else it won't come true my love! : )

Got it in your mind, your wish? Okay think *real* hard sweetheart and then think as you blow out the candles! And wish....: )

Noboru was teasing Noah during this picture...Noah why not wish for a....

Okay get ready...get a lot of air and...

Blow and wish! : ) For kids, birthdays are so magical and fun...

So nice to have plenty of cake and ice cream. It was very low key...just us. It was awesome. : ) 
Grandpa always loves and spoils his only 2 grandchildren to pieces (Branden and Noah) What a  wonderful card dad! Noah will be taking his birthday money with him to California. I imagine Noah will hit the toy department at Target maybe. : ) We'll see. 
Noah also received a letter and some birthday money from grandma Mitsuko. Noah also received a Gap/ON gift card from my mom. Plus all the gifts he got from us. He's a very well loved little boy. : ) Happy 9th Birthday my darling Noah...