Saturday, February 08, 2014

New shoes and swim wear/goggles. Town marathon, Noah came in 3rd place!!! KFC lunch date and also KFC potato chips. Snow, new glasses and pics from swim school

This is a round about idea of what our family has been up to, the past week or so. : ) January 31st, Friday after the boys got out of school, we quickly came home had supper and went to Chiba New Town/Inzai to go and look for shoes for both the boys. Also, we knew we were looking for new swim trunks for Noah for swim school, he can now wear whatever race/competition type trunks he wants now, that he has completed all levels and has his trophy. So that was on the list as well. 

These are what Noah got. These are the style all of the kids who have passed level 1 wears, same for Branden. So Noah got these trunks in size 130cm. And he also got a new pair of black goggles and yes we made sure they were his fave "shiny goggles" meaning the lenses. : ) 

Also at the same store, we found Noah's shoes. 

They were on sale, so we bought Noah 2 pair. 

Adidas, navy with white stripes and bright reddish accent color. And a bright brilliant blue with silver stripes and orange accents. 

They were originally 3,465 yen ($35 US) but were on sale for 2700 yen ($27), they also had another Adidas style for 1900 yen ($19 US) but we preferred this style. I always tell Noboru, closeness-wise to our area...this place always has the best selection and prices on name brand shoes. Narita has a Xebio and stuff but their shoe selection is always so small. Same for the small mall nearest us, almost nil when talking about selection. but this particular store always has tons in stock and very great prices. Just for our particular area, this is the best place to get kids shoes. Price wise, selection wise.

So anyway that was that. Now about Branden. We looked high and low at the sports store for Branden and we found 1 pair we loved, but figures, they didn't have his size. They had 1 size smaller (size his current shoes are) but no way, not going to buy them just to scratch it off the list, iykwim. We need a pair we like and that fits. We also hit the Aeon mall and walked the entire mall and they have only 1 shoe shop for sneakers and had terrible selection. : ( We also hit the Big Hop outlet and by that time, we got there... it was closed! @.@ So we worries we will go this coming week to another place. 
Sunday February 2nd, was the town marathon. Both elementary schools. It is a choice/optional to be here and run not a must. I'd say about 75% of the kids showed. Awww, look at that guy in this pic looking at us. : ) He's knows us well and is a teacher at our school. 

Holding Noah's shoulders, he said you get to be first. : ) Everyone in our town is so nice to us and the boys. And to be fair, Noah was in line first anyway. : ) 

Look directly behind Noah, not the kid in the gym uniform but the kid in the teal coat, he was literally strangling that other kid back there! @.@ everyone looking on, even that kid in the black sweatshirt and shorts. Even the kid next to Noah in the soccer outfit. But not Noah. Noah's just honestly a really good kid. Not implying the other kids aren't good, it's just Noah isn't into strangling classmates or hitting or punching people. He thinks all that's just totally dumb. He'd prefer not even look. And no, he isn't a dork or nerd, he's actually really really popular and the teachers all adore him, same with Branden, but he's just got this really calm personality. Very chill. He's not all hyper or all hyped up, bouncing off the walls. Branden is the same way, both very chill kids. 

Now gym uniform behind Noah and black sweatshirt started to scuffle. And I am leaving out the kicking battle that the kids behind Noah had. And from what I hear, the kids battle like that in class, as well. @.@  Some boy gave some other boy a bloody nose a few weeks back, the mothers were not too happy with each other after that. Then from the grapevine, I heard some boy made a girl cry hysterically. Again mothers not so happy. And finally I heard the biggest boy in class (sumo sized but the kid version, sorry didn't want you to think tall, just trying to give you a visual), punched teal coat boy (who was strangling that other kid in the pic above) anyway he got punched straight in the face a week ago. @.@ As for us....honestly hope it doesn't sound weird but, no problems at all... because again as you can see by the pics, that's just not Noah's thing/deal. He just doesn't roll, like that at all. : )  

All the kids who showed up and yes sweatpants kid behind Noah was indeed in this pic, head butting black sweatshirt. And there were more scuffles all the way down the line. But none that involved Noah. 

