Saturday, March 01, 2014

My trip to Guam this week, Calvin Klein dress bought for the graduation ceremony. Hot Dog on a Stick, Taco Bell and Yogurtland. Plus went to the movies to see the Endless Love, remake

Wednesday, February 26th, in the morning, I flew to Guam, alone. Branden is graduating elementary school this March and starting junior high in April. Anyway, in Japan, it's a pretty big deal when your child graduates yochien, elementary school, junior high, etc. The parents have to take photos with the other parents on the ceremony day, everyone wears formal wear. If you live in Japan, you know what I mean exactly, but for those of you living outside of Japan, let me try and describe. Think along the lines of a business suit for women, with blazer and skirt, or blazer and dress. What a female lawyer would wear in America to court, let's put it that way. Yet you add a flower on your lapel. So along those lines. A lot of mom's pick sherbet/pastel colored suits also. Entrance into yochien, you only need 1 dress luckily. However with a school change.... we will have 1 ceremony in March at the elementary school and dinner at a hotel in Narita someplace. So 1 outfit for that. And then a whole other outfit, for the entrance ceremony into junior high. So that means 2 dresses. And you wouldn't believe the cost of the dress either. Expensive. I was talking to my friend in Denver about it on skype and she couldn't get over the cost and stuff.  When Branden switched to elementary school from yochien, I did something, I shouldn't have....I was sensible enough to wear the same dress, gasp, shock... oh the horror, lol. However, Genki's mom wore 2 totally different dresses. And boy did I feel like a dork! Apparently everyone else wore different dresses too. @.@ Sigh. American mommy in Japan blunder #5001, lol.... I later asked my yochien really good friends and yes, I committed a no-no, hahaha. Rolls eyes, oh lordy! Good grief! So, I did buy another dress, down the line for Noah's time and then used Branden's dress, the formal one I wore for his functions and used another for Noah's yochien etc. However, the one I used for Branden's stuff has been worn at 2 different yochien's plus 1 elementary school entrance ceremony and Noah's graduation of yochien, it's fair to say it's's done. And I can't use it again unfortunately, fits fine just too many people have seen me wearing it. : ( I did try on the dress I wore on Noah's entrance into elementary ceremony, same thing I wore to his entrance into yochien, but Noboru and I were talking and a few mom's know that dress already. @.@ Yes, don't ask, lol..... in America we just wouldn't care. So after much debate....should it appear again? Things are just done differently here and we know that. So, Noboru bought me another outfit (skirt, blazer and blouse). It's beautiful, it's actually pretty freaking cool, I can't wait to wear it. It's not dowdy at all. It is conservative and appropriate for the occasion.... but it's also sorta...don't laugh... but it's sorta sexy. I found it in Narita. It was around 15,000 yen (and to be fair, I don't mind spending money on a quality bag if I can use it daily and wear it for a few years, or a nice coat etc, but for a dress that will only be used 3-4 times, absurd) It made me think of Justin Timberlake in his tux in Suit and Tie, that was my first thought but feminine though. My 2nd thought was, I have never seen such a cool entrance or graduation outfit like this *ever*. It's seriously a wicked outfit! I'll wear black tights, black heels and my Michael Kors bag. This outfits gonna kill it, that day! I can't wait! Only problem is, I can't decide if I am going to wear it to his graduation or entrance ceremony, probably the entrance ceremony. And the outfit is just black with white blouse, so it's not too flashy and it is conservative, but it is cool. Anyway, so I needed another dress/outfit, but I didn't want to spend insane amounts of money on something only worn 3-4 times tops. And though we will be in Guam this coming week, shopping or wasting an hour or two with 3 kids in tow, doesn't sound fun for them or me. So, we decided, logically speaking....since we fly for free, why not take advantage of our unusual situation, since my dad lives there and so I flew on Noboru's day off, so Noboru took care of the boys, drove them and picked them up from school, made sure their homework was done and he even took them to Saizeriya, lol. He's a good dad. : ) But Noboru was the one who thought I should get the dress there.... that way we could concentrate on just fun next week. So, that's why I went. This pic is of the gate at Narita airport. I was there so early as soon as the boys were at school, I had no check in luggage, just my carry-on. 

