Sunday, February 02, 2014

Super Bowl 48

The Super Bowl just finished! Super Bowl 48. The Denver Broncos vs. The Seattle Seahawks. And it was a bloodbath! It wasn’t even a close game. We got beaten and beaten badly. Seattle deserved to win, because to put it bluntly, they out played us, in every step of the way today. The 1st and 2nd quarter Denver had a score of 0. The 3rd quarter 98-99% of the 3rd quarter our score was 0 still. It wasn't until like the last minute or two of the 3rd quarter did we finally score. I love my Broncos and will be a fan forever and ever! But my was painful to watch the last quarter of the game. The 4th quarter we knew, we had almost no hope. Love you Denver least you got us here! : ) Well done, Seattle, you played amazing, your defense was so good, so strong....we could not make a touch down because you just played too strong! Good game. : ) The final score was Seattle 43- Denver 8.

The halftime, was great. Bruno Mars and then the Red Hot Chili Peppers came out for 1 song, then it was back to Bruno Mars.  The commercials did not disappoint, Noboru and I laughed our butts off at many of the commercials we saw today.

Bits and pieces.... not having to do with the Superbowl. We found and bought Noah 2 pair of Adidas sneakers (on sale), pics of those coming some other time, on another post. Branden liked a few pair but they didn’t have his size, no worries we will be looking for sneakers for Branden this weekend again. Oh yeah....Noah did win 3rd place in the town marathon consisted of, kids from both of the elementary schools in our town. That will be a whole other post entirely, Noah is getting a medal at school today for that. : )  And last but not least, I have the turkey in my oven right now. Yep tonight will be our turkey dinner night. : )

The boys did have light sore throats, Saturday, but, I ran and bought another bag of mikans, and I mikan/citrus-ed them to pieces. Also some cough drops/throat lozenges seemed to ease and stop their scratchy throats, I also gave them plenty of hot tea. And they are totally fine, thank goodness. Me on the other hand, my throat hurts. And I have the chills. @.@  I am just taking it easy today and having tea with fresh ginger in it. Keeping warm. Alright that’s about it for now.

Tomorrow snow is expected for our tiny town. Will we actually get it? Eh, it’s possible, we’ll see. : ) It’s certainly been cold enough. Anyway, I better end this post, I have a heck load of potatoes to peel right now for mashed potatoes. Have a good Monday everyone.