It was bitterly cold, there was talk if the marathon would be canceled or not. It wasn't. The medal ceremony at the end was canceled due to rain though. 

Oh my sweet boy, have a good race and I love you!

And they were off!

First place kid went zipping passed and I could see, Noah was coming in 3rd! Awww kiddo! You did so well and I am so proud of you! While many parents were saying "gambatte insert name" I was saying at this point..."kick it Noah!!! kick it baby!!!.... you got got this!!!" Branden is shouting "go Noah go!!!" Noboru is just smiling ear to ear and clapping! 

You did so well, you totally did! You rocked it Noah! You little jock, you!!!

Every runner was given a can of green tea. The 1st, 2nd and 3rd numbers were in bright yellow, the other numbers were in white. 

You are a good boy and you did real good Noah! Awww. : )
Meanwhile this week, I had a scratchy sore throat and a bit of a cough. Being a mom, we really don't get days off or time off. : ) So, I still went about my day, although I did take things a lot easier, but I had cough drops with me all week. By Thursday I felt back to my regular self though. 

I had ginger tea and it helped. 
While I was buying cough drops at the local 7-11, I saw these! @.@ KFC potato chips? Holy goodness! I had to try. I shared these with Branden and Noah. We opened the bag and sniffed real hard, does it smell like KFC, in the bag kids? Both Branden and Noah said absolutely not. And I must agree, didn't smell like KFC or chicken at all. Next was the taste test, does this taste like KFC at all? Again both Branden and Noah tried quite a few and said, "not at all!"...Noah said tastes more like consomme chips. Branden said...that's what I think too. Again, I had to agree, didn't smell like KFC or a chicken strip or piece of chicken and didn't taste that way either. Were they good? Yes. Would I buy them again? Ehhh, I wouldn't go out of my way to do so.... so no. 
I did roast the turkey and it came out so great, we had our turkey dinner Monday. This is one of the sandwiches I had during the week. Turkey, provolone cheese, lettuce, Miracle whip and Lay's potato chips.

This day I decided to go half mustard, half mayo. 

And some leftover mashed potatoes and gravy, stuffing and green beans.

Wednesday February 5th it snowed in our tiny town. 3rd snow of the season. The hills back there were not covered in snow at all though. 

Also this week, all the boys in Branden's class brought home their pants. The local uniform shop, wanted to double confirm that they were the right size and fit. We had Branden try them on and yep, they're right. : ) They will now loosely stitch/sew the bottoms and then let them out as he grows. He took the pants back and we circled, they were A-okay. : )

Thursday February 6th, Noboru and I were debating what to eat for lunch on our lunch date. We were having curry nabe for supper, so eating curry for lunch was out. We had went to Saizeriya for lunch the week before. And the salsa burger at Mc D's doesn't sound too great to either of us, so we went to KFC. 
Every 6 weeks, I put a new air freshener in my little red car, I use the one on the left. It smells so good always. Squash marine scent. : ) Noboru picked one for the new 1 box car/mini mini van. He picked the one on the right, a 200 yen cheaper one, but then again we seldom drive that car, while mine gets driven every single day, so she needs it, my car. : ) 

Nabe is on the way out, because of the seasonal change, though for our area it's still cold and getting snow. So, just in case, I bought a few of our favorite nabe. It's Coco Ichibanya curry nabe. 

Noah needed new sweatpants, so I went to Nishimatsuya on Thursday. You can see from the sticker, they were 779 yen and now marked to 579 yen. However at the check out counter they were even cheaper! So, I went back the next day and bought another pair. Yay! : ) Size 130cm. 

Cherokee brand (from Target) but ours are a bit slimmer fit and perfect for my skinny minnie. : ) I liked the bright green numbers and stuff on the pants. Also had 2 back pockets, besides front pockets. 

Love the pull up jeans and the waist band is soft on his tummy. I think we get some stuff slightly different because it comes to us in Japan. Some stuff is exactly the same though, but just a slimmer cut. Same for our Gap here. 

Under $10 for a pair of jeans. And the quality is really nice, I love these. 

Very slim fit, tapered leg opening. And not sure if you can see, but darts near the knees. 

