Sunday, February 16, 2014

Valentine's Day

I hope everyone had a nice Valentine's Day. : ) We had a nice and quiet one here at the house. I did pick 3 chocolate haystacks from the Rocky Mountain Chocolate Factory, at Narita mall, while we were buying Branden's shoes on...... was it Tuesday? I think it was Tuesday. 

Noboru had been asking me to pick some chocolates for weeks and I said, if I see something, I'd let him know. These are my most favorite and since we were there anyway. I picked these. : )  Just 3 because I have a ningen dokku (big medical exam) at the end of March.
I also was running low on my face wash and green apple peel/exfoliator and so Noboru picked me up these too, while we were at Aeon. : ) Sorry, I just prefer practical gifts. : )

Eye glass cloth to clean your lenses, you know what I mean. : ) Again, practical. Sorry. :  ) I loved them, I picked the colored pencil and jelly beans. Branden was digging mine big time, so I convinced Noboru to get Branden, the colored pencil one as well. :  )  These were found and bought from Aeon. : )

I got an okay eye glass case with my glasses. But, I did wish for something a little more....hmmm. Stylish. And I found something and the price was pretty affordable.

They are a steel eye glass case, they are lined, they open with a flip top and were just 1300 yen each. I was going to pick just black, but Noboru said, if we ordered 2, we could get free shipping. And given the cost of shipping it was just wiser to pick 2. I have the jelly bean cloth folded inside the silver case, and the colored pencil cloth folded in the black case. I am using the black case right now.  And that's it for me. Very practical Valentine's gifts, but gifts, I will really use and love. :  )

Meanwhile, Thursday at swimming school Branden received this haul of Valentine's gifts from some of the girls there. 1 or 2 is friendship chocolate (tomo choco) from some girls. But most of it is starting to become, "I like you" or "I think you're cute" chocolate. @.@

Her name has been erased by me, just for her privacy, not that any of you would know her anyway. But you can read this. Also, I think this will be the last letter of Branden's I share, because he's getting older and I need to keep his letters private from now on, so last one. Basically, she says she really likes Branden. She is sorry she couldn't come to swim school that day. I want to hold your hand. And she loves Branden. Yep, that's the gist of the letter. She is a 5th grade girl and goes to our same elementary school. He also got a couple little notes similar in other treat bags. 

Inside one of his presents. 

Anyway, Saturday Feb 15th was to be a huge meeting for us yakuin ( leaders) of the kodomokai, however us, 3 heads, pres, and us 2 VP, had a meeting on the 14th before the rest of us met on the 15th. It was okay, because it was at the plaza, 20 minutes before the kids got out of school. So we could talk "important" stuff before the kids let out. So, since I do weekly menus....I knew I was going to be making my 3 guys delicious chicken parmesan and pasta for our Valentine s dinner. So, I breaded and prepped it up until this point in the day time of Feb 14th. 

I also baked Noboru and Branden and Noah some chocolate coconut cupcakes. Yumm. I just added a little coconut essence into the batter. And the frosting was coconut flavored anyway. Best frosting ever, by the way. 2 thumbs up on this frosting. So anyway, I baked the cupcakes in the daytime, breaded and cooked the chicken paremesan, did 2 loads of laundry, washed and tumbled dried our laundry. Vacuumed, and cleaned toilets. Not in that order. Then I slapped on some clothes, put my hair in a pony tail. Some concealer and powder foundation and lip balm, that's it, I was ready for my pre meeting...meeting. @.@ Hahaha. Dance...Footloose...notes, notes notes. And next thing we knew, the kids were all arriving down the hill to the plaza, so the meeting ended. Phew! What a day. : )

Branden brought home 2 more Valentine's Day treats. He also asked Noah immediately..."I heard your teacher confiscated all V-Day treats in your class? The whole school was talking about it!!!" Meanwhile I'm like... What? What's up Noah? ......
Luckily for Noah, he arrived early and a girl got to give him this before the ,majority of the class came in and the teacher came in and he put it/tucked it away in his randoseru. Apparently...a girl told a few kids, I am going to give treats and she brought them. But one fell out of her locker, right near the class. The sensei saw and was annoyed....she said "no Valentine's treats allowed for anyone...whoever has them, bring them to my desk you can't have them, if you want to give V-day gifts give them after school at their houses." So most every one's treats were confiscated, not sure if they were returned at the end of the day or not, I don't think so. Noah and the girl who gave them to him, said nothing and he just kept his hidden in his bag. According to Branden, the whole school heard about what happened in Noah's class. Noah was supposed to get another little gift from another little girl but it was confiscated. : (  Did the teacher eat it, throw it away? or I am not sure really. : ( Also, Noah's treats are "friendship" chocolate though, even though they are from girls. : ) Last year we had a different ichinensei teacher and she didn't mind V-Day gifts, but this sensei doesn't care for it.  The girls who did bring gifts were not carrying the bags back with them down the hill and the boys who were receiving the gifts didn't get them either. I somehow think the teacher kept them or threw them. @.@ 

I was about to add some very pretty sprinkles on my choco coconut cupcakes when Branden said..."mommy, can I say something....those silver ball ones hurt my teeth." @.@ I had no idea! Noah said, "yeah me too." @.@ I asked Noboru who was also standing in the kitchen. I said, sprinkles or no sprinkles, the 3 of them all said, "no sprinkles please." Wow...I had no idea. @.@ was for them anyway, so, I didn't add any. : ) 

Sprinkles or no sprinkles....  they were seriously.... so good! : ) 

What a bad cupcake picture and chicken paremsan pic, sorry about that guys. :  ) But, anyway, in a nut shell. Valentine's Day was special because we were all together, dinner was delicious and so was dessert.... it was snowing and raining and back and forth all day, the weather was bitterly cold outside. We were glad the weekend was starting. Just a quiet little V-day here at home with the fam. : )