Thursday, June 05, 2014

Shorts shopping for the boys...Uniqlo, Old Navy and Nishimatsuya

Clothes wise for both Branden and Noah they both have plenty of shirts/tops, but not nearly enough shorts. Noah's problem isn't waist wise it's length wise, Noah can still wear his shorts from last year no problem waist wise. Size 130cm. However length wise, they (the 130cm) are way too short to wear this year. And I'm not gonna let him run around looking like a ragamuffin. Hahaha. So, I knew he needed 140cm size shorts. Also, here's 1 more tidbit to add to the mix. You know how on American kids clothes there is that inside waist adjuster...meaning the elastic band with button to cinch the waist smaller, right? Do you know what I mean? Well get this...that button for whatever reason hurts Noah. I don't know if  it's because he's so skinny/thin that the button stabs his bones or what, I'm being serious. : ( That adjustable waistband never bothered Branden at all. Not ever! But it really and truly causes Noah pain. He has that orange pair of Gap shorts and green pair and 1 other pair and every time he wears them he tucks his shirt into his shorts or pants because as he says "the button hurts me" Being a mama, it hurts me hearing that!!! : ( One morning, as Noah was getting ready for school a few weeks back, he was wincing at that button, I grabbed my scissors and cut the buttons out that morning on a pair of his shorts! I did ask him if it was okay and he said yes please! Poor kid! : ( So, for Noah, I prefer to buy Japanese pants and Japanese shorts and it's only because we have adjustable waistband issues. : ) So back to the story, last week, the day of Noah's observation day and emergency drill, that morning, I ran to my nearest Nishimatsuya. Hoping to buy 5 pair of shorts, just to get it over and done with. The quality we love and the prices are very fair! Did I wait too long? Was I too delayed hitting up Nishimatsuya for summer shorts? @.@ Yes, apparently so! They had only 1 pair of shorts in size 140cm. Oh brother! So, I wanted 5 pair and ended up with 1 pair. Oh well, at least we had 1! So there's the bright size at least! These are them. And these same exact pair we bought Noah last year in size 130cm and they were his most favorite pair of shorts of last year. So, I was happy to find them in the bigger size this year. 

979 yen, just add a decimal, so about $9.79 US. Very affordable. And the waistband doesn't hurt Noah at all. 

Meanwhile you know how in yochien every June 1st was the day you switched from winter uniform to your summer uniform? Well, same at our local JHS. Branden's summer pants arrived last week and they look exactly the same as his winter pair except they are thinner. And he needed short sleeve tops, button up ones. And no jacket for summer. Ordered 3 short sleeve dress shirts from Cecile. Love the quality and prices. 

Branden needed a special type of collar. And remember how I said I felt that Cecile ran small in their sizes on the long sleeve tops (school/dress shirts), well I made sure to order 1 size larger in these short sleeve tops. 170cm. 

3 is enough to make sure he always has 1 clean. Since we are not in rainy season yet here in Chiba (almost), I can wash 1 every single day so Branden always has 2 clean hanging. Also, I will NOT be putting these in the dryer only because I am concerned about shrinkage. So, I'll just hang these inside when the rainy season finally hits us. So, considering all that, 3 was just a better number for us. 
Again, like I said, both Branden and Noah have enough summer shirts/tops. But not nearly enough shorts! So, this last Saturday, May 31st, we 4 all knew that was "shorts day!" The day we were to look for shorts for the boys! We were to hit up Uniqlo, Old Navy and Nishimatsuya, all in Tsukuba, of course. First we went to Uniqlo. Next was the Old Navy. Again just our good luck! Old Navy was having a weekend shorts sale! Sale...that word is music to my ears! : ) I hate paying full price on anything, sorry. : ) 

After we finished the Uniqlo, Old Navy and Nishimatsuya shop and had indeed found what we were looking for, we now needed some dinner. Hmm, go to a regular sit down restaurant was an option. But another cheaper option was to head to Costco in Tsukuba and eat dinner there, I suggested Costco. We ordered 1 whole pizza for the 4 of us. Also, Noboru and Noah each had a hot dog too. Whatever pizza was left, we took home. Dinner was pretty cheap. We even shared an ice cream and headed home. Many good sales and a nice and quick dinner. Not too shabby for a Saturday. : ) 

Branden feeling pretty awesome and happy! He got a haircut the very next day, by the way, Noah too. : ) 

Old Navy, Uniqlo and Nishimatsuya. 

Branden is now wearing a size medium in the men's department! Can you believe it!!! @.@ Holy cow! He can fit in the smalls perfectly BUT, but if he should grow 1 tiny dot length wise or 1 tiny dot waist wise, or if I should throw in the dryer and they shrank a tiny dot, they'd be unwearable. The mediums fit perfect with room to grow! Which is why we picked the mediums, just seemed like a smarter pick. 

