Sunday, June 22, 2014

Birthday preparations...

Noah's birthday is July 7.  This picture according to the date stamp thing on this was taken June 5th, 2014 at 1:28pm. We ordered this online beforehand obviously. 2nd to last week of May is when we started asking Noah what he wanted for his birthday. His friend Seiya has a "Ripstick deluxe mini." Since April, all we have heard in this house, is how cool Seiya's Ripstick is (not to be confused with Sera the kid he went to yochien with who also lives in our town : ) and he'd like for one too. Now between you and me, I think they're cool (for other kids) but I was 100% against them for my own kids! My feelings are that they are dangerous and well, I don't want my baby killing himself with this thing, so no way! So since April, my stock answer was...anything *but* the Ripstick. Add crushing and disappointed face here. : (  In my mind everyone who uses these things ended up with a broken bone or broken or scratched up something. I have never had a broken bone and I'd like for neither of my kids to end up with broken bones either. Again, this I admit, might just be my mommy brain kicking into high gear trying to protect her young. I get that, believe me I do. But also I worried, big time worried. As usual, Noboru in May "smooth talked" me about it. Essentially saying Noah *is* a boy after all and unless we put him in a plastic bubble....or lock him in his room forever and ever, there is always a danger he could be injured anyway. Yes, yes, yes I do *get* that. But I also said... isn't this Ripstick thing though... just increasing the odds. So we did talk for days about it and I finally agreed... relented (because bottom line is and I'm sorry if this sounds all cornball, but it's true...bottom line is... I respect my husbands opinion too and I know he loves Noah as much as I do) #2 I know how badly Noah wants one and I want to see his happy face on his birthday rip open that box just as much as the next guy/ well mom, ykwim. Am I still going to have mini heart attacks while Noah rides this thing? You betcha! : ) When we finally told Noah, he could *maybe* have one, he was over the moon, so he doesn't know 100% for sure if he is getting one. We also asked him what color. We thought they had just blue, red and plain black. Noah requested...anything but blue because Seiya has blue and he doesn't want to be a copy cat. : ) Okay we said... anything but the plain blue. Anyway we did say *maybe* but we did look online and we found a special Japan only edition one and it is just super cool looking. It has words all over it, saying Peace, pictures of the peace sign and it says Japan. So very cool. : ) Yep checking the box in this pic again and yep we made sure to get exactly the right model, the deluxe mini. Check and check!

Japan! : )

Yep, this is super cool, really cool actually! : ) I think Noah's gonna freak with happiness, when he rips open that huge box it came in. : ) 

8+, so age appropriate, yes and yes! The other model (not the mini) is for older/bigger kids. 
We also picked this up at the Aeon, last week of May also. A wallet and a bag. In Japan kids all carry some sort of bag to carry their wallet at in summer for events like summer festivals and such. Maybe throw a small compact DS game, etc type thing. 

An exact matching set, though they were bought separately of course, same day same store, they didn't come together... but we wanted both to match. The red zipper on the wallet matches the bag exactly. I think Noah will love this. : )  His last wallet he has been using is his Ben 10 wallet. : ) 

First week of June, I ordered 2 things for Noah form for his birthday. I also ordered other things but I'll talk about those in another post. : ) 

My kids are just normal regular kids. They love Transformers. Spider-man. Superman. They also love bike riding with friends, fishing or crawfish/crawdad hunting. They love the water. They like watching cartoons upside on the couch at times. They dislike cleaning their rooms, even though they have to. : ) Hahaha. Anyway...Noah has 2 Transformers DVD's, 1 and 3 but he doesn't have 2. He has been asking for Transformers 2. He asked for it for Christmas and I forgot (brain fart perhaps)...I did place an order, ordered other things but somehow I keep forgetting to pick up Transformers 2. @.@ Well...brain fart no more, I made certain this time to order it! And I did! Phew! Besides buying Transformers 2, I also know that we read together every single night at bed time and since he loves reading regular kid stuff, these 5 Minute Spider Man stories were going to be *perfect* for Noah. I read the reviews of this book and lots of parents were saying it is the perfect amount for a bedtime story. And I agree. 5 minutes will be a perfect time. : ) Just enough time to make sure each kiddo has that special mom and child one on one time alone, right before dreamland time. Branden is meanwhile reading about sharks at the moment. : ) 

I also loved that it is a fat book, so not like super skinny with 20 pages type book, a nice thick book. And the book was only like $10-12 US or so, sorry I forgot the actual price but I remember thinking what a deal! 

Perfect for Noah's reading level. 

185 pages, not bad for a bedtime story book and lots of small stories to read, so we will have lots of new bedtime stories to read soon. : ) This week, Nobou and I are going to Costco to order Noah's birthday cake. I do have a few other "do-dads" to pick up too... a few last minute presents and stuff (knee pads type things for the Ripstick, etc.) But as usual birthdays around here are just kept simple, just family, low key type events. We will take Noah out to dinner of course though and have cake and ice-cream and he can unwrap his presents. : ) So we're getting there. : )