Tuesday, June 24, 2014


Branden’s first ever semester final for JHS is tomorrow, June 26th. For the last 2 weeks Branden has been in serious study mode... kicking butt on the syllabus given to them 2 weeks ago. What sections/specific parts will be on such and such test (Social studies, science, English, etc). Testing wise his JHS tests he does reminds me *a lot* of how I tested in college/uni in the US. So..yep...he’s been working so freaking hard on his studies and I know he's going to be super happy after tomorrows tests are over and done with!!! Good luck Bran....kick it baby!!! Kick booty on all your tests tomorrow! : )

Weekend getaway this coming weekend. Ahhhhh (sigh of happiness, lol.) Relief. Boy do all of us need this! This whole month of June has been just super crazy. Seems we haven’t had a real 2 day weekend all month, isn’t that sad or weird or both, hahaha? First weekend of June was the kids club thing, which was fine. 2nd week of June was the swimming competition, still so proud of you Noah, you amazing little swimmer and diver you!!!! ; ) Last weekend, I was at a yakuin meeting from 7-9:20pm (June 21st). @.@ Whole evening just spent talking...making decisions of prices for the things we will be selling for the summer festival next month. The box of stuff to sell that we ordered already, had arrived and we went through it (glowy stuff, plastic swords that light up, water guns, idol cards for older kids, tons of other stuff) Should we charge, 50 yen, 100 yen, 200 yen? Man, we went through item by item. Again so many behind the scenes stuff happen before the summer festival. The bright side is...I don’t have another yakuin duty/job or meeting until July 19th, when we have the fireworks!!! So, now I am free for about 3 weeks at least. So...yay me for kicking butt at the meeting last weekend. : ) Phew. So yeah...we are all really greatly needing this weekend, you guys. : ) It’s just a little 1 overnight hotel stay near-ish Mt Fuji, but that’s okay because we REALLY could use a break.  : )

So something to look forward to... for this coming weekend, for sures. Goodness we need it, superly need it...just saying. : )

My dad...he is flying out Wednesday morning Denver time. Making his way to Japan and then to Guam. So, I will be tracking his flight via online and making sure he has a smooth trip. : ) So for us in Japan time, he is leaving for us.... probably around 10pm tonight... he will be either in the air from Denver to MN and then on his way to Japan then Guam, what a long flight to get back “home”, like I said though...around 9pm-10pm tonight for us in Japan is when his journey should be starting, he has an extremely long flight so good luck dad and have a wonderful trip, watch tons of movies!: ) 

Weather wise...It’s been raining off and on all day yesterday and today, where we live. : )
Alrighty, enough from me for now. : )