Friday, May 09, 2014

Golden Week...

I hope everyone had a nice Golden Week, if you are reading in Japan and well, if you are reading outside of Japan, I hope you are well and had a lovely week too! : ) These are just a few bits of what we did during our Golden Week. On Showa no Hi, Noboru and I took Branden and Noah to the movies to see The Amazing Spider-Man 2. This was an excellent movie!!! Also, I have to mention, that I enjoyed seeing the co-creator of Spider Man, American comic book writer, Stan Lee make a cameo appearance on The Amazing Spider-Man 2 movie, he was in the audience at the graduation, I noticed him immediately! : )
We brought plenty of snacks to the movies! After the movie, we went to Nitori and after that, we went to the Daiso and then to the Ohsho for dinner. 
Picture are from, dinner at the Ohsho, the night we went to the movies! This restaurant always has such great prices!
I was asked to share, some pics of what I am changing the bedding to. : ) This pic was taken at the Nitori in Inzai, actually a day before we went to see Spiderman. Our bed is dark chocolate brown wood and what we had on it before/previously, was a navy blue and white blanket from Target, which is pretty nice, no complaints... but we also had it forever and it was time to switch things up. So, I looked online at Nitori and I liked this one. So, this is the duvet cover we have on it now. It is striped too, but has different shades of brown all the way to a light cream color. 

We also have 2 night stands in dark chocolate brown and I had been wanting to put baskets in those, for quite a while, these are the baskets. 

The same day we went to Nitori in Inzai, we also went to Costco to get breakfast stuff. Nothing too major, sausage, eggs, English muffins (I freeze half and take out as needed.) And tortillas, the big sized ones were out ...the day I was there, figures! Hahaha. : )

And these pancakes, again we freeze 1 and then just microwave the ones we want and they have margarine and syrup inside and they're so good and the price very fair. 
At Noah's class meeting, one of the things the teacher said, was she wants everyone to bring a magazine holder/book holder. This was the first time, I have ever been asked to have either of my kids to use one at school (they have them in their rooms though). Again I know every teacher is different... so perhaps she knows this way works best for her classroom, besides it's only 100 or so yen, so no worries. We bought ours at the 100 yen/Daiso and same for the Monsters University, writing notebook, Noah needed a replacement for school. 

We 4 all picked out... the one we thought cutest for Noah to take. Noboru said, "this one, is red, white and blue! lol, I didn't even realize it or make a connection, but yeah cool! I personally liked and focused more on the fact it had the cute polka dot and stripe combo. 
Put a name sticker on it for Noah, and he is now using it at school. : )
Bought these plates at Nitori.

Have been wanting to buy hangers for Branden, checked the Daiso and you know for hangers their prices were not so cheap! Checked Trial and again not as cheap as they were last year there, so picked these up at Nitori, 10 hangers for 190 yen was a fair deal!

The bedding. The duvet in queen size, we bought in Inzai, but the fitted sheet they were out of the size we needed, which is why we went to a different Nitori the day we went to the movies. No big deal though, we have quite a few Nitori locations, that are close for us to get to.  : ) 

Yep, paid 400 yen for the big washer to wash up our new bedding, meanwhile hung the duvet outside in the backyard to get nice and fat from the sun, tossed the sheets and duvet cover in the dryer and went home and made the bed. 
Also during Golden Week, Noboru suggested we go to Tokyo for the day, since most city folks were probably camping or trying to enjoy nature. So that's what we did Sunday, May 4th, we went to Tokyo, to enjoy a day in the city! We took these pics as we were driving in our town that morning. 

Beautiful big open spaces, fresh clean air, rice fields a plenty and yep, following a tractor, which is pretty common around where we live in rural Japan. : ) 

In Tokyo.

We did have breakfast before leaving our home, but we had been in the car for ages and Noboru took us to a mall in Tokyo that had many things to eat, that we certainly don't have in the countryside. 

Krispy Kreme and Ben & Jerry's and...

