Monday, February 24, 2014

Taking Branden’s best friend to Guam with us, this coming March

Branden and Genki have been best friends since yochien (preschool and kindergarten) They both went through that whole Thomas The Tank Engine phase together, then Ultraman, boy....that Ultraman phase lasted long! lol. Then they both went through a big time Spongebob kick too. They live in the same housing community as us. He has 1 sister and he is the youngest sibling in his house. Branden is the oldest sibling in our house. Whatever it was...they just were always on the same wave length or whatever you wanna call it, but they just always "got each other" As a parent it makes you let out a sigh of relief like...phew...when you know your kid has a bestie like that. : ) This picture was taken the day they graduated yochien. 
Only 2 kids from our yochien transferred to our particular countryside town elementary school (the majority went to the small city nearest us...the elementary school in the city.) But, we never had a single worry, because the one they were starting 1st grade with was of course, their bestie. His parents were greatly relieved and so were we! This was taken on their first day of school. His sister is in the pic and my gosh, she is gorgeous and in junior high right now! The point is, they literally grew up together!
September 2013, is when this pic was taken, mini soccer match. Branden, Genki and Keita 1 side, and Noah and grandpa on the other side/team! : ) He's just always been an extended member of our family. : ) 
These 2 will definitely be at each others weddings some day. : ) I know it!
Noboru received 2 free roundtrip confirmed tickets, meaning not "stand by" that were about to expire .  So in January, Noboru mentioned, why don't we take Genki with us to Guam and he can use that free confirmed ticket? I thought about it for a few minutes and I said, you know what....that is a wonderful idea! So, when we had the town marathon, Noboru asked Genki's parents at the marathon. They were happy and surprised but also, asked if they could think about it. The next day, they said... sure! So we are going to take the boys, and Genki, 1 of the days to the PIC, so the boys can play. Our family hasn't been to the PIC since August 2011! When this pic was taken. I can only imagine all the fun, the 3 boys will have! : )

We will also take them to the PIC buffet, pictured here. I am just so excited that such a dear friend of our family is coming with us!

The first week of March is when our family, plus Genki will be in Guam. We will be there for 3 days. We have a hotel booked at another hotel. We have 2 rooms booked. 1 room for the kids, and 1 room for Noboru and I. Connecting room.

Passport! Genki's parents were over the moon excited and told us that Genki will be the first person in the entire family, both sides to have ever left Japan and he will also be the first person to ever get a passport! He has already applied and is now waiting for his passport! They can't wait to see it! Awww. : ) Very exciting!

Legal wise, (just to make sure our bases are covered) we have already made a consent form, in English and Japanese that states we may take this child for the specified dates (3 days) and his parents have signed it already. This way we are covered and we don't want anyone to think we're kidnappers or anything. @.@ Because clearly we are not. : )  I also feel really responsible for Genki. His family is clearly entrusting us with their son. As a parent, I understand and get that, so I will make sure he comes back happy and smiling. Maybe with a slight tan though. : )  Just last night, Genki's dad, called to ask, should they buy Genki a suitcase. : ) We just said, you really don't need one, just whatever Genki used on his over night stay to Hakone, will be more than fine. :  ) They're just really excited and I get that. : ) The flight is free (for us and them), the hotel we're covering (we got a super cheap deal). We just honestly, want them to have fun, plus he was invited by us, he's our guest! : ) He is bringing pocket money of course, to buy omiyage or whatever he would like.'s something we're just really looking forward to. : )