Saturday, May 17, 2014

Gardening...potatoes, heads of lettuce, sanchu and flowers in my hanging baskets for the front porch, plus my morning walks

These pics were taken April 15th, wow a little over a whole month delayed. We planted potatoes at the end of March, but I went out and took a picture that day of just the plain brown mounds/dirt hills where the potatoes are underneath. The plants have broken through the dirt already, so this is a really old pic, but I'll update it with a newer picture soon.

Also taken April 15th, these 4 right here are to be, 4 round heads of lettuce. Again they are way bigger now, so I'll update with a newer, down below, but this was just what they looked like April 15th.

This is a different variety of lettuce in these pots, they are for wrapping your yakiniku with type lettuce, sanchu.

Japanese grass is pretty different than say "Kentucky blue grass" for example. We once grew an American variety of grass in our front yard, but it died in the sweltering heat, that is Japanese summer. Japanese grass however is perfect for the Japanese climate (duh, lol), and it stays a bright beautiful green in summer here. However, in winter it goes scarecrow/hay yellow. I took these next few pics, also April 15th showing how the majority of the grass in indeed as yellow as some dried out old hay. Yet if you look closely you can start to see a few slivers of green here and there. Just barely, but yes you can see them. 

Yep here too, I can see a few green pieces here and there. But again just barely.

I can see a few green pieces near the hose. Few and far between, when pictured, but they were there. Tiny signs the seasons are indeed changing.
First thing I do when I get up is, start my first load of the day and now that Branden is in JHS, it's usual his uniform stuff because it can't be discolored at all, it must stay white. So, I wash those around 5:45am and go wipe down my pole outside, then start breakfast, wake the kids, hang said dress shirts and his spare gym shirt and make sure the kids get sent to school, Branden by bike, Noah by car. Then I come home and start my second load of laundry, while it washes, I go for my morning walk around my housing community. It takes me 20 minutes, sometimes 22 minutes if I am walking it slow. I put my arm band on that holds and plays my music, also I can receive emails from the school or calls from the school in emergency (hasn't happened while on my walks luckily), Line messages or emails. And I go for my walk. 

We will be hitting the rainy season sometime in June. But we do get a few days a week that it rains now, with some days rainy and some days clear, I'd say I go for my morning walk around 3-4 days a week (I don't go on weekends). Just because a few times a week it is rainy now. But I do enjoy my morning walks, I like knowing my 2nd load of laundry is getting clean, while I am off getting my blood pumping, lungs breathing in deeply. While I walk, I do think...what I have to do that day. Do I have a Saturday meeting? Movie with friend during the week or trip to Costco planned? What needs doing basically. I also like it keeps me fit and healthy. And plus I get to "good morning" many nice smiley faces while people are out walking their dogs and whatnot and also see many flowers that folks plant. These are outside the community center. where we have our meetings at. 

Lovely flowers here. 

Nice little flower pots there. 

When I took this pic, there were tulips out, now there is a new flower in it's spot. But, yep I enjoyed walking passed these on the mornings the skies were clear and I could go for my walk. 

These sakura were so beautiful when they were in season. 

Also, I did plant my flowers in my hanging baskets that hang on the front porch. So, I did that another morning as well.
Aha! Look how much bigger the sanchu got! : ) It's even a tad bigger now and that means we should start picking some leaves off! : )

Aww, how cute! Look how adorable the little heads of lettuce are doing! They are indeed getting bigger! And I should update a newer pic, because they're getting even a tad bigger now even. I'd like to plant a few more things, so I will have to go to the home center and get a few more things planted! Such as zucchini! : )

And this pic was taken, hold on let me go and check the date stamp on this real quick. May 5th. It's even greener right now even! : ) You can see the rice has been planted behind our home. You can hear frogs a croaking every night. It's a lovely time of year. : )  Anyway just wanted to share, how the grass is getting a tad greener little by little, how we did plant the potatoes and lettuce. A couple pics of flowers on my morning walks. Anyway again, want to keep this post nice and as short as possible. That's it for now. : )