My dad picked me up from the airport around 2pm-ish and we went to his condo, I switched clothes, to a skirt and fitted top and flip flops. Put my hair in a high pony tail and we went to Micronesia Mall. We had lunch, I had 2 cheese sticks and fries and a lemonade. I wanted only 1 cheese stick however, it was buy 1 get 1 free, usually I would give one to the boys, but I had no one to share with, so I had 2.  I've been treadmilling like a beast anyway (health test at the end of March), so I think it was okay, but yeah usually I would give one away. :  ) My dad had stuffed pizza. Anyway after lunch we went into Macy's and my dad helped me big time to find the right outfit. I picked a plain black Calvin Klein sheeth dress, column dress, shift dress. And a plain black Calvin Klein fitted black blazer, the details like the button, the small metal piece that says Calvin Klein. It's *really* nice. I feel comfortable wearing it and it was originally $78 each piece but everything in the business or formal area was marked down, so I got both the dress and blazer for $100. And I will just wear black tights and my Michael Kors bag and a great big corsage, black flower pin like everyone else, but I am really happy, I found a 2nd dress at a very good price. So, my mission was accomplished and done. We decided to go and check the movie schedule and see a movie.
Yep, Wednesday, February 26th at 6:35pm, we went and saw a movie. I had wanted to see the remake of Endless Love, remember the original was with Brook Shields. My dad was gracious enough to go with me to see a chick flick! Hahaha, thanks dad. : ) We had popcorn and sodas and I liked the movie. It was really different from the original. Their first names were the same (Jade and David) but that was about it. Would I go and buy the DVD? No. But, it was good and I am glad I saw it. 
After the movie, we were hungry, but not starving or anything, so we went to Taco Bell, I had 2 bean and cheese burritos and my dad had 2 tacos, 1 crunchy, 1 soft (flour tortilla)...Went back to my dad's condo and I called Noboru on skype, Noah was asleep, but I spoke to Branden and Noboru. They did put the web cam on Noah and I watched him sleep for a few seconds. Branden told me, he was fine but Noah was missing me terribly. : ) This was my first time leaving both the kids. I have left Noah once before and took Branden to Guam once, we landed at 11pm and flew back to Japan at 7am. But I have never left the both of them before. I admit, I missed them a lot. : ) 

The next day, Thursday, I woke up, I had fun in Guam, but I was glad to be going home to Branden and Noah and Noboru. : ) My dad and I had breakfast. We walked the beach, we went for a nice scenic island drive also..... since my flight wasn't taking off... until 3:50pm. I went to the airport at 1:45pm though, just to avoid the long lines.

Around 11am, we went and had some fro-yo. I love frozen yogurt! Can't wait to take everyone back here this coming week! : )
So many flavors.
Old fashioned Oatmeal Cookie, yumm! Carrot Cake? OMG! Yum again. Hahaha. 

Pumpkin Pie...Toasted Coconut. Plus way way more flavors. 

I had a little oatmeal cookie, a little carrot cake, a little pumpkin pie, a little toasted coconut and some kona coffee too. Graham cracker crumbs and a few cookie dough toppings. I enjoyed talking with my dad. He loves to talk and so do I. Hahaha. We just had a blast, talking and talking. And then it was time to go. He dropped me at the airport and we hugged and said...."see you next week" I checked in, they said (customer service reps)..."hey, where's your kids this time" "I said back in Japan." : ) Clearly we know each other, we see these same wonderful customer service agents all the time. I did tell them though...see you next week. : ) 
The DFS in Guam was always just a regular duty free. It was okay, but not amazing or anything. Anyway, last year in the paper, it said some folks in Korea had decided they'd like to have a lease at Guam international airport, for 7 or 11 years, I forget. With option to renew the lease. Anyway, it was under construction when we were here this past December, and it's almost done. Here's a look. It is amazing! Lotte Duty Free. There is a huge MAC, make up area, Shu Uemura area, The Body Shop, Dior Lancome.

And this huge BB Cream Bar. It has all the best products of Etude House, The Face Shop, Tony Moly, and way way more. The Face Shop we can get in Japan, but a lot of brands that are hard to find here, I can now buy at the Lotte DFS, whenever I am in Guam. I am REALLY happy about this! Anyway, so I went and sat near my gate, waited until we could board the airplane. 

Monsters University was playing to Guam, although I have seen it already. But, "Now You See Me" was playing on the way back and it was pretty good actually. I enjoyed watching it and eating my meal. Curry chicken breast, mashed potatoes, bok choy, tart, diner rolls and a casaer salad. Noboru and the boys were waiting for me at the airport and I was happy as soon as I saw them. : ) We did go out and eat Ohsho afterwards and then we went home. 

I had no check in luggage, only 1 small carry-on luggage, but I managed to bring a few things back. I knew the boys had school, and needed toast Friday morning (I usually make eggs, scrambled or omelet), so I brought some back. I carried this on the plane in a bag from the bakery. : ) So it didn't get smashed in my suitcase/carry-on. 

Noah mentioned Cheetos, and these are the Kmart brand, were so cheap, so I brought them back for the boys. : )

Oh, the boys were curious what was in my brown paper sack. Hmmm. 

If you love yellow cake with chocolate frosting, then you will love these Oreos. They taste so freaking good. And yes I did hear about the new Rice krispie type Oreos and Cookie Dough ones too. Hahaha, but these are our family favorite. The yellow cookie with choco frosting. I also brought back Branden and Noah, 1 Reese's peanut butter cup package each, 1 Mr. Goodbar, 1 Whatchamacallit, 1 Butterfinger. I did bring myself back 1 Mr. Goodbar which I shared half with Noboru. The boys can have 1 for dessert each night..... besides they've never had a cavity, so it will be a nice little treat. : ) I just wanted them to know, I missed them and thought of them. So I had to bring them back a surprise. : )

All in all....I am glad I got to spend time with my dad. I am also glad I got to see, what stuff is at Kmart right now, all the Easter stuff is already out. I got to see the new flavors at Yogurtland. It just gave me the heads up. Oh and now Guam has 2 Panda Express locations. Most importantly I am glad I got the dreaded 2nd dress done and out of the way. Hahaha. Now I don't have to think about it and worry. It's done, it's bought. It's over with, yadayadayada. : )  Anyway that's my little over night trip to Guam, in a nutshell. : )