Tuesday, July 08, 2014

Catching up...TV talk (Little Women: LA and The Goldberg’s) homemade pizza from scratch, new pretty towelkets (summer blankets) and more...

I'm so glad I have time to make a bits and pieces, catching up type a post today. : ) I'm not sure what the date stamp of this pic is, I didn't check... but since it's a major toilet cleaning pic, I know it has to be either Monday or Thursday, when this pic was snapped, because those are the 2 days a week when I hardcore clean the 2 toilet rooms. Other days of the week Mon-Fri, I just do a light swoosh of the toilet bowl with mighty duck and wipe the seat with a Kirkland wipe. I don't clean the toilet on weekends but it does get cleaned 5 days a week and hardcore twice a week. 
On a hardcore toilet cleaning day, it's nothing too serious. I just spray the toilet room walls down with cleaner, wipe them. Clean the walls basically. Kirkland anti bacterial wipe the door handles. clean the floor. Wipe the toilet down thoroughly and I do mean thoroughly. Make sure enough toilet tabs is in there or if it needs a new toilet tablet. 

Vacuum the plant that is in the downstairs toilet room. Just make sure the toilets are sparkling and ready for the week basically. Let's see what else...
I like trying new Fanta flavors. We have tried so many, this June we tried Fanta Pineapple, it was pretty good.

A show I have been loving at the moment is...Little Women: LA. It has the drama and cat fights that Dance Mom's and Hollywood Exes has, the only real difference is the people are all little people. This is the main character right here, her name is Terra. 

Most of the cast is also married or dating other little people. This lady pictured here however is married to an average height guy. Also, she has a different type of dwarfism than the typical/average kind. She went and was tested in California. This lady is originally from Russia. Anyway she has a rare type. And she is very proportionate, meaning she doesn't have a very long torso or shorter arms, those types of features. She's literally just a miniature woman, same proportions we normal size ladies have... just on a smaller scale. So there is a lot of jealousy being directed at this particular lady right here from the other ladies. Also she made the dreadful mistake the first or second episode of using the "m" word. The not so politically correct word to call a little person and the other girls went "crazy town" all over her about it in the hot tub! It was very heated, meaning the argument not the tub though I'm sure that was too, lol! I'm not sure if it's because English is her 2nd language so she maybe didn't realize the other girls would go nutsos hearing that word...but wow... was it a very heated argument after she said that word. It almost looked like it would be a physical altercation because of it. Thank goodness it didn't come to that. Terra up above is also very threatened by this lady here, it could be because they are both blond and both do the same type of work, so there is a weird...are they friends...are they enemies? It's very hard to tell at times. It doesn't help that Terra's boyfriend is completely goo goo gaga over this lady right here. Openly flirted with her and everything. So anyway...very interesting show and yep...I watch this every week. : ) 

This lady is divorced, has a child and wants to meet her exes new girlfriend but the new girlfriend doesn't want to meet her. @.@ It is nice after a long day, and dinner and a shower to tune into this and just relax and be really into a new show. : )

Still loving the Goldberg's. This mom is so over the top... she cracks me up! Good show, good show. Also love the Big Bang Theory of course. The Black List. The Witches of East End is back, thank goodness. I did watch and enjoy the remake of Rosemary's Baby, last month. And I did catch the first episode of Girl Meets World. I think because...I loved Boy Meets World so much...that I was curious to see Girl Meets World. It's more about their daughter than the old characters so not sure I'll continue to watch it, we'll see. : ) 

My friend and neighbor Rumi-san brought us a bag of onions and potatoes. That was so kind of her.
Branden is using a larger recorder now that he's a 7th grader. An alto one. 

We did enjoy our biscuits one morning. We had bacon egg and cheese biscuits and biscuits with honey. So delicious. What else... 

This particular morning, stripped down Branden's bedding tossed in the washer, then tossed in the dryer. Noah's went in afterwards. I wash their bedding every single week of course, ours too. Just feels nice knowing every thing's nice and fresh. : ) What else...
I was picking up 9 days worth of meat from the cheap meat store last week. And there was a...pick as many potatoes as you could fit into this clear plastic bag sale. 130 yen a bag. I shoved so many potatoes in there. I love getting good fresh food on sale for super cheap. I bought 2 clear bags worth and I stuffed them to the tippy tippy top.

Talk about a bag full of potatoes. : ) I can see cheesy gratin potatoes in our future and mashed potatoes too. : )  I also bought 2 full bags of meats, lots of pork, 1 beef loin type/roast type and lots of chicken. 

What's cooking good lookin'. Well...this night it was skillet fried chicken wings, potato salad, broccoli and rice. 

