Friday, June 13, 2014

Preparing for the swimming competition tomorrow, My dad’s arrival to Denver complete, and a few other bits and pieces mixed in there for good measure...

Thursday, June 12th Noboru and I had a lunch date at one of our favorite Indian restaurants. I had my favorite kabocha curry, with naan and salad and a piece of tandoori chicken. It also comes with a drink, we both picked iced coffee. Noboru had the same set that I did, except he picked keema curry.  Thursday was a nice day, because the house was 98% clean/finished for the week. I did some light dusting and laundry the next day and scrubbed the sink room down real quick and then it was done done. We knew my dad's flight was set for the next day. The kids were safely at school and it was just a nice lunch date Thursday. 

Friday at 10:30am, we went to look again at the cake options while at Costco. I had thought Noboru had ordered Noah's cake already, but when I asked him about it a few days ago, he said he forgot, which is fine, believe happens. So... but now we are thinking about ordering Noah a Costco cake. Here's the thing. We usually order delicious ice cream cakes from this amazing lady in Nagano and the price is comparable to the cost of Baskin Robbins cakes here in Japan too. Except hers are tastier. The only thing is, the size is always just enough with a family of 4 for each of us to get 1 normal slice of cake and then 1 super teeny tiny slice the next day. It's fine and all. And the cost is like $42 US 4200 yen or something like that. Here at Costco though...the cakes are $27 US/2700 yen... around that price and they are huge normal American cake size. So there would be enough for days! So now we are deeply swaying towards this. You can get like a Boston cream type cream inside or a chocolate whip cream inside. We are also, now thinking if we should get the balloon or soccer design. Also one more thing, it says 48 hours advance notice requested. Which is fine but we would prefer order like 2 weeks in advance if possible, is that okay too though. @.@ Again we will be back at Costco again a few more times, so we will ask the bakery folks about it on our next trip there. 

After sending the kids to school yesterday/Friday. Well Branden rode his bike first time of the week only because it was raining buckets all week except yesterday, first clear day was yesterday, so he rode his bike to school. Anyway, with the swimming meet/competition in mind and whatnot. Noboru and I ran together to Costco. Just picked up some essentials. 2 packs of pancakes which are now in the freezer. Dinner rolls. Sandwich rolls (for the swim meet). Tortillas. Big hunk of colby cheese (can be used for tostadas, enchiladas or gratin potatoes, anything really). Shredded Mozzarella cheese (we are having baked ravioli tonight). Skippy Peanut Butter. Margarine. Eggs, salad, case of yogurt (we eat tons of yogurt), provolone, sliced ham for sammy's for the swim competition and a roasted chicken for last nights supper. 

Yep you can see a hint of the yogurt hiding under the provolone cheese, but it is indeed there. : )

Lunch yesterday we had at Costco. 1 chicken provolone sandwich for me and 1 big cesar salad for Noboru. 

Aha...the peanut butter is now visible, 4lb jar of Skippy, far back left. Noah got out of school at 2:20pm, so just enough time for us to drive home to our Mayberry type town, put the food away and then I went and swung around to the plaza to pick up Noah and we went home. Branden rode home later. We had a roasted chicken, cheesy baked potatoes, steamed veggie and a simple salad. : ) 

I know Sunday/tomorrow we will be gone at the swimming competition *all day*. From at least 7am,-3pm. So laundry is out for me tomorrow. So it *has* to get done today or it just isn't gonna happen for us. So, I went upstairs early this morning and with that shoe cleanser and brush I quickly brushed 1 pair of shoes for Branden clean and 3 pair for Noah clean, tossed in the washer on the fast/quick wash and tossed outside to dry in the sun, in fact they are outside even now. I also tossed out my black ballet shoes with gold beads from Old Navy.  

Noboru's favorite gray house shorts with orange stripe from Uniqlo, Noah's jean shorts many of his are outside hanging today, Branden's green bandana he wore on Friday at school is drying out right now, their gym shirts and gym shorts are also out there now and Noah's lunch serving outfit is hanging out there too. This way, they can go back to school Monday with fresh everything and start the week that way. :  )

Potato plants are big and bushy and flowers were on top last week.  The zucchini plants are on the left, they are babies still though. : ) They need to get bigger still.

My dad has already arrived in Denver. He arrived Friday afternoon for you in America....for us in Japan, he arrived today around 11am-ish. He is now at my aunties and happy. : ) He called me at Narita airport, funny the good luck we have, just as he called, I was walking through the door with Costco goodies. I ran and picked up the phone, while he was leaving a message and we spoke for a few minutes. I wished him a lovely flight. : ) My dad called me in Minnesota for 2 minutes, just asking about the flight, I said you will have no trouble, enjoy the flight. : ) And amazing is that... the airport DIA, where I'm from (Colorado), has a complimentary 10 minute international call on their courtesy phones, so he called me to say he arrived. : ) I had been tracking my dad's flight the whole way, so I knew, but I admit, I was so happy when he called.  We are really close my dad and I, he sounded very tired, but happy. I said basically. "I love you dad, have a wonderful time and I'll talk to you in a couple days" So yep, my dad is back in Denver for his 2 week vacation now. : )

Meanwhile on the swimming news, Noah brought home a booklet... a thick one! Lists of who is swimming against who this coming Sunday/tomorrow, holy goodness so many people. I explained to my dad, "it's a half an inch thick this booklet!" hahaha. 4 swimming schools competing! 3 different swimming schools coming to our swim school for the battle. A swim school as far away as Funabashi is coming all the way here for it! 196 kids total will be competing! All our friends will be there. Noah's best friend from his yochien years H will be there. All my mama friends will be there. The only thing I am worried about is seating!??? @.@ I know our swim school only has 6 benches upstairs and well... how are 196 worth of parents going to fit upstairs on 6 benches? So seating is semi worrying for me. Lunch wise it's just gonna be simple ham and cheese with lettuce sammy's. Some fruit. Drinks. I'm not packing a 5 course meal or anything. Just as simple as possible. So today we are just sorta chilling here at home, relaxing because tomorrow, we could be upstairs with hundreds of parents. Hahaha. I'll fill you all in on that later. Noah knows we just want him to have fun and learn from this. That's it. : )

Meanwhile...Branden was given his syllabus/study guide for his final... he received it on Thursday, June 12th, his final is June 26th. He has 2 weeks to study his ever lovin' brains out, poor kid, good luck for that Branden, I know you can do it. : ) Between the midterm and the final for the semester... it seems as soon as you catch your breath from the midterm blammo, here comes the final for this semester! Yikes! Hahaha. : )

June 2014, means I haven't had many 2 day weekends during June. First week of June, I was working the kids club event. Which is fine. So I only had a 1 day weekend last weekend. And this weekend, I will spend Sunday at swimming school, for a swimming competition for Noah tomorrow. Again though no complaints, anything for my kids.... but this month, I will not get many 2 day weekends. : ) Next weekend, I have a yakuin meeting. So I think it is fair to say the final week of June, we will be *so* needing that overnight getaway near Mt. Fuji. Hahaha. It will be much needed for us all.

Swimming, both Branden and Noah start swimming at the local elementary school (for Noah) and the local JHS (for Branden) this coming week. So, I needed to pack them a swimming set, flip flops (we picked up at Old Navy both pair for 500 yen), the goggles they have them already and swim caps and stuff they already have and swimming towels they have a few each anyway, since they are swimmers anyway.

Anyway that's enough for now. Have a wonderful weekend everyone. : )