So anyway, that was Thursday after KFC. I meanwhile ran to the bakery, because everyone was talking about the snow storm expected for Saturday. Plus I pick up enough food, for a weekend anyways. Picked up 2 bags of mikans, extra milk and farm fresh eggs from the JA/farmers market. Blah, blah blah.

Also, because I am fuku kaicho squared at the moment/times 2 for the time being. 1 position ending in April and 1 position started a few weeks ago. @.@ So, I went to the Daiso to look for a notebook and a calendar to help me stay on top of the game for this years newest VP/fuku kaicho gig. The bright pink and orange polka dot notebook is for my grocery shopping lists that I make, I can tear a page out and take my list to the store, I am always with a list. : ) The Agenda/calendar is pretty and it is fabric, a real steal at that price, with calendar and space to jot down next meeting and what will get tons of use! And the sparkly pink one is for notes for the meeting. At 105 yen each, (with tax)  not a bad price. : ) 

And the paper that said Daiso on it, came right out. : ) 
I had always liked Charlotte from the Sex and the City's glasses from the newer/more recent seasons. Not her glasses from the first season. And she didn't wear glasses a lot, but enough for me to know when her glasses changed from season to season. : ) Yes, I notice tiny minute... details like that, it's just one of my weird things. Sorry. : ) Anyway like I was saying... her newest glasses pictured here, I always thought were awesome! Plus, the fact, I have same exact hair color, eye color, eye brows and coloring, again, I could be a pinch paler, but pretty much same exact coloring, to a T.  And my hair length is just as long. So, since I was pretty much told I'd have to wear glasses anyway, I thought might as well find some cute ones. One of the most stylish shows with lots of great name brand labels, of course, they would also be wearing the coolest glasses too. So, I trust these to be a good pair, for her face and coloring. Her plastic frame match her hair color and frames not too overly thick and overbearing. Yet you know, they are there. Plus if you see the arm of the glasses... her bottom part of rectangle kind of slant to an angle. A pinch thicker frame for the center, nose area. Again, details like that... I pick up on and I looked for while at the eye glass store. 
Clean, simple, understated. 
The frame is thinner than the center, just like hers. And when the frame is open you can see the very very slight slant of the rectangle, a bit harder to see when they are closed. But simple and understated. And I love them. : ) Best part of all, is I can see, lol. I'm not totally blind or with bad vision, but it has the astigmatism correction, so no blurry eyes at all, and I can see 20/20 now. I can drive, see the computer, everything looks better now, that I can see. : ) The guy adjusted them to my face and ears, cleaned them and we were on our way, to our town. To unpack the groceries. 
You know my cheap meat store, right. well, they had this huge bag of chicken strips, I bought these before the glasses shop, glasses pick up. Not processed, just all white meat. Price was 500 yen for this huge bag. 
Check the date, I thought! Cool the date is fine!

Says mune niku, which is breast meat. Score! For that price, I bought 1 bag, there was only 2 bags left, but I just bought one. Oh well, wish I woulda bought both but, bright side is we at least have 1. lol. : ) 

Also Thursday, I picked up the boys at 3pm from school, headed home. The boys quickly did homework, had a snack, while I quickly prepped dinner. Nabe night! I made the rice, set the timer on that. Cut the veggies and chicken breast, wrapped the diced chicken in a bowl with plastic wrap, put the chicken in the fridge. The boys caught the swimming bus. I did tell them, tonight is the night me and daddy will come and watch you guys. So they knew in advance. : ) 

Both of my sons! Same lane! Branden and Noah. This makes me so happy because when Noah was 10 months old, crawling upstairs and Branden was downstairs in the pool learning how to swim. As the years went on, Noah would toddle about upstairs while I watched Branden swim in the pool. Noah always wanted to swim with Branden. Then Noah started at age 3. But they never could swim together. Different course, and time. However for the past year, they have been, same course, same time, same lane. When they take roll call, they have the same last name obviously... different first name but raise their hands and say "hai" right after each other. It's cute to watch! I have always wished for them to swim together. 