Auntie Anne's. Goodness! You know, it was nice to indulge that day especially since we don't have these types of shops in the countryside where we live. : ) Granted, I'm glad we live where we live and wouldn't trade living in the countryside for all the donuts in the world. : ) But you was nice to indulge that day. Especially since we don't have this sorta thing near where we live. 

Surprised they were still selling Easter donuts, even though Easter was over! Anyway...

We bought a dozen donuts to take back home. So we didn't eat any there.

We did however have a scoop of ice cream at Ben & Jerry's. I had a scoop of Cherry Garcia and a scoop of...

Peanut Butter Cup.

Flavors inside the case...

Branden had a scoop of Peanut Butter Cup and loved it.

Noah had a cookie one...not cookies and cream, the kind most people think of... but it had a few different types of cookies, he loved it! : )

Hi gorgeous! : )

Noboru and I shared this one 50/50. I loved it, Noboru was more like "ehhh, it's no vanilla!" : ) Hahaha. He prefers vanilla, which is fine. : ) 

Branden and Noah split a pretzel and Noboru and I split one too and that was enough snackage for the afternoon. The pretzel was great, but much smaller in size than, the ones they sell in the states and Guam. But still really delicious. No complaints at all though, we all got to indulge in some treats, we rarely get to indulge in and they were great. : )

People walking in Tokyo! Just enjoying their Golden Week, us too. : )

I have been like *really* really wanting to go to Shin-Okubo, because they have one of the largest Korean community/areas in Japan, online many folks are calling it a "Korea/Korean Town" of sorts. And as most of you reading for a while know, I love Korean skin care! Look at my haul at the Face Shop in Honolulu last year and Tony Moly! I buy Korean skincare also from Aeon and I have bought online from InnisFree! Again, love their skincare. I have also been wanting to go back to Seoul, for a visit, our family of 4 went once... a super long time ago, when Noah was about 6 months old, I blogged about it.  Also, I like to make buta kimchi and also chicken kimchi but ran out of hot chili pepper flakes and ground chili pepper and finding it, the really really hot stuff is hard to find! So...just a perfect time to check out Shin-Okubo! We loved it! They had so many fantastic skin care and cosmetic shops! We also got to check out a grocery store and I found my chili, yay!

Korean flag, Japanese flag! This place was awesome!

Noboru and the kids and I shared a cup of these! We had a big fresh bag we bought along the street, when we were in Korea, years ago, these were just as spicy and so good!

Skincare made of snail is super popular! It doesn't smell funky at all! I have used the face masks before!

The whole couple blocks/area, were skincare heaven and cosmetic heaven for me...bliss! I only bought 2 things, but what I enjoyed the most was looking around! : )

The food smelled so good, in Shin Okubo! What I learned when we went to Korea years ago was, Korea is famous for their fried chicken, whole chicken in a pot type soup, oh man, so many good things to eat and try! We ended up not eating dinner there though. 

Their Face Shop in Shin Okubo had way less stuff/product than the one in Honolulu had and the products found at Narita Aeon too. 

Think mochi with delicious spicy as heck chili! Yumm!

Noboru suggested we hit Wendy's for dinner. Again as a special treat, since we clearly have no Wendy's near us. There used to be some in Tsukuba and semi near us, but they went away, years ago. : (

Again for it being Tokyo, it was a much quieter Tokyo, I think because many Tokyo folks were enjoying camping or off taking trips elsewhere, because Tokyo was just much quieter. See us, country folks got to enjoy the city for Golden Week (well for 1 day at least) and city folks could have very well, enjoyed life in the country. We traded, hahaha! : )  How cute! : )

I had a spicy chicken sandwich and fries and a soda. Branden had the same exact thing as me. 

Noah had a single with cheese... (cheeseburger), combo, with fries and a drink. 

