Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Easter 2014...An egg-cellent time coloring eggs and our fun Easter egg hunt at the local park

I hope everyone that celebrates it, had a wonderful Easter! Here is a picture of our Easter eggs 2014!
Love this pic of both Branden and Noah! I take their pic like this every single year! Here's the boys and their Easter goodies this year.
Taking their pic on the other hand is always quite funny and sometimes a little hard, especially with 2 kids at the same time! Here are 2 outtakes...this one is Branden giving me the "stink eye" face, lol. He's kidding though, just playing around, because you can see outtake #2 below.

Erupts into hysterical laughter! @.@ Oh dear...let's try this again boys! : ) Anyway these are just 2 of the out takes or attempts of capturing a great shot. My silly kids, are such hams!  : ) 

Close up, inside the eggs were Easter peanut M&M's, red hot jelly beans, just all sorts of good stuff. And stuff in the baskets but not in the eggs were foil peanut butter eggs, foil bunny, Snickers egg, pretty foil wrapped carrots with chocolate and crispy type cereal inside (like Crunch bars), foil wrapped lady bugs etc...

The My First Easter book, we don't read at all around our house anymore. : ) But the other 2, we read all last week. And the plate of misc Easter treats I put on a plate so Noboru could snack too. : ) Can't leave him out! : ) 

Coloring the eggs! Both the boys love this!

Noah made a very pretty purple egg...

Branden saying...please don't splash me with the he pulled way to the side...

I started cracking up...Noah did too, which is why his face is a blur here...and Branden and Noboru were laughing too. Nobody was splashed or colored at all....well except for the eggs! : )

Brotherly cooperation! Good brothers, good team! : )

Branden checking on his egg...Noah looking at the egg, he just dyed.

Noboru loves to dye Easter eggs! He seriously loves it! Loves the dye part, the decorating part!!! I do too, so we had 4 people who love to dye eggs right in this very kitchen! 

Noah having a blast. Branden checking out his design!


We always in our family decorate our own eggs, after we dye them. Noboru made this one and he said he drew my face this year! lol!

Branden made a beautiful baby chick

Branden also made a Slender Man egg. These eggs are special because our entire family is together and dyes and decorates them. : )

You know, I hide the eggs in our backyard every single year, however I think they know all my same hiding spots! So, we decided to walk the 1-2 minutes to the center park in our housing community and hide them there instead. So that is what we did Easter Sunday.

We had 2 egg hunts! First, Branden and I went to the park and hid the eggs. I'd Line Noboru and have him and Noah come to the park, when we were ready, after we hid the eggs. So many good spots to put the eggs. Also, 1 man saw Branden and I hide some eggs, he went into the house brought out his son to watch, then the wife came outside to watch, they watched us for a good 5 minutes. Their son is a 4th grader, I could hear them, "look they're hiding eggs" In the kids club she is in my section, meaning I pass the kids club book to her house, collect the money from her for the yearly kids club dues. So she knows me/us and no they were on their way to leaving, which is why he went outside in the first place to start their car. But manner wise, I did ask their son, would you like to help find some eggs, they said we'd love to but we need to get to "baba's" (the boy's grandma's house) I felt better by at least asking. Especially since they're in my section of the kids club. Hahaha. : ) They drove away and they waved and we waved back, but yeah they found it very interesting. See the ped path in the pic below, Noah just walked through on the other side of the street, there's an even tinier park back there and the street behind that street is where we live. 

Noah was ready! Good eye Noah... you found one already! By the way, the house up on that hill, the grandma and grandpa living there were gardening and watching us the whole time with a big smile on their faces...

You are very warm Noah! So close, so close!

You're on a roll...

And another older gentleman getting his daily exercise/walk in, looked at the eggs, said, "hello" to me in English and watched Noah find a few, before he went walking again...gee, I never thought it would be as interesting as people found it. : ) Their surprise and smiles and watching us, I felt they were very cute for watching and enjoying the boys find their eggs. Wow, we had been hiding the eggs all these years in our backyard, never thought the neighbors would find it as interesting as they found it. Hahaha. Cute, very cute though. : )

We started off with 20 eggs, but 2 had cracked shells/small hairline type fractures, so the kids munched those with salt and pepper so we only had 18 eggs total and here Branden was counting the eggs found and figuring out how many more Noah needed to find...

After the first egg hunt, we sent both Branden and Noah home, we told them to come back to the park in 10 minutes, Noboru and I hid the eggs like crazy and then the boys came back and went looking for them! We had 2 egg hunts at the park and then we went home, it was getting chilly. The boys hid eggs inside the house back and forth, while I made dinner though. : )

Our family Easter eggs that everyone helped make, 2014! : )

I know, I should have went to Costco and bought a spiral ham and made one for Easter, but we had chicken parmesan and pasta for supper instead. I made 5 of them (chicken paremsan)...

They were so good, the paremsan breading and chicken lightly fried in olive oil for a good 10 minutes, drained before baking in the oven and smothered in mozzarella cheese all nice and toasty on top of spaghetti. We had garlic bread as well and some soda with ice. Everyone ate eggs off and on all day. Chocolate and Easter candy all day, off and on too and just a really good day here. Anyway, that was our Easter 2014, this year. : )