Saturday, April 05, 2014

A lunch date with my kiddo...and my birthday

Branden officially went on spring break, Wednesday March 19th after graduation was over. Noah meanwhile officially went on break Friday, March 21st and Noah is on break until April 7th and Branden starts the 9th, though, we have his entrance ceremony April 8th. But anyways, since it would be just Branden and I, March 20th, (Thursday) I took Branden with me to two of my regular grocery stores, I usually cruise to (the cheap drink store and regular grocery store, lol) anyway I did tell him, we'd have lunch together, just him and I that day, since Noah was at school. So, that's what we did. Branden's choice was ramen or Mc D's, he picked Mc D's. I had a goma salad, love the salads there. And Branden is a growing boy, so he had 2 cheeseburgers, a chicken nugget and fries. It was raining like crazy that day, but my lunch date was talkative and excellent company, even in his raincoat. : )

I also decided to take Branden to get some Baskin Robbins. We both had/picked chocolate chip cookie dough ice cream. After that we cruised it to the plaza and picked up Noah.  
Saturday, March 22nd, 2014 was my birthday. Should we go to yakiniku (Korean bbq) or go to Capricciosa. I picked Capricciosa (Italian), we first started off our meal with a huge rice ball, with mozzarella inside and so delicious! 

We ordered 2 pizzas. Here's 1...

Here's the 2nd pizza...

We also ordered 2 huge servings of pasta (the double size servings), the garlic tomato semi/sorta spicy one, oh it's so good! So good!

We ordered so much food, we had to bring a "to go box" of pasta and pizza with us back home. We each had sodas and just basically enjoyed a nice leisurely dinner, Saturday, March 22nd. It was nice to be on Spring break, plus we had finished with Branden's graduation already. Kind of nice to know you have about a 2 week or so break from school. And can just unwind some. We all really needed it and so this dinner was great and perfect timing! : ) 

Noboru asked me a birthday question, "how do I think my life is going so far?" I told him, I think it's been a wonderful life so far, I have wonderful parents and extended family...I have no complaints. And I did also say and tell him....since we met in university and have been together, you and then married, I have had the funnest life with you...I really really have. He smiled and he said "thank you for saying that" I know it sounds corny...but its true, he asked and that's what I told him. : )  So yep, dinner was fantastic and delicious...our conversation was fun and light, we were all just relaxed. Then we drove back home from Narita. 

Noboru had ordered my birthday cake in advance from our favorite ice cream cake shop that makes just the best homemade ice cream cakes and the flavors are out of this world good. 

Maple walnut for the bottom layer and banana icecream on the top layer. And the cake is so good on the bottom too.Fresh fruit. It was just a very low key and quiet birthday. I did quietly get gifts from my family through the mail all month/March. But yep, that's how I spent my birthday this year. I was pretty happy my birthday was spent you know, like I said, low key and quiet and nice. It was a wonderful way to spend my birthday. : )