Tuesday, April 08, 2014

Some spring break family fun! Going to the movies, to see RoboCop and out to dinner afterwards...

April, 1st, during spring break, our family went to the movies, to go and see a remake of the movie RoboCop. Our family likes the original. So we wanted to see, how this compared. Also at the movie nearest us, if you go to the movies, 1st day of the month it's only 1,000 yen ($10 US) for anyone, so a pretty good deal. Once a week is ladies day (Tuesday, I think) and I could take the kids to see it that day too, since their tickets is still 1000 yen since they are students but Noboru wanted to see it, so we waited until April 1st. : )  Regular adult tickets are 1800yen or about that price, a bit pricey for just a movie, so we don't mind waiting for the 1st of the month. : ) We even bought our ticket the day before at the movies, picked our seats too, since at the movie nearest us, you pick your seat. So we were ready and waiting for the 4pm showing!

This Amazing Spiderman 2, is the next movie, I am going to take Branden and Noah to. 

Noboru just relaxing, the boys smiley and happy waiting for the movie. 

Not too sure if you can see real good in this picture. Granted not the best pic in the entire world, here. : ) I popped a big batch of homemade popcorn on the stove at home (easier then the popcorn maker I bought last year @.@, lol). Homemade popcorn is so good. And I put it into 4 individual ziplock type of bags, you know what I mean. And we also brought in an Ume drink each, which I froze and so it was semi frozen and like a slushy type consistency, really good! Given the cost of movies in Japan, no wonder so many folks in our area sneak in their own food. Plus, many movies theaters in Japan make really, really good popcorn, the one in Narita makes delicious popcorn and the prices aren't too bad and they have big sized popcorn, Ikspiari makes yummy popcorn too, but our closest movie theater makes the worst popcorn ever. And I'm sorry to say that, hahaha : ( but it tastes like eating packing popcorn, there's no butter flavor, or salt flavor...just tastes like nothing, and it doesn't taste made that day...tastes like stale or something. And even the large is so tiny in size and the cost is absurd at our closest movie theater. Even so...for years I'd buy it, because I didn't want to go against the rules. But, you know what...April 1st for example and I am being so totally honest and serious...2 different families brought in Mc D's and didn't even try to hide it from the movie staff and they said nothing to those families. Everyone brings in drinks, not kidding, every time I go to the movies I see that. Last time the kids and I went here... 2 rows in front of us some dad, ate a conbini sandwich and the kids ate onigiri. Hahaha. So, this time, I said...you know what, I don't know if it's a local countryside thing... where we personally live or what...but I am going to bring in my own delicious homemade popcorn and drinks, this 1 time and see, we did that April 1st. I did feel guilty at first, but after seeing the man walk right through holding his Mc D's bag and giving the lady his movie stub not even hiding his Mc D's bag...I felt  a tad better. And when I saw a mom and her kids also carrying Mickey D's, again not even hiding the bag, I felt better about bringing what we did, and we did clean up after ourselves and left no mess. When in Rome, as they say. : ) After watching for years this was my first time bringing in my own popcorn and it was okay. : ) Phew. : ) Again, is it a local inaka/countryside thing... just for my area? I honestly don't know, but I'm gonna just roll with it and not question it. : ) In this pic, you can see Noboru and Noah's 2 Ume drinks and each eating their own popcorn in ziplock bag. Branden and I, each had our own too. Man, that popcorn was good. : ) 
We also brought in these too. What did we think about the movie? We liked it actually better than the original. It answered questions that the first one left unanswered. It was just better written. After the movie we went and had some ramen for supper.
Everyone had ramen, we also had some gyoza too. All in all, it was a great way to spend April 1st! Heading to the movies with the family and some dinner afterwards. An excellent day. : )