After the wings are dredged in flour and skillet fried they are coated and rolled in this sauce, omg...so good!
I forget when this was, but I know it was on a Friday night. The plan was to watch Frozen on DVD, have homemade from scratch pizza and pop some popcorn afterwards while the kids go and take a shower. That's exactly what we did! : )  I made the dough from scratch that morning, let it quietly rest and covered most of the day. I did chop and slice all my veggies. I was so waiting for the kids to get home that day from school! I just want the kids to have good memories of their childhood growing up...pizza nights, game nights, movie nights. And that most of all., we were always there. : )

Noboru couldn't have dinner with us, but he was able to catch the movie. Reason being he had work. : )

I let the kids decorate or top their personal mini pizza anyway they wanted, but they picked pepperoni. Which is fine, more veggies for me then, hahaha.  : )

You know...I think we all have that 1 dish that we make killer, know what I'm talking about. The one you know...it's in the bag! No worries, it's gonna be amazing. My pizza is one of those things. You can tell how crispy that crust is. That cheese all toasty near the crust near the pepperoni. OMG!

I love the flavor of this crust...I love that it's so crisp! The flavor of this crust is seriously...like a little grandma type in little Italy made this pizza in America someplace. I mean the crust is that legit ya'll! The flavor is killer.

Nice to come home from school, change your clothes to your comfy clothes, Spongebob tee and house shorts, and eat some piping hot pizza. No school for 2 days, the weekend just kicked into gear. Just relaxin'

This is when I hear... all about their day...all what happened in the kid world for that day. And be all ears and hear it all. : )

Straight up legit pizza. This is one of my things I make that I *know*..I got this! No worries. : ) 
What else...oh yeah, the day I went to Costco to order Noah's birthday cake, I bought this stuff. Chips...

Beef jerky though if you ask me, they remind me more of a Slim Jim, lol.  Noah's friend has been bringing these for his swim bus snack...and Noah's friend gave him a couple and Noah said he loved them and asked me to find him some, I did....I found the Costco giganto/gigantic size...lol. So he takes them swimming with him now too and shares them with his friend. Branden brings these too. Both of the kids love this snack, they usually bring this or senbei or energy bar. : ) 

A rotisserie chicken. 

Lunch meat sliced chicken, provolone and Best Foods mayonnaise. It's no Miracle whip, but it works and it's okay. : ) So yep bought this on a Friday when we went to order Noah's birthday cake. 
What else...also on a Monday...I cleaned the fridge. Monday's are the day I always spend 1 hour cleaning the kitchen. Yep..Mondays at my house means, major toilet cleaning day and 1 hour cleaning the kitchen day....blinds and mopping the floor, or cleaning the fridge and the blinds or fridge and mopping whatever...but Monday is 1 hour kitchen cleaning day for me. 1 hour of the kitchen plus another 1 hour of the rest of the house combined. Then I run to the store and come home and prep supper Mondays since the boys swim that night. See...I have a Monday routine, lol. 

July 4th on a Friday is the day I went back and picked up Noah's cake and they finally had our sliced ham in stock so I picked up a pack of that and sliced "orange" cheese for Noah since he prefers that over provolone. The rest of us prefer provolone for a sammy but he lives here too and he needs to feel comfortable too, so if he needs "orange" cheese...as he calls it.. so be it : )...besides it makes a great grill cheese. : )  Yep July 4th I checked out with 3 things in my Costco cart... 1 giant cake with "Happy Birthday Noah" written on it...1 pack of sliced ham, well 2 packs really but ykwim, and 1 big box of "orange" cheese. : ) This says cheddar cheese, doesn't taste like cheddar to me. In America we call this American cheese or processed cheese. But orange cheese works at our house for this too, lol. 

Another of Noah's presents arrived last week also. A new case for Noah's Nexus. They are so cute and the price was so fair...700 yen or so...so I bought Branden one too. Yes it's not Branden's birthday, I know but he's been studying so hard all last month and...I thought a little reward for all his hard work would be fine. : ) Plus his case was on it's last leg anyway. : )
Laundry pic from last week. With both Branden and Noah swimming twice a week privately and twice a week at their elementary and JHS. I have many swimsuits needing to be washed weekly. Not to mention swim towels. We have 3 swim towels and so far we have been overlapping well. I should buy 1 more swim towel just to make sure. Last week for instance...Noah swam at elementary school on a Monday where they usually swim on Tuesdays. However Noah swims privately Monday nights too. So, how is it possibly for Noah to swim Monday afternoon, get home at 3pm and me have that swim towel washed and dried in under an hour. Impossible. So...times like that..the spare Spongebob towel comes in handy so he can fill in the blanks...days where the schedule conflicts so that a spare towel is actually necessary. Also pictured on the lower pole is a ton of wash clothes. I wash my face twice a day...every morning every evening. I frankly love washing my face...probably weird thing to say... but I love it! Nothing better than a nice hot wash cloth to the face in the morning. So, I go through tons of wash clothes every week. Like their swim towels, I need many wash clothes. The 2 navy blue wash clothes are as old as Branden, seriously not kidding. And the other ones came from Daiso. However I don't think I have a wash cloth less than 5 years old. So...my small goal, okay not really goal but thing I am going to try and do this summer is replace each and every one of my super old wash clothes. : ) 