Noboru had a double cheeseburger combo, with fries and a drink. We left our house to get to Tokyo around 10:30am and didn't get back home until 12:25am!!! Granted to be fair, we took normal roads no toll roads/fees. But my gosh it took us forever to get there and back! But you know...we rarely go to Tokyo, well unless a trip to the US Embassy for a passport renewal is needed. : ) Otherwise we never go. So, this was a nice change of pace. And we were all glad we went. The price for gas was zero, since our car is electric, and we did charge for 20 minutes twice, once there and once back. And we didn't use toll roads. All we spent was the dozen donuts or whatever we ate. So a really affordable outing really and so fun! A great way to spend Midori no Hi (Greenery day)

Goodies brought back...

The snail hand cream, part of my Mother's Day gift, I tried it in the store and Noboru and Branden commented how good this particular hand cream smelled. There were many hand creams and plenty of testers, this one smelled best and my hands felt amazing!

I was first interested in this face cleanser last year after watching a YouTube video of someone talking about this, but couldn't find it anywhere, was so glad to have found it in Shin Okubo! Again part of my Mother's Day gift. : )

Hot chili, ground and flakes! Not part of my Mother's day gift, hahaha. : )

Really happy with these!

Donuts, yay Krispy Kreme!

We picked these 12! With a family of 4, that means everyone got to have 3 each! We picked our own, while at Krispy Kreme the day before. It was a nice treat the next day for us. : )
The next few pics are going to be about what's happening on this current season of Grey's Anatomy and The Big Bang Theory, so be warned now... skip if you are worried about spoilers. Derek's sister offers to baby-sit.

The difficult thing is, Grey's comes on at the same exact time as The Big Bang Theory does, different channels obviously, so I have to switch back and forth depending which show is better that week. 

They happened to spot 2 of their friends inside a restaurant and they told people they were working or busy, so these 3 were looking through the window watching them...shocked and surprised! lol!

Yep, you two are busted! Hahaha. 
This is from another week. 

Sheldon was very sad because the character Bob Newhart played, "Arthur Jeffries" AKA, Professor Proton passed away, so this was an episode not to be missed...however at the exact same time, a MAJOR thing was happening on Grey's...Burke made an appearance! Poor Cristina! so there, I was zip zapping between the 2 channels!

Cristina was up for an award or something a few weeks back, she had the votes but was denied because of hospital politics! She was devastated. Meanwhile someone emailed or called and asked her to go and speak about her work in Zurich...after a lot of thinking she went! The one who called for her to speak was, Burke! Important to mention how Cristina was talking in a packed auditorium and someone asked a question...a faceless person in the shadows...and she had the heavy light on she couldn't see and then...he walked out of the shadows and it was Burke! I was like holy crap...holy crap!!! Chills! He offered her a job...again don't read this if you don't wanna know. But again I said that a few paragraphs above, lol. : ) Should she move and leave the hospital in Seattle, where her best friend in the universe is or move to a different country. She sleeps on it and says...I turn you down...I can't work with you, be near you...Burke says...I would be leaving here...I am happily married with kids Cristina! Cristina said....don't worry that I want you...I just wanted to *be* you! He tells her, he is leaving the big huge fancy hospital! Going to Europe to be near his wife's family. And that he is in a sense GIVING her the hospital in Zurich and all the funding she could ever ever want! She Charlie at the end of Willy Wonka, are you trying to in a sense give me the factory? And he said, yes! And it ended like that...does she end up taking the job in Zurich or will she stay in Seattle? Ack...eek!!! Don't know....though, I clearly think yes, because it's all over online she (Sandra Oh) is leaving Grey's. I think this coming week, I am going to need a box of tissues. Meanwhile the Black List is getting so freaking good as well, thank goodness, that show comes on a  totally different night! : )
Yep, meanwhile in other news that happened during Golden Week, a kitty has moved in the wilderness/vacant lot next door. : )
This is a pic of Branden's dinner one night during Golden Week. Chicken cutlet, I made at home, steamed broccoli, potato salad, fresh cantaloupe, rice and sauce for dunking the chicken in. Anyway, that's enough jibber jabber for 1 day from me. Just wanted to say what we were up to for Golden Week.