Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Just a quick update...

Tomorrow is Branden’s midterm. Tonight is his last night to study! OMG, you guys!!! Branden has been studying like crazy! He got out of school at 4pm today, I drove him to school and back today, because it has been pouring rain since last night and even now it’s still crazy amounts of rain, I made sure dinner was done way before they both got home! I made curry this afternoon, knowing how crucial tonight’s last night of study would be. We all ate super quickly and he got right on his 4 subjects. He did 30 minutes of social studies, he feels he knows the material though, Noboru thinks so too, he then switched and did 30 minutes of science and Noboru gave him 2 mini tests and he looks good so far. So he’s now going to concentrate on Japanese for 2 hours and then finish with math, but he’s stopping at 10pm. Because he needs a really good nights sleep too. A good nights sleep is really important. I will be getting up at 5:45am tomorrow to make him a nice big breakfast and wish him good luck. If it rains again tomorrow, I’ll drive him to school, even a little earlier then usual, so he can go through things again, one last time, before the rest of the class gets there/class starts, you know what I mean. : ) Gosh, I hope he does well. I certainly know how hard he’s been studying! Go Branden go!!!
Meanwhile, so Noah went to school as usual, I picked him up at 3:45pm. And it is noticeable all the 3rd graders are all walking down the hill to the plaza with a white sheet of paper flapping/waving in hand, all of them! And btw, no Sera or Lily-chan at school today. Guess what! There apparently were 13 absences in Noah’s class today, so the 3rd grade class has been shut down for tomorrow and Friday. The note was to say, that the 3rd grade class has been closed for the rest of the week. No school for the rest of the week for any 3rd graders that go to our school. They also sent us all a cell phone email as well. @.@ The good thing is, Noah is as healthy as can be and feels totally fine. So knock on wood for that! Also, they were given 7 worksheets to do for Thursday and Friday. Front and back so 13 sheets (1 sheet doesn’t have anything on the back side of it). Noah did 5 sides today already (2 and a half pages so far) he can finish the rest tomorrow in the day. Tomorrow’s plan was to run to the grocery store, so Noah will have to cruise with me to the grocery store after he gets his homework out of the way first though. : ) I like knowing I’ll have my little chatter box in the car with me tomorrow. : ) He’s very good company. I think we’ll have to buy some ice-cream for Branden and the rest of us, at the store, to celebrate the midterm being over, we can have that as a special  dessert, after dinner tomorrow night. : )