I try to make something fun for the 4th of July each year but this year...we picked up Noah's birthday cake that day...so making something was out this year. However I did enjoy watching the Macy's 4th of July special on TV. It was awesome. 

I did hang my flag outside our home and I did wear my American flag shirt all day that day while I went to Costco to pick up the cake and ham and orange cheese ; )... and I sent Noah to school in his too. 

This Monday that just passed, July 7th I had a movie date with 2 of my dearest friends. The movie started at 9:50am and we met up at 9:30am. We went and saw Transcendence with Johnny Depp. One of my girlfriends had heard it had terrible reviews and I heard that too, however we ended up liking it, wasn't so bad at all. Granted...I wouldn't buy the DVD that's for sure, but I am glad I saw it...and plus Johnny Depp is so easy on the eyes. After the movie was over, we 3 went for lunch at Saizeriya. They have some mighty good 500 yen lunch deals. N-san and I each had a pizza and salad and drink bar. J-san had a hamburg and chicken set with rice and drink bar. We talked and laughed for hours. N-san is so funny,. she actually made me cry...not sad tears.... tears from laughing so hard, so happy tears! We 3 were dying laughing so hard, you guys. Noah got out at 3pm that day, and I think their daughters too, we all left at 2pm and I went directly to the plaza and picked up Noah-chan.  Dropped him home, I fixed him a quick sandwich, he did his homework, packed his swim bag and then I swung around to get Branden, because it was raining and so I picked up Bran and took him home...so he could eat a sandwich real quick, switch his clothes, pack his swim bag and out the door the both of them went to swim club. I meanwhile got dinner quickly ready and then turned off the stove and waited until their return.  

2 weeks ago, I went through Noah's closet, once again, checking if everything fit, anything needs replacing. I rearranged his bags and hats. Yes I know I did this in Spring but I wanted to do it again. I also with a fine tooth comb so to speak went through Branden's closet too. The past 3 days I have been going through my walk- in closet. My closet is probably the hardest of them all because I do have a lot of clothes, so the volume to go through is quite a lot. Also what do I wear? What do I not wear anymore. I started with my tee shirt drawer. I have many tee shirts that are strictly house stuff only and also I have many tee shirts that are nicer for going out in. So, I had to go through that drawer...anything I don't wear. The stuff, I no longer wear or use...I piled into this bag to get rid of. All the tees, I am keeping I threw in the wash and tossed in the dryer and wiped the drawer down and placed the tees back in their drawer. So...I am not even 30% done with my closet yet...but I am going through it all this week. Because when we do go to California...I want to know...what needs replacing and what doesn't. I don't want to buy something not needed. So me going through my closet and also the kids closets 2 weeks ago... makes sense to do that now. 

Yesterday/Tuesday, I spent an hour cleaning the kitchen since I wasn't here on actual Monday since I was at the movies. I did totally clean both toilets. And then I concentrated about hour on the living room. I vacuumed the living room with both vacuums. I think this vacuum does a better job on carpet. 

This one does a better job on the flooring.I don't want any dust or spiders. I want absolute zero under my couch. 

Same here I want absolutely nothing under my book shelf. 

I felt these cubby's in my coffee table looked a bit on the dusty side...they get dusted once a week but still, they looked bad to me. So pulled everything out. Dusted each cubby. 

Wiped these down too.

Takes a minute tops with a dry paper towel, dry cloth, duster whatever...just a few wipes and they were fine again. Put everything back and...made sure the living room was looking good, whole downstairs done yesterday. We are expecting a typhoon this week. It's hitting different parts of Japan already...should get to us at the end of the week, so I'd like my house clean and done by then so I can just relax and enjoy the rain. Hope it loses it's steam by the time it gets to our part of Japan. 

I love Sanki! I seriously love Sanki! They have the best/cheapest blankets and towels. I literally could spend all day going from aisle to aisle. 

