Monday, June 02, 2014

Noah’s class observation day and the yearly emergency drill at the local elementary school

Last Thursday, May 29th was Noah's observation day at the local elementary school. This was a, "you can go any time of day type of observation day!" Also at the end of the day, everyone (including parents) were to be outside on the school grounds at 2:20pm for a "practice emergency drill" I went to Noah's last class, also, I came early and the kids just finished their lunch and were brushing their teeth! Look at that little boy in the background smiling at me. His mom and I are friends. And there's Lily-chan there in the stripes in front of Noah, she is so cute! And the little girl nearest my camera gave me a big wave, after I clicked this pic. 

About to enter the class. Noah meanwhile brushing his teeth. The sensei plays a CD and the song is about brushing your teeth! Hahaha and they brush for the duration of the song, however long the song plays is how long they brush for. I entered the class. A couple kids told me, hi and waved and I said hi back...and  I also gave brushing motions with my hand..."brush your teeth...brush your teeth" (In Japanese of course) I said while smiling. The sensei nodded at me and smiled and said "yep, Noah's mama is right!" : )

Noah's shuji/calligraphy hanging on the wall outside his class. Says the 3rd grade and says Noah. : ) 

Noah's artwork inside his class! : )
Then the kids had a 10 minute recess and I went outside to enjoy watching Noah play! Here's Noah in the orange shirt playing with his group of friends! They were about to play dodge ball! 

Run kids run! Try not to get hit with the ball...if so, you're out! Hahaha. 

School grounds and school in the background! : )

The gym!

Jungle gym in the way way background and not sure if you can see the bunch of tires in the ground to the left. Noboru and the rest of the Father's Club guys, put the tires in the ground and painted them all the colors of the rainbow for all the kids to enjoy, they did that years ago.  : ) This is a very good environment for the kids to go to school in. Very country, very rural and peaceful. Now that it's almost summer Noah's class goes on nature walks with the class around the school grounds or walks about the town with the teacher, gee they do that about once a week, sometimes twice a week and they don't go too far. : ) 

Okay so this was only a practice/mock drill. Not a real one, but the school made an emergency announcement and all grades filed out of the school with their teacher, not running but they all walked quickly out.

Hi sweet pea! : )

I am always a bit freakishly early, I always have been. Started at 2:20pm and I was standing outside at 2:05pm. Okay maybe 2:07pm. Here come the parents and many grandparents. To be fair, lots of parents now days work.So just as long as someone shows up for you. The note said, to wait in the basketball court! The note says that every year! Which I did. : )

See, I did! Hahaha. Some parents did not though and the head teacher got on the loud speaker and said..."parents get in the basketball area...get in the basketball area!!!"

Is your child a 1st grader? 3rd grader? 6th grader? The flag will show you which grade. 1,2,3,4,5,you know what I mean, I hope. : ) Then the head teacher said...after a bit of waiting, now go and stand next to your child! This year I only have 1 child at the school, so I didn't have to run from flag/class to class. Hahaha. I stood right next to Noah. And then as protocol says the teacher MUST confirm you are the child's parent or grandparent. She went down the row, Noah is student #10. They do that alphabetically by your last name. Branden is student #3, however Noah's class has tons of kids in it, so he's student #10. So she went to 9 other kiddos first. I heard her, she asked each child is this your mother/father/grandparent? The child stood and said yes. And then she asked the parent...who are you? I am his mom or whoever, the person would say. When it was finally our turn, she asked..."Noah is this your mom?" "Yes", he said. She laughs doing us, not like a  mean laugh... just more of a... this is so obvious but I have to ask you anyway kinda laugh" and I know it's because I clearly look foreign/I clearly stick out : ( (hahaha) and Noah clearly looks like me, no other kid could possibly be mine in that crowd of kids and clearly we are related. But we still went according to protocol and that's totally fine, I heard 9 others go before us, I knew what to expect, it was fine. So, like I said, Noah said, "yes that is my mom." And then she asked me, "who are you?" I said, "I am Noah's mom." which is..."Noah no haha desu!" And she said alrighty and crossed us off the list, waved us good bye and we went home and that was that, over and done for another year. : ) Anyway, the practice emergency drill is complete for 2014 at least! : ) And it was a lovely observation day. : )