Friday, April 11, 2014

Gari Gari-kun spaghetti flavored popsicle and cream stew flavored popsicle

Gari-Gari-kun is the name of a brand of popsicle sold here in Japan. You will usually see this guys face on the popsicle wrapper. The brand is pretty popular here. Our family loves Gari-Gari-kun popsicles.  For one, depending on where you buy them, they can run  40 yen each (usually at Besia/Cainz), to 60 yen each, around there. Just depends where you buy them. They usually have chunky chopped ice inside and smooth on the outside. The usual one is blue (soda), and they make them in all sorts of yummy flavors, like, pear (nashi), cola, chocolate, white peach, kiwi fruit (this one was so good), lemon, just many many flavors. And for kids. they sell school supplies, like pencils with the Gari Gari-kun logo, Noah's pencil a few posts below he had a few Gari-Gari-kun popsicle pencils. They sell a Gari Gari eraser (that my 2 kiddos have owned before), glue, tissues. And lately...they have been selling "interesting" flavors. The first, we personally saw, was the Corn Potage one, think along the lines of corn chowder or corn soup, Noboru tried it and didn't care for it. : ) And then, about 3 weeks ago, I saw these being sold at my regular grocery store and have since seen them all over the place too. :  ) This one says, Gari Gari-kun Rich Neapolitan flavor. Spaghetti flavor basically and with tomato jelly inside.  I did not buy it.: )

This one is, Rich Cream Stew, with potatoes inside. I think I'll, just stick with the fruit flavors, chocolate or soda flavors. : ) But interesting though, right. : )