Thursday, June 26, 2014

Maleficent movie tickets purchased...

Though the movie Maleficent came out in the US a while ago, for us in Japan it hasn't came out just yet. It starts showing in regular movie theaters here July 5th, I believe is the first day it starts here. Now you all know, I love movies, going out to the movies, watching movies at home. Movies are awesome! : ) And I have been badly wanting to see this movie and so have the kids! So, today I went to the movie theater and though it's too early still... to pick your seat, I can do that this next coming week. But this is a paid ticket that reserves us our seats, they just haven't been picked yet, still too early. Why buy beforehand? Good question, haha. : ) Not sure about all parts of Japan, but for our part of Japan, it saves money. Not sure if you can see the tickets on the left, it says 800 yen for kids tickets, if I waited until July, the day of the actual movie we'd pay 1,000 yen each kids ticket. So buying early for just Branden and Noah's tickets saves me 400 yen $4 US both their tickets. And heck 400 yen is still a 400 yen savings. And same with our adult tickets too. By me buying them today I just paid 1400 yen for our adult tickets $14 US each ticket for an adult. which is still highway robbery, if you compare to a movie in Guam. However, this movie looks amazing, it's superly popular right now and I'd like us to go and enjoy it as a family. And I didn't want to wait until cheap movie day, which only happens on the first day of every month because at that rate, I'd have to wait until August 1st and we'll be in California at that time anyways. : ) So...I'm happy pre-buying the movie tickets, I did save around 1000 yen by buying these early, before July. The ticket counter lady who was... by the way AWESOME : )...said as soon as the new schedule comes out, for me to come back and pick/choose our specific seats. And I believe our new weekly schedule comes out on Thursdays, so July 3rd, I'll just cruise myself to the nearest movies and exchange these tickets for actual tickets with confirmed/picked/chosen seats. : )  So movie tickets bought, yes! We just have to pick the seats this coming week, but tickets indeed bought already. : )

Also, because I bought our tickets early they gave me 4 free gifts. A nice surprise. Heck, I won't knock a free gift. ; ) So now we have 4 Maleficent eye masks, go figure. : )

PS, things to add: Both Branden and Noah are swimming right now. Branden is so relaxed and relieved his tests are over and done and have already been taken. He said he feels really good about his tests he took today. Also...yesterday, Noboru was given July's work schedule and yes he was given his vacation days off! So we are going on vacation last week of July and first part of August as well, it's a sure thing now, so we are pretty excited. We all could use a nice long vacation. So it's something to look forward to again, which is nice. My dad is in the air as we speak or I type...heading to Japan. But it's just a connecting flight. Alrighty, that's enough from me for now. : )