Navy blue Uniqlo house shorts on the right. And this pattern shorts for wearing outside and about on the left. We all really liked that pattern for Branden. The prices were higher at Uniqlo for men's shorts, than at Old Navy in Japan for what it's worth. But we like both. As, a mom, I notice prices a lot. So, just something I wanted to mention. 

Branden is a 28 inch waist at Old Navy in regular stuff, but if you see this, it says 'slim fit" so they are cut smaller. So, in this style he's size 30 in the waist. Also the shorts prices for men were 1400 yen ($14 US) a pair and the shorts that they had were tons of different cool styles! Kids shorts at Old Navy were a mere 1000 yen ($10 US, didn't get a single pair though because of the waistband)

These are both from Old Navy and both slim fit and so both size 30. Every person who walked into the store touched or looked at the tan shark shorts on the right in this pic. Many Japanese young couples said...look how cute!!! And they were! So, Branden ended up with these hibiscus ones on the left and the cream/light tan shark ones. Only 1400 yen a piece, we were really happy about the price. And Branden has room to grow all summer. They're not gigantic, but perfect size with a bit of room to grow too. 

These tops are only $5 in the US. But they were 900 yen here. Which is fine, Branden got this, he's a size small in men's tees. 

Also swimming at the junior high school is coming up shortly and so all kids need to bring a pair of flip flops to walk to and from the pool in. These flip flops were 2 pair for 500 yen. 2 for $5 bucks basically. Love that deal! So bought a pair of navy blue for Branden in the men's department and a pair for Noah in the kids department. Bought both of the kids flip flops for swimming for 500 yen! Loved that deal! : )

Noah's are navy blue too, since the swim uniform/required outfit is navy blue. His have bright green skateboards on his flippies though. : ) And Noboru wanted that change purse for himself and he took off the keyring already.  : )  

Both Uniqlo and Old Navy, not bad for Branden. He'll still probably end up with 1 or 2 more pairs of shorts and maybe 1 more house shorts but again...not a bad start. His tees are done, summer wise he needs no more tops, and summer shorts wise, he's 90% done. So almost done. : ) We're getting there. 

Also, I'm not sure why this picture is laying sideways. Grrr! : ) But, while at Uniqlo, I got 2 pair of house shorts. Just something I can throw on to be in the house in, throw my hair in a pony tail, fitted tee and these shorts. Granted, I wouldn't go run errands in them, but they're fine for wearing in the backyard and on weekends when I'm just staying home. : )  I'm an American size 8, so I don't have problems buying clothes in Japan at all. But shoes, hahaha, I do have trouble finding shoes that aren't super teeny tiny. : ) But yeah nice to get 2 comfy house shorts for myself. 

Navy blue pair with flowers on them on the left and a plain gray pair on the right. 

We did check and see the shorts Old Navy had for Noah's age/size and they had fantastic deals only 1000 yen a pair, like I said. They had jean ones, cream/tan ones, khaki/olive, all sorts however they all had that adjustable waistband and button, so we passed on all those. Oh well, we did however go to Nishimatsuya in Tsukuba. Noah got 4 pair for 3800 yen. So a really good deal. : )

This pair has no adjustable waistband and only 879 yen. 

This pair was on sale and only 779 yen. About $7.79 US. And these have that comfortable cloth waist band. So more comfy for Noah's stomach and waist. 

These are those 2 pair up above. 

And this is the 2 other pair, again that comfortable waist band. I did take Noah to the dressing room and have him try them all on. Because again he's pretty thin and we had to make sure they fit (wouldn't fall right off) and they all fit fine. Phew. : )  So these are the 4 bought from Saturday. I did though throw them all in the dryer hoping they'd all shrink a tad in the waist, anyway though. : )

Aha, and this pair was bought 2 days earlier, the day of the observation day/emergency drill. 2 pairs found in Noah's favorite style. So twin favorite shorts, hahaha, but just a larger size. : ) The 2 on the bottom left. Noah doesn't need tops or tees or shorts. So he's pretty much done for summer 2014 clothes wise (thank goodness). Maybe he'll get a pair of room wear. Or if I can find a color pair of shorts for him. But otherwise Noah is done.  Branden meanwhile just another pair of shorts or two and that should be it. We are almost done and then we won't have to think about clothes until the Fall. Yes! : ) I'll be so glad when it's all over and done. : ) 
Also bought this spray deodorant for Branden. He uses American stick deodorant for his underarm area, but he sprays this on his chest and back before heading out to school, just keeps him smelling fresh throughout the day, the scent is Clear Ocean it smells very clean. That's all. : ) 

PS...Didn't rain buckets or anything today at all! @.@ It did lightly sprinkle for about 5 minutes. However, once again the weather forecast says tons of rain for tonight and tomorrow. Hmm. We will see. : )