Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Kodomo kai event/Kid's Club party

Saturday, April 5th, was a kid's club party, the "welcoming the ichinensei"..."welcoming the first graders" party. This is for the kids who live in our district/housing community only.  All kids who are in elementary school, who live here (same housing community) and pay yearly fees/dues are allowed (it's only 600 yen a year per kiddo, so not so much really). This was the day us 3 head mom's would be doing our dance routine, to Dead or Alive's "Something in My House" 

All ichinensei mom's are allowed to come and observe. Other grade mom's... usually don't come. However the 6th grade mom's are all asked to come and help, just as a "support member"/helper.. for us kids club mom's. The woman in the brown sweatshirt pictured here, but not facing the camera. She is lovely, she lives about 50 seconds from my house, she moved here last July, July 2013. She has a girl and boy twin Noah's age and a 6th grade daughter, her husband lives elsewhere because of his job, they're doing "tanshinfunin" She is very in like, very very shy. As in, last years "town undokai" she didn't sit in her district section she went and sat alone by herself on a bench away from everyone else. And she's not mean, she's actually super nice. So, I went and sat next to her last year at the town undokai just for a minute....and brought her, her obento's that our housing community passed out for free. I could just feel, that she probably didn't want to go in the crowd to get her lunch boxes, so I worried and so instead.... I ran her 3 obento over to her. I told her after I sat down for a minute, where we were seated and if she felt like coming to sit, with Noboru and I.... there was a spot where we were. She smiled and said thank you but she didn't come, I knew she wouldn't... but at least the offer was there. She sat alone the whole town undokai. So, yeah I know she is shy, and that's okay, everybody is different. And as a fellow human and the whole.... treat people like you'd want to be treated....I do try to keep my eye on her. I did wonder if she'd show up the day of the kodomokai/kids club" that we had this when I saw her in the hall...walking very slowly to this room, I smiled and told her in Japanese..."welcome, so glad you could come, thank you for coming"...I also told my fellow VP, "she's my neighbor, she is shy so, let's welcome her"...My fellow vp, went over and  gave her the warmest welcome. : )  We both didn't drive her nuts... but we both let her feel wanted and welcome. The other mom's sat and chatted among their cliques or sub group of friends, you know what I mean. I won't use her name this new shy mom, so I'll just call her the "twins mom" from now on..anyway "the twin's mom" and I...I asked her the day of the kids club event, pictured here in Japanese, "do you want to help me and hold the other side of this rope?" I know she feels most comfortable with me. She said we both held opposite ends of a long rope with snacks pinned to it... so the kids could pull a snack down with their teeth. She enjoyed working that game with me. This pic below, I asked her if she could "rock paper scissor" the kids who were carrying a ball on a ladle/big spoon (same as the egg race, just cleaner : ). So she was doing that in the pic below. 

I had picked a lane with Noah and her daughter twin (not the 6th grade daughter) in the same lane, that way the twins mom felt most comfortable and I worked the same lane but on the opposite side of the room. And that's the jinbei boy's sister in the pink sweatshirt pictured here about to run to the twins mom. On a side know how some kids get along and some don't? Well last November when we had the Christmas party for the kids club, 2 of Noah's classmates apparently don't like each do we know? Because they beat and kicked each other to a pulp during the Christmas party! That's how we know. @.@ So this time around...we made sure those 2 kids were in separate rows/lanes...yeah it is a little hard to watch the kids, know which kid always fights with another kid and then... to keep such kids in different lanes/rows. Boy twin and Naoki can NOT be in the same lane at all!!!! Make sure all the mom's are okay, is any mom feeling left out/not getting talked enough to...I'll run and go chat for a minute... make sure the new first graders are okay. Make sure the music is not too loud or too quiet. @.@ Yep, seriously. Are we on schedule...such and such game should stop at 10:25am for example, yet it ended at 10:19am holy goodness... stretch it out a little longer... if we got through it too quickly, just many many things to think about and make sure they are all done. 

Go Noah go! And because I am so cool with her, twin mom is so lovely to Noah and Branden. : ) 

This new ichinensei pictured here passing the ball to Noah is so adorable! She thinks Noah is just the coolest! They met THAT day and she calls him in Japanese...Noah ni-chan...which means "older brother Noah!" Hahaha. And she has since started school and she apparently has a brown backpack too/randoseru. Not like Noah's... but it's sorta the same color, anyway apparently she was so happy...she said Noah ni-chan we have the same color randoseru!!! @.@  : ) This I find so cute! : )

She even bends down to rock paper scissor Noah. : )  I tell're cool with people, they'll be cool with you too. It's a good way to live, I think.: ) 

A bit blurry, but Noah having a wonderful time! 

The prez and my fellow VP in the picture in the background, but not technically pictured, for their privacy. Yep, we 3 wore black t shirts for our dance that morning! Ha! : ) And Branden and the prez's son, they're technically not supposed to be there since they graduated, but since we 3 are the heads, it's okay. : ) We said they were "helpers" and technically yes they were. ; ) The co-Vp is wearing a Guns and Rose's T because she likes rock. : ) These ladies are so nice!
All of the 6th graders from our housing community... are there 7...I think I count 7. Announce your name, and anything else you'd like to say. : )  The "boy next door's" little brother was speaking in this pic, in the Puma shirt.

We went grade by grade. Here are the new 3rd graders. I see you Noah! And Naoki was the one with the microphone, the boy twin was right behind Noah in the striped shirt. 

Noah saying his stuff! 3rd person from the left of Noah is Lily-chan, she is such a cutie. : ) She is a good friend of Noah's. 

And the new first graders! Lily-chan's 1 and only sibling was holding the microphone, yep she's a new ichinensei this year! She was so nervous and ran right back to her mom afterwards. Yep, Lily-chan's mom saw me dance on the stage, holy goodness. : ) Two of these new first graders are on my street/block/han. So, I made sure to run presents to them in between the picture taking. They received 2 new notebooks for school and 2 new pencils and an eraser. : ) 

Noah's treats from that day, I also brought a treat bag for a child on my street who couldn't make it, so I had to make sure that was delivered, and I did. And I was given a small gift bag, pictured at the front but I gave it to Branden, since he did go and help. : ) 
The one and only picture of the handover meeting for our housing community leaders. Last year was our household/Noboru did 99% of it. He was the VP for that. He did a wonderful was exhausting.. it was tiring...many many weekends he'd have to go to a few meetings. It did take time away from our family time, but it just couldn't be helped at all. But he did it and this last picture was the day they were relieved from their duties and the news ones are now handling it all. Also for what it's worth... this is the same exact room, where we kids club mom's have our meetings at too. This building is right next to the tennis courts. This is where I spent an hour last Saturday night. And 2 hours last month on a Saturday night too. : ( Hahaha. : )

Noboru did come home with some flowers, as a thank you and we thought that was pretty nice. Now if we can just get me through this year as VP for the kids club, we'll be all set! : )