Monday, April 28, 2014

Tomorrow, a holiday in Japan, Showa no Hi and heading to the movies to see, The Amazing Spider-Man 2

Tomorrow, Noboru, Branden, Noah and I will go and catch the 9:25am showing of The Amazing Spider-Man 2, can’t wait! : ) We were going to go May 1st on cheap movie day (1,000 yen a person), but Noboru’s work schedule that day is so, that we can’t go then, plus the boys swim that day too. However, Tuesday is also a 1,000 yen a person day and since it’s a holiday here in Japan tomorrow (Showa no Hi) and the boys don’t have school, we decided to go tomorrow. We bought our tickets in advance, Sunday afternoon, just because knowing that it’s a holiday, we didn’t want to take a chance of the movies being too crowded and not being able to get a ticket, so the bright side is, we already have our tickets, great seats and we’re ready for tomorrow’s morning movie.
After the movie we will be heading to Nitori, I was at Nitori today (and Costco today too) I am currently switching the bedding to some new bedding for our bedroom, just want something different (colors and a change). I was at the Chiba New Town Nitori today and they were out of something, so I am going to cruise with the fam to another Nitori tomorrow, but we called already and they set it aside for us.

I am 90% done with Branden’s graduation post, but I doubt I will get it up tomorrow, since we already have the movie and Nitori plan, plus we’re thinking about going out to eat too, but we’re still undecided. Anyway, I better go and blow dry my hair and sit down on the couch and enjoy some Big Bang Theory on TV. That’s all for now. Hope everyone in Japan has a nice “Showa no Hi” tomorrow and for those of you, not in Japan have a great day tomorrow too. : )