Captain of the lane, best swimmer of the lane, with best swim time is Branden. Followed by his good good friend Ryo. And the 3 girls, 1 of those girls goes to our town elementary school. 
Noah swimming in his new swimwear. Girl in front, Noah in the back of the lane : ) 

Noah is one of the middle swimmers in the lane. Awww. : ) But Branden does look after him and so does Ryo and the 3 swimmer girls who ride the same bus they do. : ) 

The alpha older swimmers. The sempai swimmers, lol. Hi Branden, kiddo. : ) 

Because they have their trophy's already, the coach tells them at the start what's expected of them that day. Swim the 25 meters with only 1 breath. Yes, they practice that. Their bodies are really in shape for this type a stuff. 

LOL, the coach giving his orders. It is peace of mind knowing Noah is always well looked after and taken care of, with his big brother being there. And they both have a ton of fun going, plus it's great exercise, keeps them active. The swim bus is free and it picks and drops them off 1 block from our house, and they walk the ped/foot path to the bus pick up. Anyway so...we left the swim school at 6pm, waved good bye to the boys and we hopped in the car and headed home. I needed to start cooking the nabe. 

The boys walk in the front door, at 7pm, Mondays and Thursdays. Hungry after swimming so many laps. A nice hot piping curry nabe with chicken, chicken meatballs, and veggies and udon. we also had rice with it. And then the boys went to shower after supper. We talked about the possible snow storm for Saturday. 

Friday, February 7th, I went to Nishimatsuya and bought Noah 1 more pair of sweatpants and 1 extra pair of jeans. The prices were just too good to pass up. I also wanted to grab a few extra things before the snow storm would hit Saturday at the store. 

See, the sweatpants were actually only 479 yen, under $5 US. What a fantastic price. 

Again everyone kept talking about the snow storm the next day...that it would be the worst snow in 20 years. 10 years. Depended on who I talked with. hahaha. But the main important thing was, everyone agreed on bad snow coming for the next day. So, I just made sure to grab a few extras. 2 extra bags of that generic/cheaper Yakult drink. Some mini ice creams. 

Noodles for lunch for Saturday. And Branden was supposed to have a "good bye curry" at the school that the "father's club" makes every year. And they make the rice in tin cans. Everyone going needs to bring 1 clean can. So, I bought 1 Fanta can for Branden, 1 for Noah. However as I left the store, my keita rang, and it was an email from the school saying the "good bye curry" was canceled, due to the upcoming snow storm blah blah blah. @.@ Already bought the 2 cans of soda, but oh well. : ) Bright side is, we now have a little something extra to drink, so no worries. 

Figured while the snow is falling down crazy like Saturday morning, pancakes would hit the spot! Also picked up a pizza for my lunch, fries for Sunday's lunch. And pasta for macaroni salad. 
February 8th, yesterday/Saturday morning. We had pancakes and watched the snow falling through the big back patio window/door in the kitchen. 4th time it snowed in our town this Winter 2013/2014 season for our tiny town.

After breakfast, Noah and Branden went out in the backyard to make a snowman. : ) 

Great job, country/inaka kids! : )

While the boys were outside it started snowing pretty heavy again, and I meanwhile went back to the kitchen to get an early start on supper. I made mini chicken cutlets, macaroni salad, steamed broccoli, we had white rice, everyone that wanted one, could have miso soup also. 

I also breaded some mushrooms. Put this in the fridge, it was near 11:30am now. The kids came inside, I bleached the sink area real quick, since I just prepared the cutlet there. And they had their instant noodles for lunch, some yogurt, and a string cheese.

My lunch Saturday. 

This was yesterday, you can tell it started snowing all over again and it snowed all night long too. Dinner was delicious, we ate around 4pm. We all took turns showering. Watched TV, hung out and peeked our heads out of the blinds, every once in a while, to keep an eye on the snow fall. : )  It was a nice night last night. : )  

Snow falling down, the hills started to get covered in snow. 

The roads were packed with snow! But it didn't matter, I had made sure, we had more then enough food and drinks here to last us. And now it's Sunday. The boys made a huge snowman on the front lawn this morning. And we are having chili beans/Texas type chili, you know Wendy's type chili beans. But ours is meatless, but we'll have sour cream, grated cheese and stuff tonight for supper. Can't wait. : )