Monday, May 26, 2014

Noah competing in his first swimming competition ever, this coming June

Both Branden and Noah are swimmers. Noah since age 3, Branden since age 4. Branden has swam competitively before. Now it's Noah's turn! We are so proud of you kiddo! In April, Noah was actually asked by our swimming school, if he would represent their actual swimming school this coming June! As the top line of this paper says... it will be a swim school VS. another swim school! All of the best of the best swimmers that our swimming school has, versus all the best of the best, the other swim school has and the show down will be this coming June! The swimming school sent an official note home asking if Noah could compete and represent their swim school. We asked Noah first and foremost..."do you want to?" because if he's not into it, we don't want him to do it at all. You know what I mean. However, since Noah was like 9 months old and watching his brother downstairs swimming, while Noah looked on, through the glass window looking into the pool, he has been wanting to swim too! Do everything his big brother does! And when Noah went to Branden's swimming competitions, Noah asked, if he could someday do that too. We said, well, we will see. : ) But if you want to, why not! So, in April, Noboru and I had to drive to the swim school and bring the stamp and sign some forms that will allow Noah to compete this June. And so, ever since then, when the boys go to swim school, Noah along with the others competing this June have been practicing in a swim lane to themselves, working hard on their speed and time. Just working superly hard! The swim meet will be at our actual swimming school. The other note we got in April, said, kids will be allowed into the school at 7am that day (Sunday, early-mid June) parents will not be allowed inside the building until 8am, we will be packing obento for us all that day (actual competition starts at 9:15am) It will be a full day! And this note says, basically Noah is to bring his competition swim trunks, which he has, his goggles, (he'll bring 2, because going to swimming competitions before, I know sometimes 2 come in handy, a girl one time on our team, her goggles broke while swimming, not sure how, but they certainly did and she didn't have an extra, she stood looking for her missing goggle piece and because her foot touched the bottom of the pool, she was disqualified, seeing that, we have just always brought 2 pair with us ever since, we also told the kids, if that ever happens, like Dory said (Finding Nemo) "just keep swimming, just keep swimming, swimming swimming", don't let your foot touch the bottom of the pool, no matter what...cap falls off, just keep swimming, you know what I mean I hope, yep we learned a lot through watching said competitions beforehand hahaha.) This note also says, when they are not competing, meaning when another group is racing they are to be wearing a T shirt and like house comfy type shorts. It also says to bring sports drinks, chocolate, or energy bar, something to give them a boost of sugar to give them that boost in the pool. because as you know, swimming really drains you! It really *really* does! So while Branden, has been knee deep in mid term study, which it's now over. Noah has been quietly getting ready for his first ever swimming competition ever this coming June! How do I think Noah will do? Honestly, it doesn't really matter win or lose...he's only in the 3rd grade, if he doesn't win, it's going to be just fine. Plus this is his first competition ever, so I think he will learn a lot by going to this. But it's a great learning experience and it will help prepare Noah for... if he decides to compete and represent our elementary school when he's in the 4th grade. He can't do that until he's a 4th grader, so he's still too young for that, but this will give him the experience of trying it! That way, he can decide if he likes competing with swimming or not. I'm looking at it as a great way for Noah to spend the day with his friends, great learning experience, amazing exercise of course. Clearly the school thinks he has a chance or they wouldn't have asked him to represent them. The swimming school actually has asked Noah to compete in 3 separate races! I think Noah is going to love swimming that day, win or lose, so we will see. : ) We are really *really* proud of you Noah! You're a good kid! : )