Wednesday, June 04, 2014

Weather forecast for today...

According to the news Kyushu already started it’s rainy season. Here in Chiba, we have not quite yet started the rainy season, but soon. However, today’s forecast says it should rain extremely hard here in Chiba. As in, watch out for landslides, type rain!? @.@ Granted, I do believe the weather forecast and most of the time they’re right, but I also take it with a grain of salt too. Either way, I clearly won’t be hanging laundry outside this morning. : ) And Branden got a ride to school along with Noah this morning. Again just taking extra measures in case it really does come down super hard. I also had the both of them take along umbrellas just in case.

The 9th grade girl across the street though rode her bike. So it does make me wonder, if the rain will come. But on the other hand, the grandpa next door, who owns a small roofing company and is a roofer by trade, didn’t drive away this morning, so perhaps he *is* expecting rain. The boy next door also got a ride and he usually rides his bike. Hmm. Not a drop coming down yet, but I keep checking out the back patio window to see if it has started. And Noboru? He thinks the rain is coming for sure, in fact he’s outside sprinkling grass vitamins/nutrients right now before the rain comes. : )

Happy Thursday everyone. Swimming tonight for Branden and Noah and dinner will be ginger pork, broccoli, rice and miso soup. Just an easy dinner on swim night, greatly appreciated. : )

Also, one more thing, I have to work this coming Sunday (8am-12 noon). It’s a kids club thing. All districts will show up for this, even the other elementary school will be showing up. Only people working it will be the president/kaicho, 2 vp’s/fuku kaicho, of every district the town has. So us 3 will show up and rep for our housing community. Junior high kids invited too. So, I expect a ton of kids to show up, especially since the whole town of kids are invited (2 elementary schools and 1 junior high amount of kids, plus lots of parents) Branden and Noah will be there playing games, Noboru is going to walk around, enjoy and to keep an eye on the kids, and I’ll be working some game, us 3 ladies together (yakuin heads). : )