999yen, that's about $10US. It's a single size, so single bed size. It's a summer blanket, the material is like a towel. Soaks up sweat and keeps you cooler than a fleece blanket certainly would in summer, lol. Here they are called a "towelket"...a hybrid towel and blanket. : ) They're super nice in the summer or warmer weather. Just to cover yourself and still feel comfy without melting to death. Think along the lines of huge beach towel but specially made as a summer blankie and you will "get" the concept of a towelket.: )

I find the quality of their stuff really good. Very well made. It's not cheap gonna fall apart in one washing type quality at all. I have bought super cute winter fleece type blankets from here before and the patterns and colors were super cute too and the quality of these are amazing too. Anyway...the pattern on the right was so pretty that actually the colors and way the pattern is designed/ layed out...that it reminded me immediately of a yukata. And the one of the left reminded me of beautiful hydrangea flowers and I love hydrangea flowers. The designs that Sanki sells whether it be summer or winter bedding and blankets are always very pretty and the prices so incredibly fair. I might go back and buy a couple more just because I am always so happy with their blankets (summer or winter), bedding and towels. : )

As I said up above somewhere I am trying to switch out my wash cloths for washing my face. I bought 2. I will go back this coming week and buy a couple more. They had wash clothes in 3 different price ranges, 42 yen, 79 yen and 99 yen. I picked this one for 79 yen, pictured here. Again I know I am going to keep this wash cloth a long time, so I want to take my time picking out the ones I actually want to use each day. 

This one I really loved immediately as soon as I saw it. The blue and turquoise, reminded me of the beach...not sure why beach came to my mind but I loved this one out of all of the stacks of wash clothes this is the one that caught my eye first. And really given the fact the Daiso is now 105 yen. 99 yen including tax was still a deal! : ) And the quality...love the quality! And no, I am not being paid to say this by Sanki and we paid for our own purchases of course. Just my honest actual real feelings and thoughts. Yep...as soon as this typhoon blows over...I am hitting up Sanki again. : ) 

Two cute summery blankets and 2 cute wash clothes...now I need to hurry up and pick about 4 more wash clothes so I can start throwing out my old wash clothes. : ) 

New JHS socks for Branden also bought at Sanki. You rock Sanki! : ) 

Some of the nicer tees that I do wear out and about...I didn't dry in the dryer, I hung outside yesterday/Tuesday, since it was not rainy at all, and given the rain today and forecast this week, I imagine it will be the only sunny day this week (yesterday), so I took advantage of the sunshine yesterday and washed up a load of nicer tees and hung them outside and then after that first load... I washed and dried the new towelkets. I love this Gap tee and the black cardi next to it is my fave summer cardi from Old Navy. Might get a new black cardi this summer from ON too, we'll see.

Yep I have this shirt in gray too. The guy on his bike is just too cute and love his Gap bag in the basket! So cute. Usually wear this with jean shorts or black shorts and cute sandals. If I'm in an airplane I'll top with a black cardi (if I'm wearing jean shorts) or jean jacket if I'm wearing  my black shorts. 

Washed and hung my Los Angeles one too. I have a lot to go regarding my closet. But...the bright side is at least I have started it. 

Washed on the quick wash since it's new, because you don't really know who handled it, if they had a cold or the flu, whatever. Just peace of mind for me to wash before I let the family use them. So pretty and summery! : ) I tell ya...a yukata is what hits me every time, I see this one. : ) 

Two new wash cloths and 1 Ikea mat for upstairs. 

The green and 2 different shades of purple... again such a seriously pretty towelket! : )
And our grass is as green and lush as a golf course! Noboru takes such great care of our lawn. : )

I love that the kids get to walk barefoot on the nice soft grass in our very own backyard every summer. : )

Yep, I did it, I bought Frozen tissues yesterday after I finished kicking butt cleaning the house. I went and made sure I stocked up on food supplies before the typhoon hits us later this week. While there I saw these adorable Frozen tissues. #1 to be fair, we have only 1 box of tissues left and I had tissues on my shopping list. #2 these were only 20-30 yen higher in price. I for the most part like to save or buy store brand if I feel it's just as good as the regular. But you know what...I loved these and yep...I bought them! The pictures are different on each side of the box! The 3rd from top says Elsa and Anna. The pictures were so cute, too cute to pass up. : )

Sven and Olaf on the 3rd tissue box. And I also like this side of the box... tissue box #2, super pretty. Anyway...I bought these tissues to amuse myself and they do, so I'm happy, lol. : ) Anyway that's enough for now. : )